What a win! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław – Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 91:78

8 November 2018

This win tastes very sweet. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 91:78. The result of the match suggests that hosts won without major problems, but it’s not true. This game was full of hard fight to the referee’s last whistle.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław and Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych have been rivals for a long time. Each game of both teams burns the emotions of the fans. No wonder, because it’s about the title of the best team in the Lower Silesia region. That’s why fans from Wałbrzych, wanting to help their team, came to Wroclaw in a large group and during the whole match gave a strong support to The Miners.

It helped because the players from Wałbrzych from the beginning of the game were a very demanding rival for FutureNet Śląsk. In the first quarter, their leader was Hubert Kruszczyński while Aleksander Leńczuk looked great in FutureNet Śląsk. Effect? The advantage of FutureNet Śląsk 23:21 after Q1.

In the next part of the match, the game has sharpened and players of both teams worked hard with their elbows. The hall was hot from emotions. The head coach of Górnik Trans.eu Marcin Radomski didn’t handle the pressure and was thrown out by the referee into the locker room. In these nerves the hosts managed better. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław maintained its effectiveness in the offensive, in defense forced on Górnik Trans.eu further errors and turnovers. As a result, until the break FutureNet Śląsk had 48:35 lead.

In the third quarter, guests from Wałbrzych got back on track and FutureNet Śląsk fell into little trouble. Górnik Trans.eu, thanks to the points of Kruszczyński and Piotr Niedźwiedzki, quickly returned to the right track and reduced the loss to 3 points. It promised great emotions in the last part of the match!

At the beginning of Q4, Górnik Trans.eu immediately shot a 3-pointer and tied the game. This was an alarm signal for FutureNet Śląsk: it’s time to get back into the game because the opponent is speeding up! At this difficult moment, the calm and experience of playmaker Robert Skibniewski was very useful. Despite the pressure, he skilfully guided the FutureNet Śląsk on the pitch. When it was necessary, he also added points, as well as Aleksander Leńczuk and Norbert Kulon. The hosts began to increase their advantage, and the guests were more and more tired and also strength unable to respond.

The final result of the match is 91:78 for FutureNet Śląska: clear victory, but worked out after a very difficult fight. In FutureNet Śląsk, Norbert Kulon played a great game: 23 points, 5 assists. Robert Skibniewski added 16 points and 10 assists, and Aleksander Dziewa scored 15 points and 16 rebounds.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław – Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 91:78
Points for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław: Kulon 25, Skibniewski 16, Leńczuk 15, Dziewa 15, Musiał 12, Pietras 7, Michałek 1, Żeleźniak 0 , Sasik 0, Tomczak, Bożenko 0.