FC Den Bosch has a game for 6 points!

The regular season in the Dutch Eerste Divisie football league is just about to end with just 2 series of games to go. In the one before last match, FC Den Bosch faces Roda Kerkrade in an away game.

In December 2018, FC Den Bosch was the host of the first game against Roda Kerkrade this season and won 2:0 thanks to goals of Blummel and Beltrame. Now, it could be difficult to repeat this result due to the crisis in which FC Den Bosch has been for the last couple of weeks. Our team fights bravely, still tries to improve its game, never gives up but suffers from not enough luck on the pitch and slipped down from 1st to 6th place in the table. On the other hand, the regulations of Dutch Eerste Divisie are very specific and thanks to them, FC Den Bosch (as a champion of one from 4 periods in the league) have won the right to play in the playoff round.

Neverthless, FC Den Bosch has a good reputation as a club and the best scenario include two wins in the last 2 games of the season. Roda Kerkrade, its first rival, is considered as quite a good team. In the last season, Roda played in the top Dutch league but fell down and now is in the rebuilding process. Its brightest star is German striker Mario Engels who has scored 24 goals and is among the best players of the league. Roda has also Belgian defender Jannes Vansteenkiste and his countryman experienced goalkeeper Tom Muyters as the leaders.

Despite nice individual performances, Roda is average and has no chances to return to the Eredivisie. With 53 points, Roda currently holds 12th place and is in the second half of the table. That's why the upcoming game will have just a prestigious stake for Roda, but FC Den Bosch must win to get closer to the place in the league's top 5. The team of which FutureNet is a sponsor trails with 2 points to Almere City FC (5th place) and with 3 points to Jong PSV Eindhoven (4th place). Full set of wins in the last 2 games should do the job for FC Den Bosch but first of all, our players must do their job right on the pitch.

Round 37 of Dutch football Eerste Divisie, Roda Kerkrade - FC Den Bosch, Friday, April 26th, start: 8 p.m. CET. 

Game ON! FutureNet Sport schedule for the upcoming weekend

It will be a very busy and intense weekend for the teams from FutureNet Sport brand. Check out what will be going on!

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław starts its campaign to win the place in the great finale of Polish men 1st basketball league. FutureNet Imperium must win to secure the silver trophy... And these are only a few examples from the weekend's schedule of our teams. Watch the video to learn more!

He'll back on the ring! Maks Bratkowicz will fight in the next round of DSF Challenge

Maks Bratkowicz, martial arts warrior supported by FuturoCoin, doesn't slow down the pace in 2019! Just a few weeks after his win in Polish Junior and Senior Low Kick champion title, he'll be back on the ring in DSF Kickboxing Challenge 22. This event will be held on Friday, April 26th, 2019.

Our athlete is hungry for success and still wants more. During the DSF Kickboxing Challenge 22 "The Road of The Warrior", which will be held in Polish city Nowy Sącz, Maks Bratkowicz will make his debut in the new weight category: up to 81 kilograms. Earlier, Bratkowicz won the title of DSF Challenge in the weight category up to 86 kg. Now he's looking for new challenges and intends to achieve success in a new, even more demanding category.

His rival will be Mikita Shostak from the Bulat Minsk club in Belarus. It means that Bratkowicz will face a very difficult fight. Mikita Shostak is distinguished by the skills in Thai Muay Thai and during his career, he won several medals in amateur Belarus, Europe and world championship tournaments. In 2017, he also won the bronze medal in K1 competition during The World Games 2017 held in Wroclaw, Poland. Shostak is well-known for his skills and passion. That's why the fight with Maks Bratkowicz will be very even, and the winner will receive the additional sweetness to his trophy.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice finishes the great season

It's time to say goodbye. Women handball team FutureNet Imperium Katowice will clash with TS MKS San Jarosław in its last game of the season of Polish 1st league. This game will decide on which position in the table our team will finish the season.

Before this season, FutureNet Imperium has never played in such high league. And when you're a newbie among experienced teams, the first season might be hard. But our players have done a great job in the last couple of months. FutureNet Imperium climbed into the 2nd place a long time ago and so far, none of its rivals hasn't been able to throw it down.

In the last 2 series of games, our team slowed down the pace a little bit and lost both matches. FutureNet Imperium hasn't had such a losing streak before this season. And now, our players must win with TS MKS San Jarosław to be sure that nobody will take away the 2nd place from them at the end of the season. The math is simple: our team has 47 points and is second, while UKS Varsovia Warsaw is third with 43 points and is also hungry for this little success which definitely will be securing the runner-up title. That's why FutureNet Imperium must win on Saturday - not only to say "Thank you" to its fans with pride, but also to be sure that it won't lost the 2nd place.

Luckily for our team, its closest rival hasn't showed too much throughout the season. TS MKS San Jarosław is currently on the 10th place among 12 teams with 12 points and only 4 wins in 20 games. It's also worth to mention that MKS San Jarosław so far has lost 633 goals which is the second-worst result of the league.

It seems that TS MKS San Jarosław runs a little bit to short with assets to beat FutureNet Imperium Katowice. The brightest star of the team is Wiktoria Kostuch who scored 126 goals in 19 games and is among the top 10 scores of the league. But the rest players of the team from Jarosław don't have such a impressive stats - especially when compared to the numers on which players from FutureNet Imperium have worked during the season. That's why we expect a win of FutureNet Imperium on Saturday and the best possible "Goodbye!" to this amazing season.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - TS MKS San Jarosław, Saturday, April 27th, start: 4 p.m. CET. 

FutureNet Maribor lost second game in the final series in Slovenian futsal extra league

The beginning of the final series of futsal extra league in Slovenia didn't go well for FutureNet Maribor. Our team lost the second away match with Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel 2:4, and now loses 0:2 on aggregate score. The rival needs just one more win to reach the championship.

The first game of the final was finished with the score 4:2 for Dobovec Pivovarna. So you might say that the following game was like a mirror image. The host won also 4:2 and like in the game 1, had to put a lot of effort to beat well motivated FutureNet Maribor. In the first half, the game was even. The score was opened by the own goal of Jaka Sovdat in the 15th minute. FutureNet Maribor responded rapidly with the goal of Nikola Jelić. In 20th minute, Alen Fetić raised the score to 2:1 for Dobovec Pivovarna.

After the break, FutureNet Maribor was very close to dominate and to push the rival against the wall when Milos Stojković equalized in the 22nd minute. But then Dobovec Pivovarna proved its power. Rok Mordej scored twice, in 24th and 38th minute, and also secured the win for his team.

In the final series, the competition will be finished after one of the teams win 3 times. Currently, Dobovec Pivovarna leads 2:0 on aggregate and it puts FutureNet Maribor in very difficult situation. Our team must win three games in a row to take the championship title. Luckily, the next 2 games will be played in Maribor where our team is very hard to beat. Game 3 will be played on May 3rd, 2019.

Slovenian futsal league final, game 2 Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel - FutureNet Maribor 4:2 (2:1) Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Jelić (15.), Stojković (22.).

Aggregate score: 2:0 for Dobovec Pivovarna.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław faces STK Czarni Słupsk

It will be the final step before the great end of Polish 1st men basketball league. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław faces STK Czarni Słupsk in the semi-final, aiming to climb even higher. 

The same four teams which finished the regular season in the top four advanced to the semi-finals. This shows that the distribution of power in the first part of the season shows well the real potential of these teams. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław and STK Czarni will play together to clinch the spot in the grand finale.

In the quarterfinals, both teams showed a similar form. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Górnik Wałbrzych 3:1 on aggregate, and STK Czarni finished the season of WKK Wrocław, also winning 3:1 on aggregate. The team from Słupsk is well known for its offensive power. STK Czarni score around 82 points per game and lose only 78. The average number of rebounds (around 40) per game is also impressive, as well as average shooting accuracy (around 46%). STK Czarni shares the ball well with 20 assists but has a lot of turnovers: around 20 in each game.

When it comes to individual performances, STK Czarni has something to boast about. The leading scorer of the team is veteran guard Mantas Cesnauskis who scores 14,6 points and 4,8 assists per game. He also shoots for 3 points with great accuracy reaching 40%. Power forward Patryk Pełka adds 13,5 points and 9,2 rebounds. Playmaker Wojciech Jakubiak knows how to score points (12,3 per game) and also how to pass the ball (3,2 assists). Shooting guard Adrian Kordalski also has good numbers with 12,3 points and 8,4 assists in each game. Centre Damian Cechnak is also a strong point of the team with 11,4 points, 7,9 rebounds and 1,6 blocks per game.  As you can see, STK Czarni is a well-balanced team both around the rim and on the perimeter. This team can be dangerous in mid-range shooting and also from 6,25 meters distance. That's why the upcoming semi-final series with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław promises to be amazing.

FutureNet Śląsk has many young players in the team who still learn how to play under the pressure of reaching the goal which the team has, just to mention shooting guard Jakub Musiał, guard Sebastian Bożenko, forward Tomasz Żeleźniak or tall players: Aleksander Dziewa, Michał Sasik and Karol Michałek. It also needs to be mentioned that the team from Wrocław is appreciated widely for its great 3 points shooting skills. But as you can see, STK Czarni can also be dangerous in this element of the game and neutralize the assets which FutureNet Śląsk have. During the regular season, both teams were tied in direct games. In Wrocław, FutureNet Śląsk won 96:83 and in Słupsk the hosts took revenge, winning 80:71.

That's why our team needs to step into this competition deeply focused, motivated and 100% ready both mentally and physically - that will be the key to success.

Semi final of Polish 1st men basketball league Game 1 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - STK Czarni Słupsk Saturday, April 27th, start: 6 p.m. CET. Game 2 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - STK Czarni Słupsk Sunday, April 28th, start: 6 p.m. CET The competition will be held to 3 wins of one of the sides.

Prestigious award for Maksymilian Bratkowicz!

Martial arts warrior Maksymilian Bratkowicz is a great proof that in sports hard work pays off and leads to the great place in life.

On Tuesday, April 23rd, on the Wrocław Muncipal Stadium the official gala for the best athletes in the city was held. The mayor of Wrocław Mr. Jacek Sutryk was the master of the ceremony on that day. During this event, athletes from the city were awarded by the mayor for their achievements and overall performance in 2018. Maks Bratkowicz, master of martial arts and talented kickboxer, was on the list of awarded athletes.

Last year was very good for him, as Maks was fighting for the Polish national team during Europan Championship tournament in Slovakia, and also in WAKO K1 European Cup in Czechia. These performances were noticed by the officials from the sports department in Wrocław's mayor office. And Maks Bratkowicz received his well-deserved reward. Congratulations!

The new season for FutureNet Sailing Team is just about to begin

On April 27-28, 2019, Polish city Krynica Morska will be the host of the 1st Omega class regatta in the new season. FutureNet Sailing Team will be there to start its campaign aimed to defend two titles from last year.

Last season belonged fully to sailors from FuturNet Sailing team. Our athletes were unstoppable throughout the year - both in the Cup and in Polish Championship. The cup was a little bit more difficult, as our team had to maitain the best shape for a few months. But this mission was completed with a great success and in a very concvincing way. And in September 2018, FutureNet Sailing Team added another throphy: Polish Cup, won in dedicated tournament held in Polish City of Pszczyna.

One of the most basic rules of sports says that's it's easier to climb to the top than to stay there. Just to mention the pressure which is bigger when you must defend the trophies. But if you want to be at the very top, you must deal with such pressure. This season, FutureNet Sailing Team will have to go sailing 8 times. The season will start on April 27-28 and will last until October 12-13. After each competition, sailing teams will receive points and the final table will be created basing on the total number of points.

- Last year was amazing for us, as we took the double crown. This year, other crews will try to throw us down from the podium but last year we gained a lot of experience. So, I deeply believe that this year, we will be even better and stronger - says Tomasz Knesiecki, the leader of FutureNet Sailing Team.

Full schedule of Polish Cup in Omega Class:

  • 27-28 April, Krynica Morska
  • 18-19 May, Pszczyna
  • 1-2 June, Wilkasy
  • 29-30 June, Powidz
  • 17-18 August, Puck
  • 6-8 September, Dąbrowa Górnicza (together with Polish Championship tournament)
  • 21-22 September, Lubiatów
  • 12-13 October, Międzychód (the final regatta of Polish Cup)

Days of mixed luck for FC Den Bosch

Four days, two games - it was a busy time for Dutch football team FC Den Bosch. The crew supported by FutureNet had a mixed luck in its last two games.

On Friday, April 19th, FC Den Bosch was the host of the game against Jong FC Utrecht - currently the worst teams in the league. Surprisingly, young players from Utrecht were a very tough opponent for our team and the game went not like it was supposed, meaning quite easy for FC Den Bosch. Our team opened the score with the goal of Brouwers in the 10th minute but guests equalized 8 minutes later with the goal scored by Venema.

Players of FC Den Bosch were a little bit surprised with the quality proved by their rival. As a result, the game turned to be very even and none of the teams was able to build any significant advantage. Both sides had their scoring opportunities but in the end, were missing the luck. And in the last 10 minutes, the game went just crazy. In the 87th minute, bench player from FC Den Bosch van der Sande scored the goal and gave his team the lead 2:1. It seemed that FC Den Bosch will score a win, very hard earned, though. But Jong FC Utrecht managed to strike again, in additional time. Van Rooijen scored the goal in the 93th (!) minute and saved a point for his team. And FC Den Bosch lost certain win...

On Monday, April 21st, FC Den Bosch played its next game - this time away with Cambuur SC. This time, the team from Den Bosch was out of luck. In the 1st half, the game was even for most of the time and FC Den Bosch defended well but in the 34rd minute Vaisanen scored an own goal. That was a serious blow for his team. Later during the game, was trying to find its rhytm on the pitch. But again, Cambur SC was able to hit painfuly and destroy all hopes of our team. In the 6nd minute, Steenvoorden raised the score to 2:0 for the hosts and set the final result of the game. Cambuur had also a penalty kick given, but FC Den Boach goalie van der Steen defended his shot.

After this results, FC Den Bosch is now in trouble. The team fell down from the spot in the table which guarantees the right to play in the play off round. Our team is now 6th and loses 2 points to the 5th place, currently occupied by Almere City FC. With just 2 games left to play this season (against Roda Kerkrade and Go Ahead Eagles), FC Den Bosch must put the pedal to the medal and score the all the points, and also count for any failure of its closest opponent.

Friday, April 19th FC Den Bosch - Jong FC Utrecht Goals for FC Den Bosch: Brouwers (10.), van der Sande (87.). Monday, April 21st Cambuur SC - FC Den Bosch 2:0

The fight goes on. Dobovec Pivovarna - FutureNet Maribor 4:2

As we expected, the fight in the futsal league will be very tough. In the first match of the final series, FutureNet Maribor lost to Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel 2:4, but the hosts had to work hard to score the win.

In February 2019, Dobovec Pivovarna was the host of previous game against FutureNet Maribor. Then the rival was better and won 6:1. That's why the fans of FutureNet Maribor were a little bit affraid that this result might be repeated once again. But they can't be more wrong. In the first game of final series, our team proved its quality and also mental strength.

FutureNet Maribor scored the first goal of the match when Matej Fidersek put his name into the scorers' list in the 5th minute. Ten minutes later Ziga Ceh equalized from a penalty kick. In the 17th minute, Milos Stojković restored the lead for FutureNet Maribor. Unfortunately, just a few seconds later Fidersek was ejected from the pitch with a red card. The coach of FutureNet Maribor Tomislav Horvat was also removed by the referee for heated complaints about this decision. Then Dobovec Pivovarna had another penalty kick. Ziga Ceh scored again, in the 18th minute Alen Fetic raised the score to 3:2 for the hosts. And that was it. In the 2nd half, Dobovec Pivovarna was able to score only one goal more and Kristijan Postruzin established the final score to 4:2 in the 21st minute.

It was a very tense game, as you can see on the number of players fined with a yellow card. Six players were fined by the referee before the break of this game! It shows that both teams are skilled enough to fight for the win and strong mentality will be the crucial factor to win the champions title.

The final of Slovenian futsal extra league, game 1 Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel - FutureNet Maribor 4:2 (3:2) Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Fidersek (5.), Stojković (17.). Aggregate score: 1:0 for Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel.

Happy Easter from FutureNet Sport!

FutureNet Sport team and all athletes and teams who belongs to the FutureNet Sport family wishes you all the best for the Easter!

Let it be a peaceful time with your families and close people, time full of joy, happiness and a moment when you will be able to slow down a bit the daily pace.

Happy Easter! FutureNet Sport team 

VfB Stuttgart on the verge of staying in German Bundesliga

In the final part of the German Bundesliga season, VfB Stuttgart still has to fight to secure a place in the best league in the country. The Stuttgart team must score points in a match against FC Augsburg to improve their situation in the table.

There are 4 series of games left by the end of the current Bundesliga season. The league enters its key phase. At the top of the table, there is a amazing fight for the German championship between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, and also for the place in the group stage of the Champions League.

But the situation at the bottom of the table is also interesting. Today we know that Hannover 96 (14 points) has practically no chance to stay in the 1. Bundesliga, and 1. FC Nuernberg (18 points) will have a very difficult task to do. However, VfB Stuttgart must be very careful with the team from Nuremberg. VfB currently has 18 points, which is 3 more than its neighbor from the table. If the season ended now, VfB would play in the Bundesliga playoffs, and FC Nuernberg would have fallen to the 2nd Bundesliga. But 3 points of difference is a distance that is easy to make up. That's why VfB Stuttgart can't afford to lose points because the rival isn't asleep.

FC Augsburg has been running a difficult season. It has only 28 points and sits on the 14th place in the table and was in danger of relegation to the lower league once. Happily for the team, this risk has been moved away. Now FC Augsburg is likely to stay in the 1st Bundesliga. It's also worth to mention that this team has several very good players, experienced even in their national teams. It's young Dutch defender Jeffrey Gouweleeuw (worth around 12 million Euro), left defender Phillip Max (worth around 18 million Euro), Austrian striker Michael Gregoritsch (worth 16 million Euro) and striker from Iceland Alfred Finnbogason (10 goals this season, current market price: 15 million Euro).

