One of the most important games of the season for FutureNet Maribor

12 February 2019

It will be a great sports show spectacle and one of the most important games for FutureNet Maribor in 2019! On Friday, February 15, the team powered by FutureNet will face Pivovarna Dobovec Kozel – its most dangerous rival to the championship of Slovenia.

The fight between FutureNet Maribor and Pivovarna Dobovec Kozel is the most bright piece of the season in the futsal extraleague of Slovenia. Both teams fight hard, and have been going head to head for a long time. Until now, the FutureNet Maribor has been slightly better, with 43 points and will arrive to meet Pivovarna as the leader of the league. But it’s obvious that in the direct match of both teams on the pitch will be hot from emotions, and the players won’t let go for even a millimeter.

Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel makes a big impression when it comes to the quality of the game and the talent of the players it has. The numbers say everything: Pivovarna scored 108 goals, and lost only 18. Both statistics are the best in the league. In addition, as many as six players of the team have scored at least 10 goals, which is a unique result. The leader of Pivovarna’s marksmen is Rok Mordej (18 goals), Denis Totoskovic and Kristian Cujec both has 14 goals, Klemens Duscak scored 13 goals, Alen Fetić has 12 goals, and Kristijan Postruzin added 10 goals.

It all shows that Pivovarna Dobovec Kozel is a very even and strong team. No wonder the team lost only once during the whole season. Its only conqueror was… FutureNet Maribor. In November 2018 both teams faced in Maribor and FutureNet won 5:3. That match was a show of hard fighting on both sides. That’s why now the FutureNet Maribor team is fully-mobilized. All players want to show off their best skills and defeat Pivovarna for the second time this season.

The stake of Friday’s game is huge. Its winner will have a very good chance of becoming the champion of the main round in the league. If FutureNet Maribor wins, it will increase its lead to 4 points. If Pivovarna wins, it will overtake our team with 2 points advantage. After this match, there will be two rounds of games left until the end of the main round and the loss will be hard to make up.

This season, Slovenia’s futsal league belongs to two teams: FutureNet Maribor and Pivovarna Dobovec Kozel. Both teams are serious brands: well-built, playing with an equal form. Until now, FutureNet Maribor was slightly better. An advantage can be confirmed in a direct encounter with the most dangerous rival. Fingers crossed, gentlemen!