To maintain a good run. FutureNet Imperium faces KS Otmęt Krapkowice

13 February 2019

In October 2018, FutureNet Imperium Katowice lost the league game for the last time. Since then, our team has won 9 games in a row. Now is the time to extend this great series. The upcoming round of games opens the door for it, because on Saturday, February 16, FutureNet Imperium will play against KS Otmęt Krapkowice – the last team in the women’ handball 1st league in Poland.

This is not a good season for KS Otmęt Krapkowice. In 14 matches, the team won only once, has only 3 points and is last in the table. The team lost 456 goals, which is by far the worst result among all 12 teams in the whole league. Agnieszka Blozik, who scored 89 goals in in 14 games, won’t lead the team up the table alone, and she can’t count on the support of her teammates. That’s why it’s no wonder that FutureNet Imperium Katowice will be a clear favorite of the match, which will take place this Saturday in Krapkowice.

The team from Katowice currently drives an excellent series of 9 wins in a row. Thanks to a very balanced form, FutureNet Imperium gained promotion to the runner-up position in the league on which sits more and more comfortable after each win. FutureNet Imperium has 35 points and loses 7 points to the leader, SPR JKS Jarosław, but has one less match played. In Krapkowice, the team led by the coach Janusz Szymczyk will have a chance to reduce the loss to SPR JKS. There is little time left until the end of the season, so every opportunity to score points must be taken.

Between KS Otmęt Krapkowice and FutureNet Imperium is now a very big difference. Therefore, any other result of the Saturday match than the victory of FutureNet Imperium will be a big surprise.

KS Otmęt Krapkowice – FutureNet Imperium Katowice, Saturday (February 16), 6 p.m.