In previous matches against FC Augusburg, VfB Stuttgart has proved that it knows how to handle this opponent. VfB remains unbeaten with FC Augsburg in 3 last games with this team. It may be the crucial fact before this game. And VfB needs to score even a single point in Augsburg, as the situation in the table is still far from comfortable.

We’ll be prepared for the special nature of the game and the ferocious atmosphere on Saturday. It’s the duty of every individual to give their best for the club and that’s what the team will do - says Markus Weinzierl, the coach of VfB Stuttgart, quoted by the official website of the club.

German Bundesliga, round #30, FC Augsburg - VfB Stuttgart, Saturday, April 20th, start: 3:30 pm CET. 

Mission: to win! FC Den Bosch faces Jong FC Utrecht

There's no room for mistake: FC Den Bosch must score a win against Jong FC Utrecht. Only a full set of points will allow the team from Den Bosch to remain on the 5th place in the table of Dutch Eerste Divisie. 

Only 4 series of matches are left by the end of the league season. FC Den Bosch is still in the game to win a place that gives the right to play in the playoffs for promotion to Eredivisie - the highest league in the Netherlands. But it won't be easy. FC Den Bosch currently has 56 points and is on the 5th place in the table - this is the position from which it will be promoted to the play off round. But Almere City FC, which has the same number of points, is on the 6th position. So there's a lot of crowd in the fight for success and every loss of points can allow the rivals to escape. And there won't be enough time to made up the losses.

Fortunately for FC Den Bosch, at the key moment of the season will play matches with teams from the middle or even from the end of the table. At the beginning, the youth team Jong FC Utrecht will arrive to Den Bosch. This is definitely the weakest team of the season. Jong FC Utrecht won only 3 times in 34 matches and tied 6 times. Young players from Utrecht also have the worst defensive in the league, which allowed to lose 85 goals. The biggest advantage of this team is its brightest star, 2o years-old striker Nick Venema. He scored 15 goals this season and his value jumped to 2 million Euros. However, it seems that one player is not enough for a solid and well-organized FC Den Bosch, which will be the favorite of the Friday match.

FC Den Bosch - Jong FC Utrecht, Friday, April 19th, start: 8 p.m. CET. 

Game ON! FutureNet Sport schedule for April 19-22, 2019

Despite Easter Holidays 2019, the sports teams from the FutureNet Sport family soon will have a busy days during the upcoming weekend.

Check out the schedule of events closing of FC Den Bosch and VfB Stuttgart.

Maciej Banaś from FutureNet Banaś Racing prepares for the new season

Very young and very talented car racer Maciek Banaś from FutureNet Banaś Racing currently is working hard to be in the great form during the upcoming racing season. Recently, Maciek has trained on 2 race tracks in Hungary.

Last week, Maciek and his team visited Hungarian race tracks: Panoniaring and famous Hungaroring. During the first racing session, Maciek was trying to find the perfect settings of his car, especially of the suspension and balance of the breaks.

In Hungaroring, which is one of the Formula One official racing tracks, Maciek worked under the supervision of his coach Maciej Kopański. This training session was a time of data analysis: from telemetry and onboard. Using the data, Maciek was trying to learn how to drive his car in the perfect way, using its possibilities.

- We're very satisfied with the Maciek' work from both training sessions in Hungary. Basing on his lap times and several other data, we're sure that Maciek is developing well and should have a great season - explains Bartosz Banaś, the father of our racer.

FutureNet Maribor will fight with Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel in great final of Slovenian futsal league

Great success of FutureNet Maribor! Our futsal team from Slovenia beat FC Litia 4:1 in the third semi-final match, reached the aggregate score 3:0 and advanced to the great final of the league!

Promotion without any problems

FutureNet Maribor was the favorite of the last semifinal match against FC Litija. As it turned out, it has a strong foundation. Our team didn't give the rival any chance to prolong this competition. Until the break, FC Litija played well and wisely in defence, FutureNet Maribor also played carefully, trying to avoid costly mistakes. That's why shooting in this match began in the second half.

In the 23rd minute, Jaka Sovdat opened the score for FutureNet Maribor. In 36th minute, Vid Sever raised the score to 2:0 for our team. A minute later FC Litija responded with the goal of David Lah. But then Milos Stojković dominated the game ans scored 2 goals in one minute! And that was it, 4:1 in this match and 3:0 on aggregate for FutureNet Maribor.

Great games against Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel are coming

It's now confirmed: two best teams of the season in Slovenian futsal extraleague will meet in the great finale. There's no doubt about it that FutureNet Maribor and Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel have dominated the rest of the league throughout the season. Our team was the leader for a very long time but just before the end of the regular season, it had a flow in the direct game against Dobovec Pivovarna and lost the leader's chair to its most dangerous opponent.

In the previous league games, Dobovec Pivovarna was even with our team in direct games. In November 2018, FutureNet Maribor won 5:3 and in February, the result turned around with 180 degrees as Dobovec Pivovarna won 6:1. This team has a very strong squad, with several players with experience on playing on the international level. Just to mention Rok Mordej, Kristjan Cujec, Alen FetićDenis Totoskovic, Klemen Duscak and Ziga Ceh - together they scored 116 goals! It also shows that Dobovec Pivovarna has many players who can take the responsibiltiy during the game and become the main scorer. That's why it always hard to compete with such balanced and strong team.

It all leads to the simple and also obvious conclusion: the final competition between FutureNet Maribor and Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel will be amazing. And we believe deeply that it will be FutureNet Maribot to reach the winners trophy!

Game 1 Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel - FutureNet Maribor Friday, April 19 th, sports hall in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia. Game 2 Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel - FutureNet Maribor Wednesday, April 24th, sports hall in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia. Game 3 FutureNet Maribor - Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel Friday, March 3rd, sports hall in Maribor, Slovenia. The finals will be played until one team wins 3 games.

VfB Stuttgart - Bayer 04 Leverkusen 0:1

VfB Stuttgart lost with Bayer 04 Leverkusen 0:1 at home and still has to fight hard to keep the place in German 1st Bundesliga. 

Before the game against Bayer 04, VfB Stuttgart had a great streak: 3 games without a loss on its own Mercedes Arena. But every series ends sometimes. The hosts had a great first half when they were the equal opponent for the favoured Bayer. But the team from Leverkusen had the significant advantage which is visible in the post-game stats. Bayer was in control with the ball for 69% of game time, took 17 shots on goal (with 4 accurate), and was also better in passing the ball (aroudn 84% accuracy).

With such a strong background, it was a matter of time when Bayer 04 score. And it happened in the 64th minute when Havertz scored from the penalty kick. Then the guests focused on defending the good result and VfB Stuttgart had no idea to find a hole in the opponent defense. And in the additional time, Santiago Ascibar received red card.

- Congratulations to Leverkusen on the win. We played pretty well going forward in the first half, but conceded the penalty after we'd started the second half deeper and more passively. The way we defended was okay on the whole, but there wasn't enough going forward. When we get chances on the break, we have to finish them off better and generally be more clinical - said Markus Weinzierl, the coach of VfB Stuttgart, in post-game comment (quote by the VfB official website).

Currently, VfB Stuttgart has 21 points and holds 16th place in the Bundesliga table. If the season ended today, VfB would have to play in the play-off round with the 3rd team from 2nd German Bundesliga. But there are still 5 series of games to go and VfB have only 3 points advantage over FC Nuernberg. On the other hand, Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen holds the 15th place - the last free from relegation. It all shows that VfB needs to focus on the fight to avoid relegation, as it will be hard to jump higher in the table.

VfB Stuttgart - Bayer 04 Leverkusen 0:1 (0:0) Goal: Havertz (64. - penalty).

Unlucky loss of FC Den Bosch against Almere City

With just 4 series of games before the end of the season in the Dutch Eerste Divisie, FC Den Bosch must fight harder and harder to keep the place in the playoff phase. The defeat in the game against Almere City broke the plans of the team from Den Bosch and allowed its rivals to make up for the losses.

It was an unlucky match for FC Den Bosch. From the first minute, both teams played very intensely, looking for opportunities to score a goal. After 30 minutes, it was finally successful and the result of the match was opened by Evmorfidis from Almere City. In the 37th minute the situation of FC Den Bosch got even more difficult: Nicolas Romat scored the own goal and his team was losing 0:2.

In the second half, FC Den Bosch managed to reduce its loss and quickly return to the right path when Sven Blummel scored the contact goal in the 55th minute. This added motivation to our team to fight and restored faith in victory. FC Den Bosch began to attack more bravely, and in the 80th minute was close to tie the game. Unfortunately, Danny Holla's shot only hit the crossbar.

In the 83rd minute it was all over. Bensabouh scored the third goal for Almere City, and a few moments later Romat was thrown away from the pitch with a red card and FC Den Bosch lost the chance of getting even a tie in this match.

The defeat with Almere City delivered additional trouble. Due to it, FC Den Bosch fell down from 4th to 5th place in the table and now has the same number of points (56) as Almere City. With just 4 series of games left to go in this season, it's now obvious - the battle for the 5th place, the last which guarantees the right to play in the play-off round, will be outstanding!

Almere City - FC Den Bosch 3:1 (2:0) Goal for FC Den Bosch: Blummel (55.). Photo credit: the official website of FC Den Bosch. 

MKZ AZS UMCS Lublin - FutureNet Imperium Katowice 25:21

This was the last away match of FutureNet Imperium Katowice this season. Our team didn't have much to win, but ultimately lost to MKS AZS UMCS Lublin 21:25.

The team from Lublin has its well-deserved place among the top 5 teams in Polish women 1st handball league. That's why we were expecting a difficult game for our team. And these predictions came true during the Saturday's game.

The first minutes from the start of this game belonged to MKS AZS. The hosts started with a lot of power and once took the lead 5:1. It worked like a cold shower for our team and FutureNet Imperium started to made up this loss. As a result, the guests reduced its loss to 9:10 and returned into the game. Just before the end of the 1st half, players from Lublin had a few effective offensive actions and went to the locker room for a break leading 13:10. However, it wasn't a loss which our team couldn't reduce.

After the break, AZS MKS ran away with goals again. The hosts restored their lead to the level 19:13 and it turned obvious that FutureNet Imperium will have a tough time to grab any points in Lublin. But it had to be pointed out that our players showed a great will to fight, as they reduced its loss to only a single goal (20:21). But the hosts were determined to keep the good score and managed to establish the final result as 25:21.

On Saturday, Sabina Radlak was the best scorer of FutureNet Imperium with 5 goals. Aleksandra Jaroszewska and Weronika Podzimowska both added 4 goals. In MKS AZS, Magdalena Markowicz was on fire and got 9 goals.

On Saturday, April 27th, FutureNet Imperium will play its last game of the season against TS MKS San Jarosław. It's now confirmed that our team will finish the season on the 2nd place. It's a great result for the team which has played for the first-time ever in such high Polish league!

MKS AZS UMCS Lublin - FutureNet Imperium Katowice 25:21 (13:10)

FutureNet Maribor is very close to reach the final

Only one more victory and FutureNet Maribor will advance to the grand final of the futsal league in Slovenia. On Friday, April 12th, our team beat FC Litija 9:2 and increased its lead on aggregate to 2:0. The competition in the semi-final will be held to 3 wins, so - as you can see - FutureNet Maribor needs just one more step.

It was a great match of the team from Maribor. Our players have achieved a high form in the key moment of the season, and a clear victory 9:2 with FC Litija in the second semi-final match is the best proof. Any questions about the final score were answered after the first half. During the first 20 minutes, FutureNet Maribor build the 3:0 lead thanks to the goals of Matej Fidersek, Teo Turk and Milos Stojković.

In the first minutes of the 2nd half, FC Litija tried to tie the game. After the goals of Kazic and Rucna, our team was leading only 3:2. But then, the intense shooting started. Stojković hit another 2 goals, Jeremy Bukovec scored twice, and the final result was established to 9:2 by Uros Kroflic and Rok Rednak.

On Tuesday, April 16th, the competition between these 2 team will move to the Litija city. But the mental advantage is on FutureNet Maribor' side after a crushing win in game 2. In addition, FC Litija players will have to face a high pressure as the team loses 0:2 on aggregate. FutureNet Maribor is also very focused on reaching the spot in the great finale, and thanks to many experienced players, our team will not let go the high advantage easily. That's why it will be very surprising if our team don't win the promotion in the upcoming game against FC Litija on Tuesday.

FutureNet Maribor - FC Litija 9:2 (3:0) Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Fidersek (1.), Turk (9.), Stojković (17., 34., 35.), Bukovec (33., 39.), Kroflić (36.), Rednak (38.).

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław in the semi-final!

Mission completed! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Górnik Wałbrzych and advanced to the semi-final in the Polish 1st men basketball league. Our team had to fight hard for success, but it did everything as the leader should. 

These were two hard matches in Wałbrzych. In the Aqua Zdrój sports hall, where "The Miners" play their matches, visiting teams always have to face the hot atmosphere created by the hosts' supporters. FutureNet Śląsk, which is disliked deeply in Wałbrzych, had an even more difficult task to handle.

Game 3

On Saturday, April 13th, our team seemed like it was going straight with the course. After the 1st half of that game, FutureNet Śląsk was leading 45:42 and looked like a team which knows how to deal with Górnik. But when both teams returned to the court after the break, it all turned around with 180 degrees. FutureNet Śląsk lost fluency in its game completely, and on the other hand "The Miners" started to push them hard. In the 3rd quarter, Górnik won 31:15 thanks to the great performance of centre Piotr Niedźwiedzki. And with the hosts playing so good, it was nearly impossible for FutureNet Śląsk to made up the loses.

"The Miners" even increased their lead (even 83:61) and were in control of the game. Our team managed to reduce its loss to several points but had to deal with the loss. Górnik was better in sharing the ball (20 assists vs. 14), had a very well shooting accuracy reaching 63% and also had a few strong leaders: Piotr Niedźwiedzki (23 points, 14 rebounds), Damian Durski (16 points) and Marcin Wróbel (11 points, 5 rebounds). In FutureNet Śląsk, Krzysztof Jakóbczyk (15 points) and Norbert Kulon (14 points) were the leaders in this game.

Game 4

Things turned a little bit dangerous for our team as FutureNet Śląsk was leading only 2:1 on aggregate. But on Saturday, our team took the sweet revenge. FutureNet Śląsk started the game with a deep focus, willing to finish this round in Wałbrzych. In the 1st quarter, the game was very even and our team still had some issues with shooting accuracy. But as the game moved forward, FutureNet Śląsk started to play on its typical, high level. Our team was dangerous under the rim and also in the shooting behind the arc (13 3-pointers scored in the game). After the first half, our team was leading 41:37 and gave the hope that in the next 2 quarters will maintain the good performance.

After the break, FutureNet Śląsk put the pedal to the metal. In Q3, our team crushed the hosts and was leading 64:51 after this part of the game thanks to good performance of Aleksander Dziewa, Robert Skibniewski and Jakub Musiał. "The Miners" were on their knees, with a very little chances to return to the game. In the last quarter, FutureNet Śląsk increased its lead and eventually, the final score was 86:65 for our team. Jakub Musiał played the leading role with 19 points and took the role from injured Krzysztof Jakóbczyk. Norbert Kulon added also 19 points, as well as Aleksander Dziewa (who also had 8 rebounds) and Robert Skibniewski shot 15 points and 5 assits.

In the semi-final, FutureNet Śląsk will face STK Czarni Słupsk. First 2 games will be held on April 27-28 in Wrocław.

Game 3 Górnik Wałbrzych - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 100:91 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Jakóbczyk 15 (2x3), Musiał 15 (3x3), Kulon 14 (1x3), Michałek 9, Żeleźniak 11 (1x3), Bożenko 8 (2x3), Dziewa 6 (1x3), Skibniewski 5, Leńczuk 5 (1x3), Tomczak 3, Sasik 0, Zagórski 0. Game 4 Górnik Wałbrzych - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 65:86 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Musiał 19 (3x3), Kulon 19 (3x3), Dziewa 19 (1x3), Skibniewski 15 (3x3), Leńczuk 8 (2x3), Zagórski 3 (1x3), Tomczak 2, Michałek 1, Sasik 0, Bożenko 0. Aggregate score: 3:1 for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław and promotion to the semi-final.

One more win for FutureNet Śląsk and... Welcome to the semi final!

One thing is sure. It will be a very tough game, but the effort can pay off. On Saturday, April 13th, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will clash with Górnik in Wałbrzych and it will be the third game in the first playoff round between these teams. FutureNet Śląsk currently leads 2:0 on aggregate and needs only a single win to get the promotion to the semi-final. 

Previously, FutureNet Śląsk played with Górnik in Wrocław and won twice. The first win was significant (94:72 for our team) but the second one came harder (94:85). But now it's only the past and FutureNet Śląsk is in a very comfortable situation as it has 2 wins on its account and Górnik walks on the edge.

Despite two defeats in Wrocław, "The Miners" from Wałbrzych have a great advantage in its hands: own Aqua Zdrój sports hall. It's a place where it's always hard to play for the visiting teams due to a very intense atmosphere created by home fans. In addition, supporters of Górnik Wałbrzych don't like the fans of FutureNet Śląsk and it also promises that the upcoming games will be very heated. It also leads to the conclusion that in the upcoming home games, Górnik will not let the win go easily.

During the regular season, FutureNet Śląsk had its problems in the away games. In 15 games away from Wrocław, our team won only 8 and mostly was struggling to find its typical shooting rhythm. Having this in mind and connecting it with a tense atmosphere in the Górnik's hall, it suggests that our team might expect a very hard time in the upcoming away games.

On the other hand, FutureNet Śląsk has a clutch advantage which might be helpful throughout the playoff round: many experienced players in the team. Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon have a rich experience in professional basketball and they both know how to secure a perfect ball movement and how to cool down their young teammates. In 2 previous games against Górnik, 32 years-old shooting guard Krzysztof Jakóbczyk was on fire and hit several 3-pointers. And Mateusz Jarmakowicz guarantees high skills and experience in the fight close to both rims. With such a wise support, younger players (Jakub Musiał, Aleksander Dziewa, Szymon Tomczak, Aleksander Leńczuk) can focus only on giving their best to the team. This might be the key advantage of FutureNet Śląsk in Wałbrzych.

In the regular season, FutureNet Śląsk lost with Górnik in Wałbrzych 72:75 but was very, very close to take the game into the overtime. During the weekend, with a definetely higher stake to take from the table, our team could be better than last time in Wałbrzych and close this round of play off quickly.

1/4 final, play off in the Polish 1st men basketball league, game 3 Górnik Wałbrzych - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław Start: Saturday, April 13th, 5 p.m. CET

Potentially - game 4 Górnik Wałbrzych - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław Start: Sunday, April 14th, 5 p.m. CET.

Aggregate score: 2:0 for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. 

Important individual rewards for two players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

Two players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław have been distinguished for their performances in the regular season of Polish 1st men basketball league.

Power forward Aleksander Dziewa has been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the regular season. It's the result of voting conducted among the coaches of the teams from the 1st league. Dziewa received 12 votes. This young player from FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has been running a great season with averages of 20,3 points, 9 rebounds and 0,2 blocks per game. He was also absolutely the most efficient shooter of the regular season with more than 60 % accuracy.

He was also nominated to the best 5 of the regular season, among his teammate from FutureNet Śląsk, playmaker and shooting guard, the captain of the team Norbert Kulon. So-called "Norbo" has good averages of 14,6 points and 5,6 assists per game.

Congratulations for our players!

Just a few second away from the important win. FC Den Bosch - Sparta Rotterdam 1:1

There was so little for FC Den Bosch to defeat Sparta Rotterdam - very strong vice-leader of the Dutch Eerste Divisie! The match ended with a draw 1:1, and FC Den Bosch lost the victory in additional time. 

It was a very important game for FC Den Bosch, as this team is still seeking to score enough points to finish the regular season on the highest possible place. It's important because the highest the place will have, the easiest playoff rival from the Eerste Divisie should be for FC Den Bosch. As you can, the stake is still high. That's why it was so important to grab any points from Sparta Rotterdam.

In the 1st half of this game, the fight on the pitch was even. In the first 20 minutes, FC Den Bosch had more scoring opportunities but failed to beat the goalie of Sparta. Then the guest side started to attack with more confidence but defensive players of FC Den Bosch did their job well and stopped the opponent from scoring.

After nearly 70 minutes of the game, the score was finally opened. In the 68th minute, Stefano Beltrame scored thanks to the free kick made by Danny Verbeek. That was a perfect moment to take the lead, as there were only 20 minutes left to play. FC Den Bosch players knew that they have to still put Sparta under pressure to defend the good result. But in football, good performance is not always enough. You also need a bit of luck and in the Friday's game, FC Den Bosch run without it. In the 94th (!) minute, Sparta's best striker Lars Veldwijk managed to score and tie the game to the 1:1.

After a draw with Sparta Rotterdam, FC Den Bosch is on the 4th place and has 56 points: 2 more than fifth Jong PSV Eindoven. This place guarantees the right to play in the play off round after the end of the regular season.

FC Den Bosch - Sparta Rotterdam 1:1 (1:0) Goal for FC Den Bosch: Veltrame (68.)

Maks Bratkowicz won the Polish Junior and Senior Low Kick Championship!

The success of Maksymilian Bratkowicz, a martial arts champion supported by FutureNet! He won the Polish Junior and Senior Low Kick Championship in the weight category up to 81 kg.

The tournament was held in Polish city Nowy Targ on April 6-7. Maks haven't fought in such a competition earlier. But the fact that it was his debut didn't prevent him from winning the champion trophy.

In Nowy Targ, Maks Bratkowicz had 4 fights. In the 1/16 final, won with Damian Bielecki, In the next round, Maks beat Kacper Kotecki. In the semi-final, he clashed with Piotr Sokół and in the great final, our warrior was better than Arkadiusz Kaszuba.

- There were many, many great fights and also good competitors, including professional warriors. My last two battles in Nowy Targ were with pros who had starts even in the DSF Challenge fight galas in their sports CV. That's why this champion title which I took home from Nowy Targ tastes so sweet - comments Maks Bratkowicz.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - SPR Olkusz 22:26. Bad luck of our team

Each winning streak ends sometimes. FutureNet Imperium Katowice lost with SPR Olkusz 22:26 - it was the first defeat of our team since March 2019 in its own hall and only the second in this season.

In the first half of this match, there weren't any signs that FutureNet Imperium would lose. As it was expected, the match was very even, both teams went side by side and none was able to build a clear advantage. The biggest lead in this part of the match is 9:6 for FutureNet Imperium, but the team from Olkusz after several good actions led to a draw. Just before the break, our team again built a little advantage (14:12), but it was obvious that in the second half the fans in Katowice will continue to watch a very tight game.

In the 2nd half, FutureNet Imperium raised its advantage to 5 goals (17:12). But then, something strange happened to our team. Players from Katowice played with a lot of ambition but also had a growing problem with shooting accuracy. On the other hand, SPR Olkusz heated up. When the result was 20:16 for FutureNet Imperium, the guest team shot 10 goals with only 2 of our team! This streak brought the success for SPR Olkusz: a win 26:22 in Katowice.

Agnieszka Drażyk was the leading scorer of FutureNet Imperium on Saturday's evening with 7 goals. Agnieszka Jaroszewska and Sabina Radlak added 4 each. In SPR Olkusz, Paulina Masiuda (9 goals) and Natalia Kolonko (8 goals) were the leaders of their team and took them to the success.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - SPR Olkusz 22:26 (14:12).

First step to the final taken. FutureNet Maribor - FC Litija 6:5

What a game it was! FutureNet Maribor beat FC Litija 6:5 in the opening game of the semi-final in Slovenian futsal league. Our team had a very significant advantage but the rival managed to get back on the track. And the final score was balanced until the very end of this game.

It was quite a crazy game. In the 1st half, FutureNet Maribor took the lead 2:1 after goals of Teo Turk and Milos Stojković. After the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half it all looked like our team will get an easy victory. Uros Kroflić scored, Turk added 2 more goals and in the 29th minute Debeljak scored an own goal and the result was 5:1 for FutureNet Maribor.

If someone thought then that the game is over, he was deeply mistaken. FC Litija put on the higher gear and improved its offensive style. As a result, the guest team scored 4 goals in a row! Lah, Debeljak, Ramić and Vrhovec beat the goalkeeper of FutureNet Maribor and set the result for 6:5. As you can see, there was a lot of emotions in the sports hall in Maribor but eventually, our team managed to deliver the good result.

In the semi-final, promotion will be granted to the team which win 3 games. It means that FutureNet Maribor have to win 2 more games. The next game between FutureNet Maribor and FC Litija will be held on Friday, April 12th.

Semi-final of the Slovenian futsal league, game #1 FutureNet Maribor - FC Litija 6:5 (2:1) Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Turk (8., 28., 29.), Stojković (19.), Kroflić (27.), Debeljak (29. - own goal). Score on aggregate: 1:0 for FutureNet Maribor.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is very close to reach the semi-final of the league

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław launched its campaign in the play-off round with power! Our team beat Górnik Wałbrzych twice: 94:72 in game one and 94:85 in game two. Now FutureNet Śląsk needs only one more win to secure the spot in the semi-final.  

Górnik is a very uncomfortable team to play against. The "Miners" from the city of Wałbrzych are young, ambitions, hard fighting and hungry for success. In addition, Górnik is also the local rival of FutureNet Śląsk and every time when both teams meet, there's fire on the stands between the supporters.

FutureNet Śląsk coaches and players wanted to meet with Górnik in the first round of the play-off, just like their counterparts from Wałbrzych. Now it seems that our team takes more profit from this competition. On April 6-7, both teams clashed twice in Wrocław. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław left Górnik without any chances to get even a single win.

On Saturday, FutureNet Śląsk beat Górnik Wałbrzych 94:72. Our team outscored the rival from the 3-point line, scoring 15 from 34 attempts (44% accuracy) and the guest team was able to score only 7 3-pointers. Our team also had 16 assists and Górnik got only 8 and it shows that FutureNet Śląsk was significantly better in sharing the ball and creating the space on the floor. On Saturday, Krzysztof Jakóbczyk (24 points, including 6 3-pointers) and Jakub Musiał (21 points, 4 3-pointers) and were the leading scorers of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław.

One day later, both teams clashed, again and again, FutureNet Śląsk left the pitch with a win - this time 94:85. On Saturday, players from Wałbrzych improved their offensive performance. Górnik had slightly more 2-points shooting spots, as well as opportunities from the free-throw line. Both teams were also even when it comes to the number of rebounds and assists. But again this season, the great accuracy in shooting from behind the arc was the key factor leading the win. Krzysztof Jakóbczyk had a great game again, as he scored 22 points on Sunday. He was supported by Norbert Kulon (19 points, 3 assists), Aleksander Dziewa (16 points, 4 rebounds) and Robert Skibniewski (14 points, 3 assists).

On this stage of the competition, the game will be held until one team win 3 times. With a 2:0 lead on aggregate, FutureNet Śląsk is very, very close to winning the promotion to the semi-final. Next game of our team and Górnik Wałbrzych will be held on Saturday, April 13th.

Play off in the Polish 1st men basketball league, 1/4 final Game 1: FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Górnik Wałbrzych 94:72 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Jakóbczyk 24 (6), Musiał 21 (4), Kulon 17 (1), Leńczuk 11 (3), Skibniewski 10 (1), Dziewa 5, Tomczak 4, Michałek 2, Sasik 0, Zagórski 0. Game 2: FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Górnik Wałbrzych 94:85 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Jakóbczyk 22 (3), Kulon 19 (3), Dziewa 16 (1), Skibniewski 14 (4), Musiał 13, Michałek 5, Leńczuk 3, Tomczak 2, Sasik 0, Zagórski 0. Score on aggregate: 2:0 for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław.

FC Den Bosch faces Sparta Rotterdam - current runner up in the league

Sparta Rotterdam is one of the best teams in the Dutch Eerste Divisie this season. FC Den Bosch will face this team on its own stadium on Friday, April 5, in search for a very important win as the team still needs to secure its spot in the playoff round. 

2nd place, 64 points, 18 wins is 32 games, 69 goals (the best result in the league) - Sparta's Rotterdam numbers are quite impressive. This team fully deserved to be the runner-up in the Dutch Eerste Divisie. The management board of Sparta wants the team to win the promotion to the Eredivisie. If the season ended today, Sparta would play in the playoff round and wouldn't be without any chances.

Two players of Sparta Rotterdam are between the league' 10 top scorers. Lars Veldwijk scored 19 goals and holds the 3rd place and Mohamed Rayhi is 6th with 13 goals, and it's also worth mentioning Halil Dervisoglu who currently has 10 goals. Defensive players of Sparta also have been doing great this season, as the team lost only 30 goals which is the second-best result in Eerste Divisie.

FC Den Bosch has given a sign recently that it's close to return the regular winning path. In the last 3 games, FC Den Bosch won 2 (against MVV Maastricht and Jong PSV Eindhoven). But the coaching staff and players of the team can't say that their situation is comfortable. There are 6 rounds of games to go in the league, and FC Den Bosch is on the 4th place with 55 points. Jong PSV Eindhoven has one point less and it's worth to be pointed out that the teams from places 2-5 will compete in the playoff with teams from Eredivisie after the finish of the regular season. The higher the place, the easier the rival will be.

That's why FC Den Bosch still has to grab as many points as it's possible to finish the season on the highest place possible. In this context, players of FC Den Bosch have to grab at least a draw against Sparta Rotterdam because in this moment of the season, every point matters even more than usual.

Photo credit: the official website of FC Den Bosch.

The most crucial part of the season [VIDEO]

This season might be one of the most important in the history of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. Our team wants to win the promotion to the highest league in Poland. And, to be precise, to the place where it always belonged.

In the first round of the playoff in Polish 1st men basketball league, FutureNet Śląsk will clash with Górnik Wałbrzych. If everyting goes as it's planned, our team will secure the spot in the semi-final. Step by step to the one and simple goal which FutureNet Śląsk has this season: to move up to the highest Polish league!

FutureNet Śląsk is the most titled basketball team in Polish history, with 17 champions title. In the 90s, this team was just unreachable for others - it dominated the Polish league, played awesome in the European tournaments and had great number of famous players.

Just take a look at the movie below and feel the touch of great history with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław as it main star:

FutureNet Imperium Katowice faces SPR Olkusz

A difficult match of FutureNet Imperium Katowice just before the end of the league season. On Saturday, April 6th, our team will play with SPR Olkusz - currently the 4th team in the table, which previously caused a lot of troubles FutureNet Imperium.

SPR Olkusz is one of the strongest teams in the league this season. Currently, it has 34 points and sits on the 4th place. SPR is also a home team for 3 among 10 top scores in the league. Natalia Kolonko (157 goals in 18 games) is now the second-best shooter, Klaudia Zub is ranked 9th (100 goals with 18 games) and Paula Masiuda is ranked 10th (95 goals in 100 games). These three players would easily find a place even in stronger teams.

This season, FutureNet Imperium has clashed with SPR Olkusz three times. During summer holidays, while both teams were under summer training camp, SPR beat FutureNet Imperium 27:24 and in the revenge, both teams finished with a draw 27:27. And when the regular season started, FutureNet Imperium was slightly better in the away game, and won 28:27. It was one of the most even games for our team throughout the whole season.

Now FutureNet Imperium Katowice has 13 points advantage over SPR Olkusz. The team from Katowice is running an awesome season and despite being total newbie in such high level of competition, build a position of strong runner-up. SPR Olkusz had less of luck: in 18 games, it won 11 and lost 7.

In the closing game of FutureNet Imperium and SPR, the host team will have important advangate: its own hall. This season, it's very hard to beat FutureNet Imperium in Katowice, as our team lost only once before its own crowd. That's why on Saturday we expect a very even game, but FutureNet Imperium should get another win.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - SPR Olkusz, Saturday, April 6th, start: 3 p.m. CET.

Maks Bratkowicz is aiming to win Polish Championship in Low Kick

On April 6-7, 2019, Polish city Nowy Targ in the Podhale area will become the capital of martial arts. It's all due to the Polish Junior and Senior Low Kick Championship. One of the fighters during the tournament will be Maksymilian Bratkowicz, young and talented warrior powered by FutureNet.

Low Kick championship tournament will be like MMA and the main difference is that there's no room for kicking with the knee. It's the event which works like a mangnet for the best fighters in Poland, and it means that the competition will be at the very high leve.

This event will be divided into three parts. On Friday, April 5th, official weighing will be held. On Saturday, the fight will begin. At first, warriors will take the elimination rounds. Winners will meet in the semi-final. Some of the semi-final fights will be held also on Saturday, and then the final rounds will be taken.

Maksymilian Bratkowicz, athlete supported by FutureNet, will be among fighters competing in Nowy Targ. Our warrior has a simple goal: to return home with the gold cup. It's also worth to mention that Maks will take part in the Polish Junior and Senior Low Kick Championship for the first time in his career.

- I worked hard during trainings preparing for competitions in Nowy Targ. Before this tournament, I feel great and strong. I want to win in Nowy Targ and finish my debut there with a gold belt - says Maks Bratkowicz.

FutureNet Maribor enters the semi final of Slovenian futsal league

One of the most important parts of the season for FutureNet Maribor will start on Friday, April 5. On this day, our team will launch its campaign to win the Slovenian futsal champion title. FC Litija will be the rival of FutureNet Maribor just before the great final. 

In the quarterfinals FutureNet Maribor and FC Litija beat their rivals quickly and as expected. FutureNet Maribor defeated Siliko Mkersmanc 2:0, and the same competition between FC Litija and KMN Bronx Skofije ended with the same aggregate score.

Everything indicates that the fight between FutureNet Maribor and FC Litija in the semi-final will be more even. Most of all, the second (FutureNet Maribor) and third (FC Litija) team of the regular season in the Slovenia futsal league will face in direct competition. In the first stage of the competition, FutureNet Maribor defeated FC Litija twice, each time without any bigger problems. In November 2018 our team won 4:2, and in February 2019 both teams' match ended with the result 9:3 for FutureNet Maribor.

FC Litija is a team led by three very talented players. In the regular season, Gasper Vrhovec was its leading scorer with 22 goals. Borut Rucna added 15 hits and Denis Ramic scored 12 goals. The team from the Litija, Slovenia was also the third most efficient in the league with 82 goals scored in total. It's the advantage with which the players of FutureNet Maribor must be very careful on the pitch.

In the quarter-final against Siliko Mkersmanc, several players of FutureNet Maribor (Matej Fidersek, Jaka Sovdat, Josip Jurić) gave a sample of their increasing form. It's a good message for the team and also a good sign before the fight with FC Litija in the semi final. And it all allows believing that FutureNet Maribor will win in this duel against FC Litija and be promoted to the great final.

Semi-final of Slovenian futsal extraleague, game 1: FutureNet Maribor - FC Litija Friday, April 5, start: 8 p.m. CET in Maribor, Slovenia

Game ON! FutureNet Sport schedule for April, 5-7

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, FutureNet Imperium Katowice, FutureNet Maribor, FC Den Bosch and VfB Stuttgart - these teams will step into the pitch during the upcoming weekend, April 5-7. 

In Polish 1st basketball league, FutureNet Śląsk will begin its campaign in the 1/8 final against Górnik Wałbrzych. FutureNet Maribor will play the first semi final game against FC Litija. FutureNet Imperium Katowice, FC Den Bosch and VfB Stuttgart have to face their next scheduled league games.

Let's start the playoff! FutureNet Śląsk faces Górnik Wałbrzych

It's playoff time and it will be the showtime! On Saturday, April 6, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will begin the fight in the crucial part of the season in Polish 1st basketball league. Our team has an opponent straight from the start: its local rival, Górnik Wałbrzych.

FutureNet Śląsk was sure for a promotion to the playoff a long time ago. Unlike Górnik Wałbrzych which has to fight to reach this goal until the last moment of the regular season. Luckily for this team, the mission has been completed. Górnik finished the first part of the season on 8th place and closed the list of teams promoted to the next round. What was even more surprising, Górnik eliminated favoured Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno - the 3rd team of the last season which was also considered as one of the strongest teams this season. Well, sometimes sports delivers such a surprise.

In the regular season, FutureNet Śląsk was tied with Górnik when it comes to direct games. In Wrocław, FutureNet Śląsk won 91:78 and gave no chances to the opponent. But in Wałbrzych, in always loud Aqua Zdrój sports hall, Górnik took the revenge and won 75:72. In that game, FutureNet Śląsk was very close to take it into overtime but eventually lost with 3 points. And it also shows how even the games between these teams can be.

Now we expect that FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław and Górnik will create great basketball show. In Wrocław, we might expect that many supporters of Górnik will come around to the city from Wałbrzych (which is very close to Wrocław) to support its players loudly, and the FutureNet Śląsk fans can also create a lot of fire on the stands. FutureNet Śląsk also seems to be in the great form recently. In the last game of the regular season, our team beat the strong runner-up Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut 105:71, and Górnik is considered as a slightly worse team.

It's also worth to mention that FutureNet Śląsk has an advantage which might play crucial role in the playoff: several experienced players inside. Robert Skibniewski, Norbert Kulon, Krzysztof Jakóbczyk, Mateusz Jarmakowicz - each of them played in several clubs on high levels, also outside Poland. And they know how to keep the head cool during the heated games, and in the playoff time every game matters a lot. Górnik doesn't have so many experienced players and it might be clutch in the semi-final rivalry. The oldest player of Górnik is Rafał Glapiński (36 years-old), but he hasn't played a significant role in the team throughout the season. Marcin Wróbel is 31 years-old and the rest of the team from Wałbrzych is much younger. It has it bright side, as young players are able to recover faster but on the other hand: the playoff time is the time of experience and wiseness on the pitch. And in this point, FutureNet Śląsk has the most advantages.

In the first round of the play off, the winner of 3 games will advance. First 2 games will be held in Wrocław, on April 6th and 7th respectively and most of the games will be played in Wrocław.

Play off, quarter final, game 1: FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Górnik Wałbrzych, Saturday (April 6), start: 3 p.m. CET. 

FutureNet Las Palmas has started its new league season

Amateur football team FutureNet Las Palmas started the new season of AFL Yoshkhar-Ola league with pride. 

FutureNet Las Palmas won the 2nd place and silver trophy in the last league season. Now our team wants to defend this great place, or even go higher and win the championship. It won't be easy, as other teams - like Real Madrid, Rayo Vallecano or Eibar - are strong and will be tough to beat. But as Eugeny Semenov, the captain of FutureNet Las Palmas, our team wants to be the best in each game and score as many points as it's possible.

With this attitute, our team should be one of the top in the AFL League again. In the first game of the season, FutureNet Las Palmas held Betis Sevilla to a draw 2:2.

FutureNet Las Palmas - Betis Sevilla 2:2

Let's check out the numbers of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław from the regular season

Several players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław basketball team finished the regular season in the 1st Polish league with great individual statistics.

Power forward Aleksander Dziewa is the second-best shooter of the league with 21 points per game. Bartosz Wróbel from SKK Siedlce has a lower average but played more games and due to the rules of the league, he finished on the 1st place. Norbert Kulon from FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław finished on 11th place with 14,4 points per game.

With 9,3 rebounds per game, Aleksander Dziewa was the best rebounding player of the regular season. He was also the most efficient shooter: with 61,4% accurate field goals, he overtook Bartosz Wróbel from SKK Siedlce by 20 percentage points!

The number also visualize how strong is FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław when it comes to sharing the ball. Norbert Kulon has an average of 5,8 assists per game and finished on the 5th place among best playmakers of the league, and Robert Skibniewski (5,2 assists per game) was 9th.

FC Den Bosch - Jong PSV Eindhoven 3:1

It's a very important victory of FC Den Bosch! In a match against the direct neighbor in the Dutch Eerste Divisie table, FC Den Bosch defeated Jong PSV Eindhoven 3:1 and moved up to 4th place in the table.

Before this match everything was clear: FC Den Bosch just had to win. After the last series of poor results, the team from Den Bosch was overtaken by Jong PSV Eindhoven and it was obvious that if the players from Den Bosch want to get back the higher place, they had to do it in a direct match.

The task was difficult, and FC Den Bosch players were under additional pressure. But they solved it as they should. In the first half, the match was fairly balanced for around 20 minutes, and none of the teams was able to build an advantage. In the 26th minute, Vincent Vermeij opened the score, finishing with the goal a good action made by Steven Blummel. It was a huge relief for FC Den Bosch which started to play with more ease. In 45th minute, this team raised the score to 2:0 with a Blummel's goal.

In the second half, young and ambitions Jong PSV team pushed hard on FC Den Bosch. The hosts managed to keep up the good score but in the 65th minute things gone dangerous when Aboukhlal scored the contact goal. However, FC Den Bosch kept its performance on a high level and managed to hit the goal one more time. In the 76th minute, Vermeij scored his second goal of the game - and this time, Stefano Beltrame gave him the clutch pass.

With 3 points scored against Jong PSV Eindhoven, FC Den Bosch were able to overtake its last rival in the table of the Dutch Eerste Divisie. Now the team from Den Bosch has 54 points and sits on the 4th place. On Friday, April 5, FC Den Bosch will play the next very important and difficult game - this time against Sparta Rotterdam, current runner-up of the league.

FC Den Bosch - Jong PSV Eindhoven 3:1 (2:0) Goals for FC Den Bosch: Vermeij (26., 75.), Blummel (45.). Photo credit: the official website of FC Den Bosch. 

Ambitious effort of FC Den Bosch

It's never easy to play against such a strong team like Twente Enschede, the current leader of Dutch Eerste Divisie. FC Den Bosch played with a lot of passion and ambition but in the end had to agree that the rival was better. Twente Enschede beat FC Den Bosch 1:0.

It was expected that this will be a difficult game for FC Den Bosch, as it had to clash with the leader and the team which has the strongest composition in the entire Eerste Divisie. But the team supported by FutureNet managed to set a difficult conditions for its favoured opponent. In the first half, the game was even and both teams had its chances. However, none of them was able to find the way to the goal.

After the break, Twente Enschede decided to push harder on the FC Den Bosch half of the pitch. And this attutide paid off. In the 64th minute, Jari Oosterwijk find the way to the net, using the mistake of FC Den Bosch defenders. It put the additional pressure to FC Den Bosch. However, guest didn't give up and tried to tie the result. Oussama Bouyaghlafen had the best chance but missed the goal slightly. Eventually, Twente delivered the good score and won 1:0.

After the defeat in Enschede, FC Den Bosch has 52 points and was overtaken by Jong PSV Eindhoven which is now on the 4th place with 54 points. On Monday, April 1, both teams will clash in the direct game in Den Bosch. Obviously, this game will be crucial for FC Den Bosch as the team now is on the 5th place - the last one giving the right to play in the play off round.

Twente Enschede - FC Den Bosch 1:0 (0:0) Goal: Jari Oosterwijk (64.).

Third win in a row of FutureNet Imperium Katowice

Third win in a row, easy way to go! FutureNet Imperium Katowice beat AZS-AWF Warsaw 31:23 and strengthened its position as the runner-up of the Polish women 1st handball league. 

In November 2018, FutureNet Imperium Katowice went to Warsaw to clash with young and talented players of AZS-AWF. It's a young team, built around students of Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland. When you compare both teams, FutureNet Imperium has a bit more experience in handball but AZS-AWF plays with a lot of ambition and passion. So it was expected before the Saturday's game that the win of FutureNet Imperium from November lays deep in the past. And in the revenge, players of AZS-AWF will do their best to repay for their earlier defeat.

During the first minutes fresh after the start of the game, AZS-AWF was able to keep up the pace and FutureNet Imperium had just minor advantage. But when the game moved on, the hosts started to ride away. Thanks to goals scored by Weronika Podzimowska, Paulina Łuczyk and Aleksandra Jaroszewska, FutureNet Imperium managed to build significant advantage 15:10 before the break.

In the 2nd half, FutureNet Imperium threw a higher gear. Within just a few minutes of the second half, its advantage increased to 20:12. Then it was clear that the guests will have a very tough time to get even a draw. Their motivation dropped, and FutureNet Imperium took advantage from it by scoring another goals and boosting its advantage to 27:15. Then it was clear who will be the winner this evening in Katowice. Eventually, this game ended with a result 31:22.

In FutureNet Imperium, Paulina Łuczyk (9 goals) and Sabina Radlak (6 goals) were the leading scorers. In AZS-AWF, Patrycja Kozak scored 5 goals and gave the best performance of the evening for her team.

It was the 19th game of FutureNet Imperium Katowice this season. Our team has 47 points (due to 16 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats) and holds strongly the 2nd place. The leader is SPR JKS Jarosław which has 51 points and one played game less than FutureNet Imperium. It's very likely that our team will finish the season as a strong runner-up.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - AZS-AWF Warsaw 31:22 (15:10).

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław gave a show of its power!

This was one of the best FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław matches this season! In the match at the top of the 1st men basketball league in Poland, our team outclassed the vice-leader Rawlplug Sokol Łańcut 105:71 and finished the regular season as a strong leader.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław played with very high intensity straight from the beginning of the match. Our team was highly motivated and played with full concentration. This brought effect both in attack and defense. Aleksander Leńczuk worked well at the rival' half toghether with Robert Skibniewski, and under its own rim FutureNet Śląsk didn't allow the rival to do anything. As a result, after Q1 FutureNet Śląsk was leading 28:12 and it was obvious that Rawlplug Sokół will have a difficult evening.

In Q2, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław still played very hard in the defense, and in the attack scored many 3-pointers. The visiting team couldn't find a way to stop the rival. FutureNet Śląsk had a great 12:1 run, and its advantage grew even to 30 points! Robert Skibniewski was unstopabble and scored 11 points in this quarter, and Rawlplug Sokół was able only to reduce its loss to 25 points at the end of the first half.

After the break, Skibniewski was still playing like inspired and had a strong support from Leńczuk and Aleksander Dziewa. When it was needed, Norbert Kulon, Jakub Musiał and bench players did their job right. Rawlplug Sokół was able to reply only with a several shots of Wiktor Sewioł and Maciej Klima. But still the guest team had a big problem to launch any flunecy in its game and was only able to look how FutureNet Śląsk maintains the high pace.

In the last quarter of the game, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław calmly defended its high lead. Rawplug Sokół managed to reduce the loss to 19 points, but only for a moment. Our team was still very aggresive and consistent on the court, and eventually finished the game with the advantage reaching 34 points! It's not obvious result in the direct game between two strong teams but on Sunday evening in Wrocław, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław was better by at least a few levels.

In this game, Robert Skibniewski showed how important for the team is his great experience. 26 points (including 6 3-pointers), 3 assits, 4 rebounds and it all while stepping in from the bench - no comment is needed. Aleksander Leńczuk with 21 points (and 4/4 in 3-points shooting) also had a good game, along with Aleksander Dziewa (15 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists), Szymon Tomczak (4 points, 9 rebounds) and Jakub Musiał (11 points). FutureNet Śląsk destroyed Rawlplug Sokół on the boards (42 vs. 28 rebounds), and also in 3-point shooting (16. vs 7 accurate shots from behind the perimeter). In the guest team, only Kamil Zywert (14 points and 8 assists) and Szymon Szymański (11 points, 10 rebounds) can be satisfied by his performance. Rawlplug Sokół failed as a team in Wrocław and served only as a background.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut 105:71

Points for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław: Skibniewski 25 (6x3), Leńczuk 21 (4x3), Dziewa 15 (1x3), Musiał 11 (2x3), Kulon 8 (2x3), Michałek 7, Jarmakowicz 5, Jakóbczyk 5 (1x3), Zagórski 4, Tomczak 4.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. VfB Stuttgart: great football show is expected

Strong in German Bundesliga, strong also in UEFA European League - Eintracht Frankfurt is a rival not easy to play against. Especially on its own stadium. VfB Stuttgart will try to tear off points from this favored opponent.

This season, the Bundesliga doesn't have many teams as strong as Eintracht Frankfurt. Currently, the team from Frankfurt has 46 points and holds the 5th place in the table. It has no chance of winning the German championship, because only Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are left in the fight for the title. But Eintracht currently only loses 3 points to the 3rd place, so it has a real chance to finish on the podium. Its form in recent matches indicates that Eintracht takes this task very seriously: won 4 from 5 recent games.

It's also worth noting that Eintracht remains in the game not only in the Bundesliga. In the middle of March, Eintracht defeated Inter Milan in the 1/8 final of UEFA Europa League, after a win in the key match at the difficult San Siro stadium in Milan. This result shows the strength of the Eintracht and it seems that in the next round of European games this team will be a tough opponent for everyone.

In Bundesliga, two players of Eintracht sits on the very top of the list of league's top strikers. Luka Jović (15 goals in 24 games) is currently the third-best scorer and Sebastien Haller added 14 goals. In the squad of Eintracht, there are other players who are well-known and respected in the world of football. Just to mention goalie Kevin Trapp, centre back Evan N'Dicka, winger Filip Kostic, playmaker Mijat Gacinovic and Ante Rebic. Each player mentioned above is worth more than 10 Million Euros and has a great chance to jump to the European top from Eintracht to even stronger club.

As you can see, it will be a very tough challenge for VfB Stuttgart to compete with such a strong opponent. In November 2018, Eintracht came to Stuttgart and outscored VfB on Mercedes Arena 3:0. In the away game, it will be even harder to get a good result. But Daniel Didavi from the Stuttgart team explains that he and his colleagues believe that they can be a bitter pill to swallow for Eintracht.

- They’re having an excellent season and they’re on a roll. But we’ve been tough to play against in recent games, though, and that’s how we want to perform in Frankfurt - explains the experienced player of VfB Stuttgart, quoted on the club's official website.

It's also worth to mention that VfB has a quite safe advantage over the direct relegation from Bundesliga zone, where currently Hannover 96 and FC Nuernberg are stucked. VfB has around 6 points advantage and also loses only 3 points to Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen whichs sits on the last secure spot in the table. With even a draw in Frankfurt, VfB could improve significantly its position in the league.

27th round of games, Eintracht Frankfurt - VfB Stuttgart, Saturday, March 31, start: 6 p.m. CET. 

A big challenge for FC Den Bosch football team!

It's time for FC Den Bosch to stand against the leader of the Dutch Eerste Divisie! On Friday, March 29, the team from Den Bosch will face Twente Enschede in the away game. One thing is more than sure: it will be a very hard challenge to complete.

Twente Enschede has recently been playing just great. Coach Marino Pusicic has built a strong team that is getting better every month. This hard work paid off: currently Twente has 69 points and is 11 points ahead of Go Ahead Eagles in the table. In the last 5 games, Twente has won 4 times and drew once.

The team from Enschede city in the Netherlands has many strong points. Its best player is striker Tom Boere (currently injured and won't play with FC Den Bosch) who scored 13 goals in 27 games. Spaniad midfielder Aitor Cantalapiedra added 12 goals, and Anthony van den Hurk has the same number of goals. But this is not the end of the list of interesting players of Twente. Other players who are worth to be distinguished is defender Cristian González, defensive midfielder from Wales Matt Smith, worth 1 million Euros striker Oussama Assaidi and goalkeeper Joël Drommel. As you can see, this team has a very strong composition and it hasn't been easy to find its weak points recently.

On the other hand, in the last couple of weeks FC Den Bosch has lost its impact from the first months of the season. This team is still trying to regain its great performance but not all goes the way as the fans of FC Den Bosch wish. In the last 5 games, FC Den Bosch lost three times, once drew and won only once. And it's obvious that the time to break this bad streak must come soon as the rivals are getting close to FC Den Bosch.

Currently, the team supported by FutureNet is on the 4th place with 52 points and loses 2 points to Sparta Rotterdam which is 3rd. Jong PSV Eindhoven has 51 points and just can't wait to overtake FC Den Bosch in the table. That's why it's just about time to score even a draw against Twente Enschede. It won't be easy but in football everything is possible until the referee blows the whistle for the last time in the game.

31st series of games in Dutch Eerste Divisie, Twente Enschede - FC Den Bosch, Friday, March 29, start: 8 p.m. CET. 

Game ON! FutureNet Sport schedule of games for March, 29-31 [VIDEO]

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław faces one of the strongest competitors in the league. FutureNet Maribor starts the campaign to reach the final. And it's not all - this weekend will be HOT for the teams from FutureNet Sport!

Check out the animation below to find out which FutureNet Sport teams will play during the upcoming weekend, March 29-31. Feel free to share!

FutureNet Imperium Katowice faces AZS-AWF Warsaw

The women's handball season in Poland is entering a decisive phase, and there are just 4 series of meetings are left until the end of the season. FutureNet Imperium Katowice will clash with AZS-AWF Warsaw.

Current season is the first ever for FutureNet Imperium Katowice in such high league in Poland. Despite the low experience, our team plays without fear and complexes. The results speak for themselves: FutureNet Imperium won 15 from 18 games, and also scored one won draw (after the penalty kicks shootout). It's quite a great numbers for a newbie, don't you think?

This great season for our team is closing to the end, and there are only 4 series of games to go. On Saturday, March 30, FutureNet Imperium will host AZS-AWF Warsaw. It's one of the best teams in the league: with 30 points, currently it sits on 5th position. The young team from Polish capital plays in a very even way and scores nearly as many goals as it loses (489 and 485). The best shooter of AZS-AWF is Patrycja Kozak who scored 81 goals in 12 games.

