One more win for FutureNet Śląsk and… Welcome to the semi final!

9 April 2019

One thing is sure. It will be a very tough game, but the effort can pay off. On Saturday, April 13th, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will clash with Górnik in Wałbrzych and it will be the third game in the first playoff round between these teams. FutureNet Śląsk currently leads 2:0 on aggregate and needs only a single win to get the promotion to the semi-final. 

Previously, FutureNet Śląsk played with Górnik in Wrocław and won twice. The first win was significant (94:72 for our team) but the second one came harder (94:85). But now it’s only the past and FutureNet Śląsk is in a very comfortable situation as it has 2 wins on its account and Górnik walks on the edge.

Despite two defeats in Wrocław, “The Miners” from Wałbrzych have a great advantage in its hands: own Aqua Zdrój sports hall. It’s a place where it’s always hard to play for the visiting teams due to a very intense atmosphere created by home fans. In addition, supporters of Górnik Wałbrzych don’t like the fans of FutureNet Śląsk and it also promises that the upcoming games will be very heated. It also leads to the conclusion that in the upcoming home games, Górnik will not let the win go easily.

During the regular season, FutureNet Śląsk had its problems in the away games. In 15 games away from Wrocław, our team won only 8 and mostly was struggling to find its typical shooting rhythm. Having this in mind and connecting it with a tense atmosphere in the Górnik’s hall, it suggests that our team might expect a very hard time in the upcoming away games.

On the other hand, FutureNet Śląsk has a clutch advantage which might be helpful throughout the playoff round: many experienced players in the team. Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon have a rich experience in professional basketball and they both know how to secure a perfect ball movement and how to cool down their young teammates. In 2 previous games against Górnik, 32 years-old shooting guard Krzysztof Jakóbczyk was on fire and hit several 3-pointers. And Mateusz Jarmakowicz guarantees high skills and experience in the fight close to both rims. With such a wise support, younger players (Jakub Musiał, Aleksander Dziewa, Szymon Tomczak, Aleksander Leńczuk) can focus only on giving their best to the team. This might be the key advantage of FutureNet Śląsk in Wałbrzych.

In the regular season, FutureNet Śląsk lost with Górnik in Wałbrzych 72:75 but was very, very close to take the game into the overtime. During the weekend, with a definetely higher stake to take from the table, our team could be better than last time in Wałbrzych and close this round of play off quickly.

1/4 final, play off in the Polish 1st men basketball league, game 3
Górnik Wałbrzych – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
Start: Saturday, April 13th, 5 p.m. CET

Potentially – game 4
Górnik Wałbrzych – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
Start: Sunday, April 14th, 5 p.m. CET.

Aggregate score: 2:0 for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław.