With FutureNet to the top! Report from Adam Jedliński’s trip to Kilimanjaro

7 November 2018

It was an incredible, unforgettable adventure and a great lesson, too! In the middle of October 2018, Adam Jedliński took another step in his FutureNet Great Challenge. He hit the road and traveled to Africa with simple goal: to reach Kilimanjaro mountain which has its summit 5 895 metres above sea level!

African trip was a part of bigger mission called Seven Summit Challenge. It’s about reaching the highest mountain on each continent on Earth. So far, Adam has taken two steps and has 5 go to.

The third step of Adam’s Seven Summit Challenge was supposed to be taken on Kilimanjaro. The beginning of this trip added strength and optimism to the travelers supported by FutureNet. Residents of the area around this mountain in Tanzania were very helpful and supported them in various ways. Their support was additionally valuable, because Adam’s expedition had some logistical problems. When they arrived, it turned out that their luggage wasn’t delivered. They got it back 2 days after the arrival, so the crew had to wait in place. Our travelers used this spare time to get to know this place in Africa and local habits – including those related to brewing and drinking coffee.

However, the expedition supported by FutureNet solved all the problems and finally the crew was able move and to conquer Kilimanjaro! The expedition was divided into several stages. Every day Adam Jedliński and his crew traveled for up 8 hours per day, moving to the next base. That’s how they wanted their organisms to get used to local conditions which are not easy for foreigners.

– During our walk to the summit, we were wearing various elements emphasizing our cooperation with FutureNet. This attracted the attention of other travelers. We’ve often been asked what the company is, what its activity is and how to establish cooperation with FutureNet – says Adam Jedliński.

Six days after the start of the expedition, the FutureNet flag hung on the summit of Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately, without the participation of Adam Jedliński. Our adventurer suffered from health problems, through which he was forced to withdraw from the march to the top.

– At this point, I’d like to share a caution with all mountain enthusiasts. Just listen to your body, don’t take unnecessary specifics that are supposed to help, do push yourself too hard by pressure from other people who may not care about your success – Adam Jedliński warns.

Despite the unlucky ending of an expedition to Africa, a traveler supported by FutureNet doesn’t lose optimism. He’s already planning a return to Kilimanjaro, and the initial date is the beginning of 2019. In addition, he adds: – This trip was an amazing adventure, after which there was a lot of memories and experiences. With FutureNet to the top: well, it works!