In November 2018, both teams clashed together for the first time in Warsaw. FutureNet Imperium then left no hopes for this young academic team and won 29:19. On Saturday it will be very unlikely that our team will lose.

It's worth to notice that FutureNet Imperium has decreasing chances to catch up with the leader, SPR JKS Jarosław. Currently, these teams are divided with the difference of 4 points, but the team from Jaroslaw is definitely the strongest in the league. However, FutureNet Imperium can still end this season with power and this requires concentration at the highest level and a set of 4 wins in the last 4 matches.

FutureNet Imperium - AZS AWF Warsaw, Saturday (March 30), Katowice, Poland. Start: 3 p.m. CET. 

Great game at the end of regular season!

It seems that fans of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will get the excellent ending of the regular season in the Polish 1st men basketball league. Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut, the runner-up and one of the strongest teams in the league, will come to Wrocław focused deeply on a plan to win in Wrocław as the first team this season.

The case is clear: only two teams have a chance to finish the regular season in the 1st place. One of them is the current leader, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław and the second one is runner-up, Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut. It all turned out that the eventual leader will be determined by the direct match of both teams in Wrocław. And that means that a great basketball spectacle is on its way.

The team from Podkarpacie district in Poland runs a great season. Rawlplug Sokół has 50 points and scored 21 wins in 29 games. The team led by coach Dariusz Kaszowski is very strong both at home and in away games of which it won 9 from 14 games. Recently, Rawlplug Sokół has a great winning streak: this team was capable to beat very strong Enea Astoria in Bydgoszcz, WKK Wrocław. Neither of these wins was accidental.

Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut' number of the season are very impressive. This team scores more than 86 points per game, gets around 39 rebounds, 20 assists and 8 steals. As you can see, these stats shouldn't be underestimated. The individual stats of Rawlplug Sokół players are also impressive. Shooting guard Filip Małgorzaciak scores around 19 points per game and is third-best shooter of the league. Playmaker Kamil Zywert adds around 12 points and 8 assists per game, power forward Maciej Klima delivers 10,5 points and 6,8 rebounds and back-up power forward Rafał Kulikowski scores 10 points 8,2 rebounds in each game. It's also worth to mention that 5 players of Rawlplug Sokół scores at least 10 points per game. It shows the depth of Sokół's squad.

FutureNet Śląsk is the only team which hasn't been beaten at home this season yet. Our team runs an impressive series of 14 home wins. The AWF sports hall in Wrocław, Poland - where our team is the host - has been a fortress throughout the season. It all leads to the conclusion that this fortress shouldn't fall in the last game of the regular season.

In addition, in December 2018 FutureNet Śląsk lost with Rawlplug Sokół in Łańcut. Now it's time for revenge, which comes in very good moment. FutureNet Śląsk had its problems in the last weeks, especially in the away games. Despite them, our team kept the leader's chair. Now the crucial time of the season has come: playoff round. It will be important to step inside the playoff time with a win over strong rival like Rawlplug Sokół.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut, Sunday (March 31), start: 6 p.m. CET. 

Young players from FutureNet Maribor in Slovenian futsal national team

Three young players of FutureNet Maribor have been called to represent Slovenian junior futsal team. 

In autumn 2019, Latvia will be the host of youth UEFA Under-19 Futsal Championship. It will be the first edition of this tournament, with 8 teams included. At the end of March, 2019, there will be the decisive round of qualification played, with Slovenian junior national team among the competitors. So far, two teams (Latvia as the host and Spain) have secured their place in the final tournament. Other 6 will have to fight hard for it.

FutureNet Maribor will have its part during this prestigious campaign. Tilen Gajser, Matic Goznik and Jeremy Bukovec have been called to play in Slovenian national team.

Good luck for you, gentlemen!

FC Den Bosch - SC Telstar 3:4

It's hard to believe, but FC Den Bosch lost the practically won match. The players from Den Bosch had a high advantage over SC Telstar, but eventually lost 3:4.

It was a match that - at least in theory - should be finished with a certain victory for FC Den Bosch. And after the first half, it all seemed that the hosts will get a quite easy 3 points. FC Den Bosch was leading 3:0 after goals scored by Vermeij and Oulad Omar (2 goals).

But in the 2nd half, everything turned over 180 degrees. In the 48th minute, Ondaan scored the first goal for SC Telstar from the penalty kick. Ten minutes later Springer scored the contact goal for the guests. And in the 58th minute, Mendes Moreira equalized.

Despite taking three quick hits, FC Den Bosch still had a slight advantage on the field. It had more time with the ball (55% vs. 45%) than the opponent, took more accurate shots (7 vs. 6) but... Lost another, decisive goal! In the 70th minute, Ondaan scored his second goal of the game and, as it turned out, also the one which established the final score. It's hard to believe, as it doesn't happen too often in football to lose the game despite having 3 goals lead, but it happened. FC Den Bosch - SC Telstar 3:4.

Luckily for FC Den Bosch, Go Ahead Eagles - the team from the 3rd place - also lost its game and its advantage over FC Den Bosch hasn't increased. But on the other hand, Jong PSV Eindhoven loses only 1 point to FC Den Bosch and if the bad streak of our team continues, the team from Eindhoven might overtake our team in the table.

FC Den Bosch - SC Telstar 3:4 (3:0). Goals for FC Den Bosch: Vermeij (7.), Oulad Omar (19., 45.).

FutureNet Imperium Katowice continues its winning streak

The winning streak continues: FutureNet Maribor beat WKPR Wesoła Warsaw 28:22 and still holds the second place in the women 1st handball league in Poland.

Previously, this game was scheduled in the last series of games to be played in May 2019. But the club from Warsaw asked FutureNet Imperium officials to reschedule it. That's why both teams clashed for the second time this season in March, not in May.

In December 2018, both teams faced for the first time - FutureNet Imperium outscored WKPR Wesoła 31:20. That's why our team was a favourite also in the last game. This time, it wasn't as that easy and the hosts put a little bit more difficult conditions. However, FutureNet Imperium managed to win again, this time at 28:22.

In the first half, it was clear that the guest team was closer to victory. After the first 30 minutes, FutureNet Imperium went into the locker room leading 11:6. It was a significant advantage, which in the second half of the team didn't manage to make up.

With a win over WKPR Wesoła Warsaw, FutureNet Imperium raised it points achievement to 44 points. Our team loses 4 points to the leader, JKS SPR Jarosław. The difference between FutureNet Imperium and UKS Varsovia Warsaw, which currently holds the 3rd place, is also 4 points. With just 3 series of the game to go in the season, it's very likely that FutureNet Imperium will finish the league on the 2nd place.

WKPR Wesoła Warsaw - FutureNet Imperium Katowice 22:28 (6:11)

FutureNet Maribor promoted to the semi-final

Predictions have come true: FutureNet Maribor secured itself promotion to the semi-finals in Slovenian futsal league. In the 2nd leg of quarter-final, our team crashed KMN Oplast Kobarid 7:0 and jumped further into the competiton.

The result of both matches leaves no doubt which team was better. The result in aggregate is 14:2 for FutureNet Maribor. In the second match of quarter-final, which was played away in Kobarid, Slovenia, our team showed a lot of its power. In Kobarid everything was clear after the first half of the match. Rok Rednak, Uros Kroflić, Teo Turk and Matej Fidersek scored respectively, and after these 4 accurate shots it was clear that KMN Oplast Kobarid can prepare to say "Farewell" to the further laps of the competition.

In the second half, Rednak and Fidersek added one more goal each, and the final result 7:0 was established by Nik Logar who scored own goal. Now it's time for the semi-final! FutureNet Maribor faces FC Litija on the last lap of its road to the final. In this round, competition will last until one of the team score 3 wins. It means that there will be 5 games at the most.

KMN Oplast Kobarid - FutureNet Maribor 0:7 Score on aggregate: 2:0 for FutureNet Maribor. FutureNet Maribor will play in the semi-final against FC Litija.

Incredible win of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław!

It was an amazing match! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław defeated WKK Wroclaw 93:80, but it had to work very hard for this result. At some point in the match FutureNet Śląsk was losing with even 25 points, but managed to catch up with the rival!

It was a derby of Wrocław in basketball, and that's why this match had an extra load of emotions. The stake was double: not only victory, but also the title of the best basketball team in Wrocław. What more is needed for ambitious players to give even more than usual on the court?

In Q1, both teams fought in a very balanced way. The hosts decided to play a hard defense game, which caused big problems for FutureNet Śląsk. Our team struggled to score for about 5 minutes, but then returned to right track thanks to the good performance of bench players: Szymon Tomczak and Robert Skibniewski. Nevertheless, WKK Wrocław was leading by 24:18.

In Q2, the fans watched the outstanding show of WKK Wrocław and also saw completely disorganized FutureNet Śląsk. The hosts were in a trance. They shared the ball great, were very effective in offense and had a great 14:0 run. As a result, the advantage of WKK grew very high to the 38:20 level. FutureNet Śląsk woke up just before the break, thanks to the captain Norbert Kulon who scored a few important shots and kept his team still in the game.

The quarter number 3 was crucial to establish the final score of the game. FutureNet Śląsk went trough like a thunder, totally overwhelming WKK. Players of FutureNet Śląsk returned from the locker loom with a lot of energy, were deeply focused and wanted to reduce the loss. And it worked out. Players of coach Radosław Hyży did something amazing: they returned from a 25 loss and took the lead! FutureNet Śląsk had a lot of luck: nearly all of its shots were accurate. WKK, who in the 2nd half had to play without injured leader Jakub Koelner, had no idea how to stop fast-riding FutureNet Śląsk. Before the fourth and last quarter, our team was leading 67:61.

In the last quarter, FutureNet Śląsk showed its power in 3-point shooting when Robert Skibniewski hit twice from the perimeter and Norbert Kulon added another shot. Then it was all over. FutureNet Śląsk took control over the game and established the final score on 93:80.

The second half was a show of great power of FutureNet Śląsk. Our team won this part of the game 60:29 and demolished WKK. FutureNet Śląsk was led by captain Norbert Kulon who played outstanding game with 24 points (including 4 3-pointers), 7 assists and 5 rebounds. Aleksander Dziewa added 20 points and 9 rebounds, and Szymon Tomczak gave a strong support from the bench (10 points, 13 rebounds). In WKK, Jakub Patoka was on fire: he played 40 minutes, scored 26 points and 8 rebounds.

Thanks to the win with WKK Wrocław, FutureNet Śląsk still sits on the leader's chair. Our team had one game left to go, and its rival will be Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut - the current runner-up in the league. This game will be played on March 31 in Wrocław, Poland.

WKK Wrocław - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 80:93 Points for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław: Kulon 23 (4x3), Dziewa 20 (1x3), Skibniewski 17 (3x3), Tomczak 10, Jakóbczyk 9 (1x3), Bożenko 6 (2x3), Jarmakowicz 5 (1x3), Leńczuk 3 (1x3), Musiał 0.

Game ON! FutureNet Sport schedule for March, 22-24, 2019

It's time to play some sports on weekend! Check out the schedule of FutureNet Sport for weekend, March 22-24, 2019. There will be a lot of going on - that's for sure! 

The main stars of the weekend will be FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław (basketball), FutureNet Maribor (futsal) and FC Den Bosch (football). More details on the video below:

FC Den Bosch faces SC Telstar

If the season in the Dutch football league Eerste Divisie ended today, FC Den Bosch would have the right secured to play in the playoffs for promotion to Eredivisie, which is the best league in the country. But the battle in the league will continue for a few more weeks, and the rivals aren't asleep. That's why FC Den Bosch must win its next match against SC Telstar.

In the last series of games in the league, FC Den Bosch suffered a surprising and a high loss against NEC Nijmegen 0:5. It was a setback of this team, from which FC Den Bosch players must recover quickly. It's all because of the queue at the top of the table. Currently, FC Den Bosch holds the 4th position (52 points) and loses 2 points to Go Ahead Eagles (3rd place) and 3 to Sparta Rotterdam (2nd place). And 5th Jong PSV Eindhoven is close to FC Den Bosch back, with 50 points.

Currently, FC Den Bosch is on the place which guarantees the spot in the playoff round. But there's 9 series of games to go, and 27 points at the most to score. Besides Jong PSV, also FC Oss (6th place, 45 points), Roda Kerkrade (7th place, 43 points) and even MVV Maastricht (8th place, 43 points) are still in the game with playoff spot as a stake. This is why FC Den Bosch must return to the winning path.

SC Telstar is one of the worst teams in the league, with 34 points and only 10 wins in 29 games. In addition, this team has a weak spot: performance on the attacked half of the pitch. Players of SC Telstar have been able to score only 28 goals so far which is the second worst result of the league. Having awareness of this weakness, SC Telstar focuses on defence. It lost only 44 goals which in turn is one of the best results in the league.

In November 2018, FC Den Bosch visited SC Telstar and crushed it 4:1, thanks to a great performance of the entire team. Now it would be great to repeat this result - even with a more modest result. Now it's time to get out of the crisis and strengthen its position in the league's table.

30th round of games in the Dutch Eerste Divisie, FC Den Bosch - SC Telstar, Friday, March 22, start: 8 p.m. CET.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław faces its great local rival from the city!

It's time for a great basketball event in Wrocław, Poland! On Saturday, March 23, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will face local rival WKK Wrocław. This game will be full of emotions - that's for sure.

In sports, there are no more emotional moments than the great local derby. There are many, many examples like clashes between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, Arsenal and Chelsea London, AC Milan versus Inter Milan, Galatasaray against Fenerbahce Istambul... These examples can be multiplied endlessly. And every sports fan know how it is during derby games: passion, a lot of emotions, tough fight on the pitch.

The upcoming game between FutureNet Śląsk WKK Wrocław will have a very similar character. Especially when both teams have its well-deserved place at the top of the table and during the season proved its strength. FutureNet Śląsk is currently the leader and has to win to stay on the leader's chair. On the other hand, WKK is on the 5th place in the table but can be sure of its spot in the playoff round. But now the fight has an important goal: each team wants to secure the highest possible place at the end of the regular season to play more games on its own pitch.

In December 2018, FutureNet Śląsk was the host of the first game against WKK and won 91:72. Now the local rival will have an opportunity to take the revenge. The team lead by coach Tomasz Niedbalski has several players who marked their impact in the league this season. WKK's leader is point guard Jakub Koelner, who scores around 15 points and more than 3 assists per game. Small forward Jakub Patoka delivers 14,1 points and 8,5 rebounds per game. Other small forward, experienced Damian Pieloch scores 13 points and 4,2 rebounds per game. And young playmaker Michał Jędrzejewski gives necessary support to Koelner, adding 12,8 points and more than 5 assists in each game. Players mentioned above builds the core of WKK and each of them can be go-to-guy when it is needed.

The weakest point of WKK Wrocław is defence, as the team loses more points (79,3) than scores (78) in each game. It also has fewer assists than its opponents (16 against 19). In this area, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has more advantages. The team of coach Radosław Hyży is very strong in the offence, with more than 90 points scored in each on average. 3-point shooting is also its strong side. It's also worth to mention that recently, several players of FutureNet Śląsk have given signs that their form is rising. Just to mention Mateusz Jarmakowicz who lead his team to a win with Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz. Robert Skibniewski, Aleksander Dziewa, Jakub Musiał are also getting better just at the end of the regular season. It all means that WKK will have a hard time for sure while playing against FutureNet Śląsk.

WKK Wrocław - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, Saturday (23rd of March, 2019), start: 6 p.m. CET.

Silver trophy for FutureNet Las Palmas in the Copa del Rey cup!

What a great success of amateur football team FutureNet Las Palmas! The team powered by FutureNet won silver trophy in the Copa del Rey cup - held in Russian AFL league as the counterpart of the original cup from Spain. Congratulations from the entire FutureNet Sport family!

In the final game of the cup, FutureNet Las Palmas clashed with Rayo Vallecano - one of the strongest (or even maybe the strongest one) teams in the whole AFL Yoskhar-Ola amateur league in Russia. As we were told before the game by FutureNet Las Palmas' captain Eugeny Semenov:

- Rayo is a very hard opponent. They are strong on both sides of the pitch, in defense and in offense. It won't be easy to play against them but I can promise that we will put the pedal into the medal and play very hard to win the cup.

Eventually, Rayo Vallecano was just too strong for our team and beat FutureNet Las Palmas 6:0. A loss in the final leaves some insufficiency for sure, but on the other hand - the silver medal in the cup is the second trophy for FutureNet Las Palmas within just a few moths. Previously, our team finished the season in the league also on the second place. As you can seen, 2 silver medals and strong position of a runner-up is quite impressive!

After the battle in Copa del Rey, FutureNet Las Palmas now has to prepare for the new league season. Captain Eugeny Semenov announces that some of the players will leave the team, and reinforcements are on their way to the team.

Final game of Russian AFL League Copa del Rey Ray Vallecano - FutureNet Las Palmas 6:0

One step to go to play in the semi-final. FutureNet Maribor again faces KMN Oplast Kobarid

This match may determine the promotion of FutureNet Maribor to the semi-finals in the futsal extraleague of Slovenia. Our team will play a rematch with KMN Oplast Kobarid, having a win from the first match. The repeat of this result will secure the spot in the semi-final for our team.

In November 2018, FutureNet Maribor tied 3:3 with KMN Oplast in the city of Kobarid, Slovenia. This was a rare result, as FutureNet Maribor hasn't lost too many points in the regular season. KMN Oplast was one from 3 teams (among Pivovarna Dobovec Kozel and Siliko Mkersmanc) which was able to stop our team on the winning path.

On the other hand, FutureNet Maribor won two other games with KMN Oplast Kobarid: the first one in February 2019 (with a result 4:1 for our team), and the second one a few days ago, at the opening of playoff round (with a result 7:2 for FutureNet Maribor).

It all shows 2 aspects. First of all, KMN Oplast knows how to stop FutureNet Maribor. The riddle is whether this team will be able to take advantage of this knowledge. Secondly, in the last game between these teams, FutureNet Maribor crushed KMN Oplast 7:2 despite playing without one of its top scorers, Milos Stojković. The question is which fact will dominate on the pitch on Friday evening. But it's worth pointing out that the host team will play under big pressure. If KMN Oplast loses, its season will end. And only a win will maintain KMN's presence in the playoff round. However, FutureNet Maribor seems to be in a great disposition at this moment of the season. And it's unlikely that our team will let the promotion to semi-final out of its hands.

Semi-final of Slovenian futsal extraleague, game 2: KMN Oplast Kobarid - FutureNet Maribor

Score: 1:0 for FutureNet Maribor

Important result scored by VfB Stuttgart

A very valuable point scored by VfB Stuttgart aftera 1:1 draw with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim! This result can help a lot in the fight to secure the place in German Bundesliga.

In this game, VfB proved how important in football the consistency in the game is. In a game against TSG 1899 Hoffenheinm, the team led by coach Markus Weinzierl had 2 accurate shots on the opponent's goal. One of these shots was turned into a goal: in the 66th minute, Steven Zuber equalized the score. It was a shot worth a point, as VfB didn't allow TSG 1899 to score again.

In the first half, the team from Hoffenheim took control over the game just before the break. In the 42nd minute, Andrej Kramarić opened the score and gave the lead to his team. This Croatian striker is among the Bundesliga top scorers, and in the game against VfB, he proved his quality once again this season.

During this game, TSG 1899 had a significant advantage. It had 21 shots on goal (with 8 of them accurate), had the ball for 61% time of the game, and was passing the ball with accuracy reaching 81%. These numbers are solid, and also show how strong TSG 1899 was in this game. Despite this advantage of the opponent, VfB played its own game. Players from Stuttgart made up the loss from the first half, withstood the pressure, were very effective and took their chance. It all paid off with a precious point made by a 1:1 draw against a strong opponent.

Now VfB Stuttgart is still on the 16th place in the Bundesliga table but increased its advantage over Hannover 96 to six points. If the league has ended today, VfB Stuttgart would play in the playoff round with the team from the 3rd place in 2. Bundesliga. And it means that the fight to stay in the top league might be finished with a success.

VfB Stuttgart - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 1:1 (0:1) Goals: Zuber (66.) - Kramarić (42.).

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław still unbeaten at home!

This season, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław just can't be stopped on its own pitch. Our team beat ENEA Astoria Bydgoszcz 101:92, scoring its 14th home win in 14 games played. Thanks to this result, FutureNet Śląsk remains as the leader of the 1st men basketball league in Poland.

It was a match at the top of the league: FutureNet Śląsk (leader) clashed with Astoria Bydgoszcz (runner-up). Both teams have a strong, balanced composition, and each of them dreams of winning the promotion to the highest league in Poland. In such a match, there must have been a tough fight, a show of great skills and fun for supporters. And it all happened there, on Sunday's evening in the AWF Sports hall in Wrocław, Poland.

ENEA Astoria travelled to Wrocław without 2 important players: Jakub Dłuski and Mikołaj Grod. On the other hand, Aleksander Dziewa from FutureNet Śląsk returned to the team after an ankle injury. As it turned out during the game, Dziewa returned with full power and was one of the most important players of FutureNet Śląsk in this match, scoring 16 points and 12 rebounds.

In Q1, FutureNet Śląsk tried to push Astoria to the wall with a lot of 3-point shots. This method worked out: our team played with great intensity, was efficient on the attacked half of the court and after the first quarter was leading 28:15. The guest team looked like it was a little bit overwhelmed by the way how FutureNet Śląsk played.

Next quarter of this game showed why ENEA Astoria holds such high place in the league's table. The guest team from Bydgoszcz improved its offensive game. Players led by coach Grzegorz Skiba replied to FutureNet Śląsk with the same weapon: 3-pointers. With a streak of 4 three-pointers in a row, Astoria managed to reduce its loss to the minimum and before the break it was losing only 50:52.

In Q3, FutureNet Śląsk learned its lesson from the previous part of the game. Coach Radosław Hyży ordered his players to improve the speed of sharing the ball all around the attacked half of the pitch. With such a intensive game, FutureNet Śląsk overwhelmed Astoria again. Thanks to good performance of Norbert Kulon, Mateusz Jarmakowicz, Robert Skibniewski and Krzysztof Jakóbczyk, FutureNet Śląsk restored the size of its advantage and finished the third quarter with 88:75 lead.

As it turned out during the last 10 minutes of the game, the 3rd quarter was crucial to set the final result. FutureNet Śląsk was defending the lead calmly, using the experience of its veteran players. On the other hand, Astoria lacked of shooting efficiency in the crucial moments. The team from Bydgoszcz was able to reduce its loss to 9 points, but that was enough. FutureNet Śląsk secured the win 101:92 and beat ENEA Astoria for the second time this season.

In FutureNet Śląsk, Mateusz Jarmakowicz played the best game since he has joined the team a few months ago: 25 points with 67% shooting efficiency, 9 rebounds - it's a great numbers! Robert Skibniewski this time did less to share the ball and focused on shooting, with great result as he scored 23 points. Norbert Kulon was the main creator of FutureNet Śląsk' game, sharing 12 assists and Aleksander Dziewa played well for the first time after the injury break (16 points, 12 rebounds). In ENEA Astoria, Grzegorz Kukiełka (23 points) was the leading scorer and Łukasz Frąckiewicz added 17 points and 9 rebounds.

After a win with ENEA Astoria, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has 49 points and is the leader. Our team has 2 games to go in the regular season, and both of them will be hard: with local rival WKK Wrocław and with Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut (currently the 3rd team of the league) in the last round of games.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - ENEA Astoria Bydgoszcz 101:92 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Jarmakowicz 25 (2x3), Skibniewski 23 (3x3), Dziewa 16, Leńczuk 13 (3x3), Jakóbczyk 13 (2x3), Kulon 6, Bożenko 3 (1x3), Pietras 2, Michałek 0.

Mission completed, win scored. MKS Olimpia Beskid Nowy Sącz - FutureNet Imperium Katowice 19:23

FutureNet Imperium Katowice handball women handball team maintains its great form this season. During the last weekend, our team defeated MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz 23:19 and still ranks second in the table.

The team from the Polish city Nowy Sącz is ranked at lower part of the table of the 1st women's handball league in Poland, but it can be dangerous even for the best teams. That's why FutureNet Imperium had to put in a lot of work to win this match. Fresh from the start, the match was very balanced, and both teams were fighting goal by goal. But the closer it was to the end of the first half, the better the team from Katowice played. Our players built a safe advantage and went to the changing room for a break with 13:8 lead. This result meant that the home team would have to try hard to get even a draw.

After the change of sides on the pitch, MKS Olimpia-Beskid improved its game and managed to get closer to FutureNet Imperium, reducing its loss to only 15:13. However, this was the last moment when the hosts could dream on reaching some good result. Later in the game, FutureNet Imperium restored its significant advantage thanks to good play of Katarzyna Sadowska, Aleksandra Jaroszewska and Joanna Sermak who were effective in the offensive game. As a result,  the team from Katowice jumped away from rivals (20:16). Then it became clear that FutureNet Imperium wouldn't give victory in this match. Eventually, FutureNet Imperium Katowice defeated MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz 23:19.

Aleksandra Jaroszewska (7 goals) was the best player in the FutureNet Imperium match in Nowy Sacz. Sabina Radlak (4 goals) and Agnieszka Drażyk (4 goals) added good support. In MKS Olimpia Beskid, Kamila Dzidek (7 goals) was the best on Saturday's evening.

After a win in Nowy Sącz, FutureNet Imperium Katowice has 41 points and holds the 2nd place in the table. Our team still has to hold its pace, as the UKS Varsovia has 40 points and is on the 3rd place. It seems that the fight for the silver medal in the league will be amazing!

MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz - FutureNet Imperium Katowice 19:23 (8:13).

FutureNet Maribor close to the promotion to the semi-final in Slovenian futsal league

A very good start to the playoffs in the futsal league in Slovenia for FutureNet Maribor! In the first quarter-final match, our team beat KMN Oplast Kobarid 7:2 and took a big step towards the promotion to the semi-final.

In this phase of the season, the competition will be held until one of the teams secures 2 wins. And that's why FutureNet Maribor has already done half of the work needed to play in the semi-final. In the game against KMN Oplast Kobarid, our team showed great quality on the pitch, and also offensive power. The 7:2 result speaks for itself.

FutureNet Maribor was the favorite of this match, and after the 1st half showed that these expectations were right. After 20 minutes of play, our team led 3:0. It was Turk, Jurić and Kroflić who secured a safe advantage for FutureNet Maribor. In the 2nd half, our team didn't slow down. Sovdat added 2 goals to the total score, Jurić scored his next goal, Fidersek was signed his name into scorers list. And that was it, as KMN Oplast was able to answer only with goals of Ursic and Aleksic. Both goals for the visiting team were scored in the final minutes and coulnd't change the scenario of this game.

FutureNet Maribor will place KMN Oplast for the second time on Friday, March 22. This time, KMN will be the host. This match could emerge the team which will be promoted to the semi-final.

Play off, round 1, game 1: FutureNet Maribor - KMN Oplast Kobarid 7:2 (3:0) Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Turk (1.), Jurić (6., 37.), Kroflić (12.), Sovdat (22., 33.), Fidersek (38.).

The important weekend for FC Den Bosch and VfB Stuttgart

The upcoming weekend will deliver important challenges for both football teams supported by FutureNet: FC Den Bosch in the Netherlands and VfB Stuttgart in Germany.

FC Den Bosch faces NEC Nijmegen

Last weekend, FC Den Bosch broke its long streak without a win and beat Helmond Sport. It was a long-awaited win, as FC Den Bosch had to wait from the middle of January, 2019 to score a full set of points again. However, that kind of bad series happens in football and it's a great lesson. With that kind of pressure, you learn how to handle it, now to improve the game and fix what's broken in the tactics on the pitch. Now its seems that FC Den Bosch coaching staff and players did their lesson. But everything will become more clear after the match with NEC Nijmegen.

This is a team that currently ranks 11th in the table and has 39 points. It's very doubtful that NEC will have a chance to achieve success this season, and the fall from the league is neither a real threat. But still, the form of the team from Nijmegen has been good lately: the team won 2 and drew 3 of the last 5 matches. In addition, NEC Nijmegen has already shown that it knows how to play with FC Den Bosch. Previously, both teams faced weach other in December 2018. FC Den Bosch won that game 3:2, but had to make up twice, and was very lucky to secure the victory after the goal scored by van der Sande in the 90th minute. Now it seems that the next match of both teams will also be balanced, and the own pitch will be an additional advantage of NEC Nijmegen.

VfB Stuttgart will play at home against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

In October 2018, VfB had a very tough away game against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. The hosts leaved no room to play for VfB, and won 4:0. Now the time for revenge has come. Players from Stuttgart are in the middle of difficult campaing to rescue the place in German Bundesliga. VfB holds currently 16th place and loses 3 points to FC Augsburg which now holds the 15th place - the last free from trouble. In the last 5 games, VfB Stuttgart gave many signs of improvements in its game. The idea of coach Markus Weinzierl to make the team play calculated, precise football seems to work. Of course, VfB still have to work to improve its game but there's a lot of optimism inside the team.

Before the Saturday's game, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim has 37 points and is on the 8th place in the league's table. In the last 5 games, TSG won two of them, tied also 2 and lost once. The team lead by coach Julian Nagelsmann has one of the league current stars. It's Andrej Kramarić, who has scored 12 goals so far and is now in top 10 of Bundesliga's top scorers. He's backed up by young striker from Brazil, Joelinton. And the other bright points of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim are defender Kevin Vogt (team's captain), right defender from the Czech Republic Pavel Kaderabek, midfielder Kerem Demirbay, left midfielder Nico Schulz and playmaker Nadiem Amiri. As you can see, coach Nagelsmann has many highly-skilled players on duty and this team can be dangerous for every team in the league.

- You can tell that the players are running and fighting for each other and supporting one another. Before the game against TSG 1899, we’re in a good position of having 21 healthy, fit and highly motivated outfield players to choose from - says the coach of VfB Stuttgart Markus Weinzierl, quoted by the club's official website.

Friday, March 15th NEC Nijmegen - FC Den Bosch, start: 8 p.m. CET. Saturday, March 16th VfB Stuttgart - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, start: 3:30 p.m. CET.

Milena Chorążewska in the chase for Indoor Championship of Pomerania, Poland

It will be the first big challenge for horse racer Milena Chorążewska in 2019. On March 15-17, Milena and her horse Bajer will run in the important tournament in Sopot, Poland.

Sopot, the beautiful city close to the Baltic Sea, will be the host of the Indoor Championship of Pomerania district in Poland. The competition will be held on March 15-17, 2019. Milena Chorążewska, a talented rider powered by FutureNet together with her horse Bajer, will try to score the win.

At the beginning of January 2019, our talented duo competed in Jump OFF series, held also in Sopot. It was a quite successful time for Milena and Bajer, as they showed the results of hard work which they've made in the autumn and winter 2018.

- It was a very difficult physical competition for a rider, but most of all I have a lot of reasons to be happy about it. Bajer made great progress, so we have a strong base for optimism before the next starts in the season - Milena Chorążewska told us after Jump OFF 2019.

Now it's time for more serious competition. As Milena told us, she's a little bit nervous but in a very positive, sportsmanship way and also motivated. And we keep our fingers crossed for the best result of Milena and Bajer!

Game ON! FutureNet Sport schedule for March 15-17, 2019 [VIDEO]

It's time for the new challenges in the FutureNet Sport family! Check out the schedule of games for the upcoming weekend, March 15-17.

The next 3 days will be a time for a few of our teams: FC Den Bosch (footballers from the Netherlands), VfB Stuttgart (football team from Germany), FutureNet Imperium Katowice (women handball team from Poland), FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław (men basketball team from Poland) and FutureNet Maribor (futsal team from Slovenia).

Watch the movie below to learn the more detailed agenda:

WOŚP 2019 in Poland: demonstration workout with Maksymilian Bratkowicz [VIDEO]

A true champion knows how to share his sports knowledge and how to teach others. Check out the video with demonstration workout managed by Maksymilian Bratkowicz, kickboxing champion powered by FutureNet.

At the beginning of January 2019, in Poland - as every year - a great charity event took place: Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. FutureNet joined this action by organizing several auctions with gifts granted by sportsmen from the FutureNet Sport family. One of them was a demonstration martial arts workout led by Maks Bratkowicz, the great champion supported strongly by FutureNet.

The winner of the auction received the prize, and how was this training? Check it out on the movie below!

It's time for the playoff! FutureNet Maribor faces KMN Oplast Kobarid in the 1st round

The futsal league season in Slovenia entered the crucial phase. FutureNet Maribor begins the fight for the championship title, and its first rival in the playoff will be KMN Oplast Kobarid.

KMN Oplast Kobarid finished the regular season round in the 7th place in the table. The team scored 6 wins in 18 games and scored 23 points in total. However, it's worth noting that KMN Oplast had only 5 points of loss to Siliko Mkersmanc, which finished the regular season on 4th place. It's a minor difference, so the final place of KMN Oplast in the table doesn't necessarily indicate the form of the team during the season.

In the regular season, FutureNet Maribor clashed twice with KMN Oplast Kobarid. In November 2018, KMN held our team to a draw 3:3 which was a quite surprising result. In February 2019, FutureNet played against KMN at home and won 4:1. Now, in the 1st round of the playoff, both teams will play together at least twice, as the battle in this round will continue until one of the teams win 2 games.

Tomislav Horvat, the coach of FutureNet Maribor, will have Matej Fidersek and Milos Stojkovic (two top scorers of the team) on duty. In the last game of the regular season, both Fidersek and Stojković were absent due to minor injuries. Now they're ready to play, healthy and rested.

The one and basic goal for FutureNet Maribor for this season is simple: to regain the championship. It won't be easy, as Pivovarna Dobovec Kozel is a very strong and powerful contender. But if you want to reach the top, you can't hesitate and you must be aware that the time to deal with hard rivals will come. And now, this time has come for FutureNet Maribor.

Good luck, gentlemen!

1st round of playoff, FutureNet Maribor - KMN Oplast Kobarid, Friday, March 15, start: 8 p.m CET.

Tough end of the regular season for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

The regular season in the Polish 1st basketball league enters the decisive phase. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has to play 3 games - everyone with a demanding rival. The first one will be Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz, current runner-up in the league.

First challenge: the team from Bydgoszcz. And then, local rival WKK Wrocław and the 3rd power of the league, Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut also wait in the queue. If you check the league's table, you'll see how difficult these games might be for our team. Enea Astoria is currently on the 2nd place, Rawlplug Sokół is 3rd and WKK holds 6th place but it's the greatest local rival of FutureNet Śląsk and will have additional motivation.

It all shows how difficult will be the last part of the regular season for FutureNet Śląsk. Especially when the differences in total points scored so far are minimal (FutureNet Śląsk has 47, Astoria and Rawlplug Sokół: 46), so each flop could be very painful. Our team has to avoid flops but it won't be easy during the last games.

In December 2018, FutureNet Śląsk beat Astoria in Bydgoszcz 91:86. It was a very valuable win, scored on the opponent's ground. Now FutureNet Śląsk has a chance to repeat it as the team which hasn't lost on its own pitch yet.

This season, Enea Astoria has a quite good numbers - both as a team, and when it comes to individual players. Astoria scores around 86 points and loses around 77 per game. This team rebounds a lot (41,1 rebounds per game), and also has 20 assists. The weak spot of the team led by coach Grzegorz Skiba is the number of turnovers: with around 13,5 per game, Enea Astoria loses the ball way to often in each game.

The team from Bydgoszcz has a strong, even team. The leading scorer is small forward Paweł Śpica (13,3 points and 3 assists per game). Power forward Mikołaj Grod adds 13,2 points and 6,7 rebounds per game. Experienced playmaker Marcin Nowakowski is responsible for adding optimal level of fluency in the Astoria's game and does his job by scoring 12,4 points and sharing 6,5 assists. 36 years-old Grzegorz Kukiełka adds needed spacing on the floor with 11 points per game, including the best in the team 3-points shooting accuracy at the level of 38%. And tall players: Jakub Dłuski and Łukasz Frąckiewicz have 5,1 and 7,2 rebounds per game respectively.

It all shows that Enea Astoria has many strong sides with players who can share the ball, shoot, rebound and play hard defence. With such a opponent, you must be very careful on the pitch and score as many times as it's possible. It's reachable for FutureNet Śląsk to win this game, but our team must play with its best rhytm straight from the start and avoid being dominated in the rebound above both rims.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - ENEA Astoria Bydgoszcz, Sunday, March 17, start: 7 p.m. CET.

FutureNet Las Palmas sends "Thanks" for your support [VIDEO]

Amateur football players of FutureNet Las Palmas has reached one of its dreams and will play in the great final of Copa del Rey cup, held as a part of the competition in the Russian AFL League.

Our team awaits the final in which will play on March 17, 2019, against Rayo Vallecano. Now our boys have a special message for you. Check it out on the movie below!

To continue the winning streak in the away games. FutureNet Imperium faces Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz

There are just 6 series of games to go in the women 1st handball league in Poland, and the end of the season is closing. FutureNet Imperium Katowice is still the runner-up in the league and must win against MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz to maintain this position.

In November 2018, FutureNet Imperium clashed with MKS Olimpia-Beskid on its own ground and won 25:23. The result indicates that it was a very narrow game. Even though there was (and still is) a wide gap between both teams in the league's table. Now both teams will stand against each other for the second time, and for the last time this season.

Before the game in Nowy Sącz, FutureNet Imperium is on the 2nd place with 38 points. Our team has only little chance to chase down the leader, SPR JKS Jarosław (48 points) and must focus on this what's happening behind its back. UKS Varsovia Warsaw has 37 points and may overtake FutureNet Imperium after a win in its own game and also if our team lost in Nowy Sącz. That's why the upcoming game is very important for our team.

MKS Olimpia-Beskid has no chance to win anything this season. This team holds an 8th place among 12 teams, with 22 points. The closest rival of FutureNet Imperium loses a significant number of points to teams which are higher in the table, and its advantage over the teams from lower places is also significant. But it's worth to notice that MKS Olimpia-Beskid has two strong advantages. Karolina Płachta (113 goals in 14 games) and Agnieszka Leśniak (104 goals in 15 games) scored jointly 217 goals from 422 achieved by all team - more than a half! The defenders of FutureNet Imperium will have to be very careful while playing against this duo.

In October 2018, FutureNet Imperium Katowice lost with SPR JKS in Jarosław and it since then, our team hasn't lost while playing abroad. It's very likely that our team will continue this great series.

MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz - FutureNet Imperium Katowice, Saturday, March 16, start: 12:30 p.m. CET.

Borussia Dortmund was too strong for VfB Stuttgart

Borrusia Dortmund was just too strong for VfB Stuttgart. Yellow-Blacks won with VfB 3:1. The team from Stuttgart still has to fight hard to maintain the place in German Bundesliga.

This season, Borussia Dortmund is one of the strongest teams in Bundesliga. After a quite poor last season, which Borussia ended on 4th place, the team led by coach Lucien Favre wants to reach for the success. In 2018, it all seemed like Borussia is on the perfect way to reach its dreams. But after the short winter break, something got stuck in Borussia's performance, as the team was eliminated from both German Cup and Champions League. And in the league, it lost its advantage over Bayern Munich and now both teams have the same number of points.

It all drops a little light to the context of the game against VfB Stuttgart. Borussia had to win because the loss of points could put the team into trouble. And Borussia proved its strength.

ln this game, Borussia took 18 shots on VfB's goal, and 8 of them were accurate. Borussia players had the ball for 76% (!) of game time, and also had around 800 passes (with accuracy reaching 90%). On the other hand, VfB had only 1 accurate shot which finished with a goal. The team of coach Markus Weinzierl had only 267 passes. It all shows the scale of Borussia's dominance.

VfB Stuttgart deserves to be honored because it managed to handle the rival's pressure through the most of the game. Borussia was able to score only after an hour, when Marco Reus scored from the penalty kick in the 62th minute. Then VfB equalized in the 71th minute, after a goal scored by Marc-Oliver Kempf. The sensation was coming to the Signal Iduna Park stadium in Dortmund but Borussia scored again, even twice: Paco Alcacer restored the lead in the 82nd minute and Christian Pulisic established the final score to 3:1 after scoring in the additional time.

After the loss in Dortmund, VfB Stuttgart is on 16th place, has 19 points and loses 3 points to FC Augsburg. It means that the fight to stay in Bundesliga still goes on.

Borussia Dortmund - VfB Stuttgart 3:1 (0:0) Goal for VfB Stuttgart: Marc-Oliver Kempf (71.).

FC Den Bosch returns to the winning path. Won with Helmond Sport 3:0

Finally: a win! FC Den Bosch ended a long streak without victory and defeated Helmond Sport 3:0. It's a first win since January 2019.

In sports, it sometimes happens that the team falls into a crisis after a series of victories. Then the hard work begins to find its causes and improve the game. And what's most important, you need time and patience to make new ideas work. This scenario worked well for FC Den Bosch. The team was in great shape, from September 2018 to January 2019 it was out of range for other teams in the league. But in the middle January 2019, it fell into crisis. In 6 games, FC Den Bosch managed to score only 3 draws, and lost the rest. Because of this crisis, the team dropped from the podium at Erste Divise in the Netherlands.

Szefowie i trenerzy FC Den Bosch zachowali cierpliwość. To się opłaciło, bo drużyna w końcu wygrała. In the last series of games, FC Den Bosch beat Helmond Sport 3:0. In the first half, both teams played carefuly, especially in defense. That's why there was a draw 0:0 after the 1st half. And when teams returned to the pitch to play second half, FC Den Bosch dropped a little avalanche on the rival. In the 50th minute, van Gassel scored an own goal and gave a lead to the hosts. A minute later, Danny Verbeek raised the score to 2:0. And in the 58th minute, Vincent Veremeij scored for 3:0 and established the game's result.

With 3 points scored, FC Den Bosch remained on the 4th place of the table in Erste Divisie. The team powered by FutureNet now has 52 points - the same number as Sparta Rotterdam, the team from 3rd place. Go Ahead Eagles is 2nd with 53 points, and Twente Enschede holds the 1st place with 63 points. It seems that Twente will surely win the direct promotion to the Eredivisie. Other teams, meaning Go Ahead, Sparta and FC Den Bosch are likely to fight in the play off round.

FC Den Bosch - Helmond Sport 3:0 (0:0). Goals for FC Den Bosch: van Gassel (50.- own goal), Verbeek (51.), Vermeij (58.).

FutureNet Las Palmas promoted to the final of AFL's Copa del Rey!

What a great success of FutureNet Las Palmas! Our team will play in the great final of Copa del Rey cup, held as a part of the competition in the Russian AFL amateur football league.

In February 2019, FutureNet Las Palmas started the fight in the semi final of the cup, clashing with Levante U.D. The first game didn't brough any clues which team has more chances to clinch the spot in the final, as the game was tied with a draw 1:1. Obviously, everything was supposed to settle in the revenge match.

FutureNet Las Palmas took the great chance and secured the place in the final game with power. Our team beat Levante U.D. 5:1, leaving the opponent no room for dreams to be promoted. It was a great show of skills of FutureNet Las Palmas.

On 17th of March, 2019, the great final of Copa del Rey in Russia will be held. FutureNet Las Palmas will meet with a very strong opponent: Rayo Vallecano.

- Rayo is a very powerful rival, so it will be difficult game. But I believe only in our team and in victory. Everything is in our hands and we will fight on every segment of the field, for every ball with faith in success - says Eugeny Semenov, the captain of FutureNet Las Palmas.

Semi final of AFL's Copa del Rey Cup, FutureNet Las Palmas - Levante U.D. 5:1 The aggregate score: 6:2 for FutureNet Las Palmas. Promotion to the final: FutureNet Las Palmas.

FutureNet Maribor starts the final campaign for the Slovenian championship

The regular round in the futsal extra league in Slovenia has just finished. In the last series of matches, FutureNet Maribor lost to Siliko Mkersmanc 2:4. Our team finished the first round of the season in 2nd place in the table and is now preparing for the playoffs.

The game against Siliko started well for FutureNet Maribor, as Teo Turk gave it a lead in the 3rd minute. But later, the hosts started to dominate. In the 18th minute, Max Vesel equalized. Just after the start of the second half, Vesel hit again and gave Siliko a lead 2:1. In the 25th minute, Matic Marinc raised the score to 3:1 for Silko Mkersmanc. And then, FutureNet was in trouble. Our team played without its top scorers, Matej Fidersek and Milos Stojković. It was a serious weakness of the offensive force of our team. Despite this problem, in 31st minute Tilen Gajser scored the second goal for FutureNet Maribor and reduced the loss to Siliko to just a single goal. It was very close then to regain control over the game but Siliko handled the pressure. In the 36th minute, Nejc Berzelak established the final result of the game to 4:2 for Siliko Mkersmanc.

The winner of the regular season is Pivovarna Dobovec Kozel (51 points), and FutureNet Maribor finished on the second place (46 points). Now it's time for play off!

The playoff round in the Slovenian futsal extra league is divided for 3 rounds: quarter final, semi-final and the final. FutureNet Maribor starts its final campaign on March 15th, facing KMN Oplast Kobarid. This round will be played to 2 wins. The scheduled dates for the semi-final is March 15th, 22nd and 26th.

Siliko Mkersmanc - FutureNet Maribor 4:2 (1:1). Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Turk (3.), Gajser (31.).

Inhospitable Słupsk. STK Czarni - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 80:71

The matches on the opponent's court have been full of trouble for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław recently. On Saturday, March 9th, our team lost in Słupsk with STK Czarni 71:80. It was 4th away defeat in a row for FutureNet Śląsk. Nevertheless, the team kept the leader's chair but now will have a tough time to remain in the first place.

In the middle of January, FutureNet Śląsk won away game for the last time beating Jamalex Polonia in Leszno. Later GKS Tychy, Górnik Wałbrzych, Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg and STK Czarni Słupsk took advantage from playing on its own court and won with FutureNet Śląsk. In Słupsk, our team was very close to win but after the exciting game, the hosts managed to score the full set of points.

FutureNet Śląsk played in Słupsk once again without Aleksander Dziewa who has recovered from an ankle injury but coach Radosław Hyży decided to let him rest a bit one more time.

After the Q1 in Słupsk, FutureNet Śląsk was leading 21:17 thanks to the great performance of Robert Skibniewski and also tall players of FutureNet Śląsk, especially young Szymon Tomczak. In the following quarter, FutureNet Śląsk maintained its great form and was leading even 40:31. But then, a very motivated duo from Czarni, Adrian Kordalski and Wojciech Jakubiak, put the higher gear, scored a few points each and gave their team a tie 42:42 before the break.

In Q3, FutureNet Śląsk lost Jakub Musiał who slightly twisted his ankle and was sidelined. Both teams played hard, especially in defence. Our team had some problems in 3-points shooting, and STK Czarni did what they were supposed to and kept the safe distance to our team. As a result, before the last part of the game, there was a tie 61:61.

The 4th quarter was crucial to set the final score. STK Czarni managed to launch a great shooting run: scored 11 points and lost none, and took the lead 75:65. It turned out to be the most important moment of the game. The hosts managed to keep the safe lead, despite many efforts of FutureNet Śląsk to chase them down. In the final minutes, Krzysztof Jakóbczak from FutureNet Śląsk missed the crucial 3-pointer and STK Czarni eventually secured the win 80:71.

In Słupsk, experienced playmaker Robert Skibniewski was the leader of FutureNet Śląsk with 19 points and great over 54 per cent shooting accuracy. Norbert Kulon added 17 points. Our team shot only 8 from 22 3-pointers, and this - combined with a lack of bench players support - was the main reason for the loss in Słupsk.

The regular season is now in its final stage, with 3 games left to the end. FutureNet Śląsk will have a difficult time, facing runner-up Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz at home, then local rival WKK Wrocław and other top team of the league, Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut. It won't be easy to win but our team must finish the regular season on the 1st place and secure the most comfortable spot in the playoff - with the guaranteed right to play the most games on its own court.

STK Czarni Słupsk - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 80:71 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Skibniewski 18 (3x3), Kulon 17 (3x3), Jakóbczyk 11 (2x3), Jarmakowicz 9, Tomczak 8, Pietras 4, Musiał 2, Leńczuk 2, Michałek 0.

One of the toughest trips of the season. FutureNet Śląsk before the away game against Czarni Słupsk

This will be one of the longest trips of FutureNet Śląska Wrocław this season. Our basketball team will travel through entire Poland to ill play in Słupsk, a city in Pomerania district close to the Baltic Sea in Poland. STK Czarni Słupsk will be the next opponent of FutureNet Śląsk.

For STK Czarni Słupsk, the end of the regular season will be quite anxious. The team is constantly struggling to secure a place in the playoff round. Before the match with FutureNet Śląsk, STK Czarni have 40 points and are in 6th place. Behind them is Polonia Jamalex Leszno (7th place, 39 points) and Górnik Wałbrzych (8th place, 39 points). Currently, Biofarm Basket Poznań is out of the playoffs (9th place, 39 points) still remains in this fight, and as you can see, the differences between teams are minimal and many things still can change. That's why STK Czarni wants to win with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, as the full set of points will be crucial now.

On the other hand, it might be a tough game for the team from Wrocław. At first, it will be the 3rd game within a week, additionally preceded by a long journey. Secondly, STK Czarni is a hard playing team, tough to beat on its own ground, as it won 8 from 13 home games this season. Thirdly, FutureNet Śląsk will be playing without Aleksander Dziewa, its young leader who's still healing an ankle injury. In two previous games without him, FutureNet Śląsk managed to hide his absence with a good performance given by backup players. But STK Czarni might get an idea of how to take advantage of Dziewa's absence.

The leader of Czarni is 37-year-old Mantas Cesnauskis, very experienced point guard. This season, he scores 14 points and handles around 5 assists per game. Patryk Pełka adds 13,5 points and 9 rebounds per game. 23-year-old shooting guard Adrian Kordalski gives a decent piece to team's effort with 12,2 points and around 9 assists per game which is one of the best numbers in the league. It's also worth to distinguish centre Damian Cechnak who scores 11,7 points and gets around 9 rebounds per game. As a team, STK Czarni Słupsk has about 40 rebounds in each match which is an impressive result, significantly better than the average of other teams facing this team (around 35). It means that tall players of FutureNet Śląsk in Słupsk will have a lot of hard work to do. STK Czarni also does a good job in defensive performance, allowing the opponents to score little more than 77 points per game. With these advantages, STK Czarni Słupsk will have quite a chance to take revenge on FutureNet Śląsk for the loss in Wrocław in December 2018.

Before the game in Słupsk, FutureNet Śląsk has 46 points and sits on the leader's chair. But it's still not fully comfortable position, as the closest rivals (Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz with 44 points and Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut, also with 44 points) also want to finish the regular season as winners. In addition, in the last 3 series of games FutureNet Śląsk will play against Astoria, WKK Wrocław (local rival, also playing good this season) and Rawlplug Sokół. In these games, it will be very hard to win so our team must grab a full set of points in a game such like this with STK Czarni. Because it just won't be easy anymore in this league.

STK Czarni Słupsk - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, Saturday, March 9, start at 18:00 CET.

Game ON! FutureNet Sport schedule for the weekend, March 8-10, 2019

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, FutureNet Maribor, FC Den Bosch and VfB Stuttgart - these teams will be the main stars of the upcoming weekend in the FutureNet Sport branch.

Check out the detailed schedule in the movie below.

Serious clash with the Bundesliga leader. VfB Stuttgart faces Borussia Dortmund

One of the most difficult challenges this season is waiting for VfB Stuttgart! On Saturday, March 9, the team from Stuttgart faces Borussia Dortmund, the current leader of the German Bundesliga.

The fight for the German championship has just got very hot. Borussia Dortmund had a big advantage, but in recent games had a drop of form. From February 2019, the team from Dortmund had a few slips and surprising results: draw with Hoffenheim 1899 and with average FC Nuernberg, defead with FC Augsburg. Borussia also was thrown away from the German Cup by Werder Bremen and from the Champions League by Tottenham Hotspur.

As a result, the lead of Borussia is now only in the memories, and Bayern Munich made up the loss and currently has the same number of points. This means that the battle for the German championship has been opened again.

When it comes to the game against VfB Stuttgart, Borussia Dortmund will undoubtedly be the favorite of this match. The team lead by coach Lucien Favre team will play annoyed and want to prove something to their fans. Secondly, Borussia is being strongly pushed by Bayern Munich, so there is no room for mistake. Thirdly, Borussia is still a very strong team, and in October VfB Stuttgart felt it by itself, losing 0:4 on its own pitch.

On the other hand, it's worth remembering that the team from Stuttgart recently crashed Hannover 96 5:1 and signaled that its shape is getting better. That's why playing without pressure in Dortmund can be a big advantage for VfB. An who knows - maybe it will be the key to making a surprise and win with Borussia?

Borussia Dortmund - VfB Stuttgart, Saturday, March 9, start at 15:30 CET.

FutureNet Maribor before the last match in the regular season

It's time to end the first round of futsal extra league in Slovenia. In the last series of games in the regular season, FutureNet Maribor faces Siliko Mkersmanc in the away game.

Currently, Siliko Mkersmanc is the 4th power in the league. It has 25 points, and also 7 wins and 4 draws in 17 games in total. Siliko has one of the best defensive lines in the league (46 goals lost) and plays quite good on the attacking side (66 goals scored). Despite quite a nice stats, Siliko has no chance to finish the regular season on the place higher than 4th. In addition, this team can fall even lower if its loses with FutureNet Maribor. FSK Stripy, which holds 5th place, has 23 points and can overtake Siliko if it wins its game.

It's also worth to note that Siliko Mkersmanc have evenly distributed forces in the ofensive game. The best scorer of the team is Aljaż Kocan with 11 goals, the runner-up is Blaz Koncan with 10 goals and Jernej Kunc added 8 goals. As you can see, strikers of Siliko don't score many goals, but many players had similar shooting accuracy. That's the aspect on which FutureNet Maribor defenders should be cautious.

In November 2018, FutureNet Maribor beat Siliko Mkersmanc 5:4. It was a very even game because the guest team had a 3:2 lead after the 1st half. Silko proved then that it knows how to play against FutureNet Maribor. That's why we're sure that in the Friday's game, our team will have to put a lof of heart and effort to the game to return home with a win.

FutureNet Śląsk just can't be beaten at home! Win with AZS AGH Kraków

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław remains unbeaten at home this season! On Wednesday, March 6, our team beat AZS AGH Kraków 72:52. It was a 13th home game of FutureNet Śląsk and our team scored 13th win. On Wednesday's evening, Mateusz Jarmakowicz from FutureNet Śląsk gave his best performance of the season, scoring 17 points and 9 rebounds.

In the first clash of both teams in this season, AZS AGH was better and won 97:88. It was quite a surprise, but our players decided to take revenge when AZS AGH arrive to Wrocław. And they did as they planned - even though Aleksander Dziewa, the team leader, was absent in the second game in a row due to ankle injury.

In Q1, FutureNet repeated its typical scheme shown many times in previous games. Our team had some problems finding its rhytm, shooting accuracy was not as good as it should. The guest team had same problems but was a little bit more efficient in the offence. That's why AZS AGH was leading 14:12 after first 10 minutes of this game.

In Q2, bench players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław Robert Skibniewski and Bartłomiej Pietrzak gave a lot of energy and consistency on the pitch. Thanks to their performance, FutureNet Śląsk reduced the loss and was even able to take the lead. But due to still too many turnovers, AZS AGH was still in contact with our team. That's why until the break, FutureNet Śląsk was leading only 30:25. For some fans, it was a legible sign that the second half might be nervous.

Third quarter was crucial. FutureNet Śląsk had a great 10:0 run and dominated AZS AGH. The guest team had big problems with finding the way to opponent's basket and during the whole quarter was able to score only 13 points. On the other hand, FutureNet Śląsk added 20 and before the last part of the game was in quite a comfortable situation.

In Q4, shooters of FutureNet Śląsk: Robert Skibniewski, Krzysztof Jakóbczyk and Jakub Musiał turned out their guns and started to shoot from the 3-points line. With their great accuracy, they eventually doomed AZS AGH in this game. The final score was 72:52 for FutureNet Śląsk.

Mateusz Jarmakowicz, who had to take control as a main tall player of FutureNet Śląsk replacing Aleksander Dziewa, had a great evening with 17 points and 9 rebounds. Robert Skibniewski added 12 points and 4 assists. It's also worth to mention that Norbert Kulon had 7 assists and young Szymon Tomczak gave another good perfomance in a row, as he got 11 rebounds. On the other hand, AZS AGH had only 6 assists as a team in this game, and FutureNet Śląsk had 21 so this simple comparision shows one of the reason why guest team lost in Wrocław. Another was poor shooting accuracy, stopped on a 33% level.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - AZS AGH Kraków 72:52 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Jarmakowicz 17 (1x3), Skibniewski 12 (2x3), Jakóbczyk 11 (1x3), Musiał 8 (2x3), Tomczak 8, Kulon 7, Pietras 7 (1x3), Leńczuk 2, Bożenko 0, Michałek 0.

The next game within a few days. Challenging time for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

Basketball players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław have a very tight schedule recently. On Wednesday, March 6, they will have another match in a few days. Their next rival will be AZS AGH Kraków.

This match was primarly scheduled a few weeks earlier, but was postponed at the request of the team from Kraków. The league's authorities found a free date on 6 March, which means that just a few days after the difficult match with Pogoń Prudnik, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will have to stand on the pitch once again.

In the current season, AZS AGH Kraków is one of the weakest teams in the league. It has played 24 matches so far, scored 32 points and is on the 15th place among 16 teams. AZS AGH won only 8 of 24 matches, but what's interesting - one of the victories was scored agains FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. It was one of the flops of the team of coach Radosław Hyży, for which the Wrocław team will want to repay their fans.

AZS AGH Kraków has many young players, who still gain experience. That's one of the main reasons why this team is so low in the table. Drużyna nie ma też lidera. Its best player is currently 19 years-old point guard Maciej Koperski who scores 14,4 points per game, adding 2,3 assists and 2,7 rebounds. He can count on support provided by small forward Iwan Wasyl (13,5 points, 3,5 rebounds per game) and experienced centre 35 year-old Tomasz Deja (10,3 points, 5,2 rebounds per game), who is the newest player of the team - he signed in December 2018, replacing Maciej Sadło who joined SKK Siedlce. These three players are the only ones scoring an average of over 10 points per game. That's one of the most weak points of AZS AGH: lack of well-balanced, strong squad. It's also worth to mention that AZS AGH Kraków this season has its problem in defence, losing 82 points per game.

In the Wednesday's game, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław might be playing once again without its leader, centre Aleksander Dziewa who's steal healing from ankle injury. But as it can be seen in the match against Pogoń Prudnik, Dziewa can be backed up by other tall players: Mateusz Jarmakowicz and Karol Michałek. On the other hand, AZS AGH might play in Wrocław without experienced Tomasz Zych who suffers from injury.

Currently, FutureNet Śląsk is still the leader with 44 points. But the other rivals, like Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz and Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut, has the same number of points but are on lower positions due to higher number of games played. That's why FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław must win with AZS AGH - to not to slip away from the leader's chair.

2nd place for FutureNet Maribor in the Slovenian Cup in futsal

FutureNet Maribor finished on the 2nd place in the final tournament of the Slovenian Cup in futsal. Our team scored the silver medal.

The final tournament was held on March 2-3, 2019, in the sports hall in Sportna Dvorana Podcertek, Slovenia. Four teams met on the pitch: FC Dobovec, FutureNet Maribor, KNM Bronx Skofije and FC Litija. In the semi-final, FutureNet Maribor beat KMN Bronx Skofije and FC Dobovec outscored FC Litija 7:1. As you can seen, teams which are the strongest in this season of Slovenian futsal extraleague confirmed their domination also in the Cup.

Before the final match of the Slovenian Cup, both teams had a draw-back in league matches. In the autumn of 2018 FutureNet Maribor defeated FC Dobovec, and a few weeks ago our team lost for the first time this season with FC Dobovec. Therefore, the final meeting was an opportunity to improve their statistics against the most dangerous rival.

FC Dobovec won the final trophy, beating FutureNet Maribor 3:1. Klemens Duscak, Kristijan Cujec and Ziga Cech scored for the winners, and Uros Kroflic hit the only goal for FutureNet Maribor.

Now it's time to start the final part of the season in the Slovenian futsal league. There's a great chance for FutureNet Maribor to reach the grande finale also in the league.

Semi final of Slovenian Cup in futsal: FutureNet Maribor - KMN Bronx Skofije 6:0 The great finale: FC Dobovec - FutureNet Maribor 3:1

Precious point scored. Jong Ajax Amsterdam - FC Den Bosch 2:2

This weekend was a great time for Stefano Beltrame, striker of FC Den Bosch. Thanks to his great performance, the team powered by FutureNet scored a precious draw 2:2 with Jong Ajax Amsterdam.

It was a hard game for FC Den Bosch. Jong Ajax has a many young and very talented players in its squad, so it's always hard to stand against them - especially on their own pitch. But FC Den Bosch tried hard to turn over the game to its side.

In the 17th minute, Stefano Beltrame opened the game score with the penalty kick. Jong Ajax tied 6 minutes later when Noa Lang scored. The same player scored again in a 41st minute, giving Jong Ajax the lead. After the first 45 minutes, Jong Ajax was closer to get a win.

After the break, the game was even for most of the time. But FC Den Bosch found a way once again to cheat the opponent's defenders. In the 60th minute, Stefano Beltrame hit his second goal of the match and also established the final score as 2:2.

The point scored in Amsterdam has its meaning, as FC Den Bosch is still fighting to clinch the spot in the Dutch Eredivisie. It's quite a hard mission, as competitors have been running well recently, and FC Den Bosch during the month slipped from 1st to 4th place in the table. Currently, Twente Enschede is the leader and with 60 points, it seems to be out of reach for the rest. But Sparta Rotterdam (2nd place, 51 points) and Go Ahead Eagles (3rd place, 50 points) are still on FC Den Bosch's radar (4th place, 49 points). But under one condition: the team from Den Bosch must win, ending its lasting for more than a month now streak without a win in the league.

Jong Ajax Amsterdam - FC Den Bosch 2:2 (2:1) Goals for FC Den Bosch: Beltrame (17. - penalty, 60.)

A great victory for VfB Stuttgart!

A great victory for VfB Stuttgart at the crucial moment of the Bundesliga season! VfB beat Hannover 96 5:1 and took a very big step ahead in the fight to keep the place in the best league in Germany.

Before this match, VfB Stuttgart only had 2 points advantage over Hannover 96, and both teams were close neighbors in the table. A possible defeat could complicate the life of the team from Stuttgart and put it on danger. But the VfB' players didn't allow trouble to come around. The team led by coach Markus Weinzierl played its best match of the season and pitched the rival, leaving him no centimeter room for hope that it can reach anything in Stuttgart on Sunday's evening.

The result of the match was opened by Mario Gomez in the 4th minute. The next blows belonged to VfB Stuttgart, and Ozan Kabak hit twice: at first in the 16th minute, and then in 45th minute, shooting the goal to the locker room. In the 68th minute, Jonathan gave the guest team some shine of hope, scoring a goal and reducing the loss to 1:3. But then Steven Zuber from VfB Stuttgart took control: he scored 2 goals in 3 minutes and finished the demolition of the team from Hannover 96.

When you look at the game stats, you may get an impression that it was an even show. VfB had the ball for 51% of the playing time, so this advantage wasn't very visible. But the home players had a great offensive flow in this match, and they shot 14 times on goal - with 8 shots which were accurate. On the other hand, the away team had only one accurate attempt on goal and immediately scored. 100% efficiency, but it wasn't enough to defeat the speeding locomotive from Stuttgart.

Thanks to this win, VfB Stuttgart now has 19 points and loses 2 to FC Augsburg - the team from the 15th place, the last free from the relegation from the German Bundesliga. It's a distance which can be easily made up. VfB Stuttgart - Hannover 96 5:1 (3:0) Goals for VfB: Mario Gomez (4.), Kabak (16., 45.), Zuber (78., 81.)

Everything according to the plan. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Pogoń Prudnik 98:75

And that's what we call a good result! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław defeated Pogoń Prudnik 98:75 and took revenge for the defeat from the previous match of both teams. Thanks to this victory, FutureNet Śląsk is still the leader in the table.

Pogoń Prudnik remains in the game to win promotion to the playoff round. That's why the team supporters came to Wroclaw in a large group to help Pogoń with loud cheers. But it didn't help. The hosts showed great strength even playing without its leader Aleksander Dziewa, whose wasn't able to play due to ankle injury.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has imposed a strong pace of the game since the first quarter of the match. In the first minutes, the hosts had little trouble finding their rhythm of the game and the effectiveness of 3-points shooting. But it was just a minour issue, and quickly returned to their level. The energetic play of the young centre Szymon Tomczak was very helpful in that part of the game. As a result, after Q1 FutureNet Śląsk was leading 24:16.

In Q2, FutureNet Śląsk increased the lead thanks to the great performance of Krzysztof Jakóbczyk and Robert Skibniewski. This duo of well-experienced basketball players regulated the pace of the game wisely, scored from the distance to the break the hosts were leading clearly, 51:32.

After the break, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław started to take full advantage of its power. The hosts had great comfort of the game, and they used it to dominate the opponent. Pogoń Prudnik was helpless sometimes, and the hosts built an even higher advantage, which after Q3 was set at the level of 80:50. A real knockout of the team from Prudnik - no more words needed.

In the last part of the match, the hosts slowed down, but only for a bit. They played a bit less intensely knowing that the victory is near. Pogoń tried to bounce back and reduced the loss. But it was only a matter of honor, because FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław didn't put out the victory from their hands.

The key to winning with Pogoń Prudnik was a great team game - FutureNet Śląsk had 23 assists, and most of them were granted by a duo of experienced playmakers. Norbert Kulon had 9 assists, Robert Skibniewski added 10. Accuracy in 3-points shooting was also important: FutureNet Śląsk had 42% effectiveness in this element of the game. The best scorer of the team was Jakub Musiał (18 points), and Krzysztof Jakóbczyk added 16 points. It's also worth distinguishing the great game of the young Szymon Tomczak, who had 17 rebounds - very impressive number! In Pogoń Prudnik, Wojciech Pisarczyk (27 points, 12 rebounds) played perfectly, but he didn't receive enough support in his teammates.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Pogoń Prudnik 98:75

Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Musiał 18 (4x3), Jakóbczyk 16 (4x3), Kulon 14 (4x3), Leńczuk 12 (4x3), Tomczak 10, Pietras 8, Żeleźniak 6 (1x3), Jarmakowicz 6, Sasik 4, Skibniewski 2, Michałek 0.

A good lesson learned. FutureNet Imperium Katowice - SPR JKS Jarosław 20:34

It was a good lesson that will definitely be useful in the future. FutureNet Imperium Katowice lost to SPR JKS Jarosław 20:34. This is the first defeat of our team from October 2018.

Before this match, we predicted that the team from Katowice would face a big challenge. SPR JKS Jarosław is a team which definitely dominates the competition this season. It's also a favorite to win the promotion to the best women's handball league in Poland. SPS JKS also has a strong, very even squad, and reserve players might as well play in the first team and it wouldn't be a harm to the team's quality.

The FutureNet Imperium players have put a lot of ambition and heart into the game. However, the rival dominated. In the first half, SPR JKS took the clear lead, and increased it with each minute to 18:8 until the break. It was clear that the home team will have a big problem to win even a draw in this match.

In the second half, FutureNet Imperium improved slightly its offensive performance. In the second 30 minutes, our team scored 12 goals (with 8 in 1st half) but SPR JKS continued to keep up the high pace. That's why the guest were leading even 30:15.

It was a game full of hard fighting. Seven players in total were fined with yellow card, and Natalya Turkalo from SPR JKS Jarosław was removed from the pitch with a red card. But sometimes even if you leave all your strength, it sill might not be enough. FutureNet Imperium Katowice lost with SPR JKS Jarosław 20:34, and suffered its first loss from October 2018. In this game, Aleksandra Jaroszewska (5 goals) gave the best performance for FutureNet Imperium, supported by Katarzyna Sadowska (4 goals). In SPR JKS Jarosław, Alona Shupyk (13 goals) was the star of Saturday's afternoon.

Despite the loss, FutureNet Imperium remains as the runner-up in the 1st women handball league in Poland.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - SPR JKS Jarosław 20:34

FutureNet Maribor is fighting for the Terme Olimia Cup in Slovenia

It's time for a final battle to win the Terme Olimia Cup in futsal in Slovenia! FutureNet Maribor is waiting for the semi-final match, clashing with KMN Bronx Skofije.

The sports hall in Sportna Dvorana Podcertek, Slovenia, will be the host of the Terme Olimia Cup final tournament, which will be held on March 2-3. There are 2 semi-final games scheduled: FutureNet Maribor against KMN Bronx Skofije, and FC Litija against Dobovec MB. FutureNet Maribor will launch officialy this event, playing in the opening game at 5 p.m. Central European Time. Obviously, the winners of each game will be promoted to the great finale, scheduled for Sunday, March 3, at 7:15 p.m. Central European Time.

Due to the sponsorship issues, the Slovenian Futsal Cup is now called Terme Olimia Cup. It's one of two, together with league championship, the most important throphies in the Slovenian futsal. The league competition is closing to the decisive moment, as the start of playoff approaches. FutureNet Maribor is among the most serious favourites to win the championship. But the cup tournament is also important, and we're more than sure that our team will do its best to win the national cup.


Crucial match of VfB Stuttgart!

This will be one of the key matches of the VfB Stuttgart in current Bundesliga season. On Sunday, March 3, the team from Stuttgart will play the away match against Hannover 96. It will be the meeting of teams who are fighting to save the place in Bundesliga and are very close in the table.

A quick look at the current situation in the Bundesliga table is enough to understand how important the match will be. VfB Stuttgart currently has 16 points and takes 16th place. Hannover 96 is in 17th place with 14 points. The winner of this match will increase its chances of remaining in the best league in Germany, and the defeated side will fall into very big trouble, and the struggle for maintenance may fail.

Both teams have already played with each other this season: in October 2018, Hannover 96 defeated VfB Stuttgart 3:1. That's why now the team from Stuttgart will have to score at least 2 goals and keep clean sheet to have better balance on aggregate. This may be crucial if both teams will have the same number of points at the end of the season.

In recent matches, VfB Stuttgart showed that its form is slowly improving. The team is still waiting for the first victory in 2019, but there are many signs of improvement in its overall performance. Coach Markus Weinzierl is trying to implement the new philosophy: his players don't have to be with the ball for most of the game time, but they must calculate well and make each contact with the ball most effective. This is one of the basics for optimism before the match against Hannover 96. The second is delivered by history.

Both teams have played 57 matches so far. VfB won 25 of them, and it did well with Hannover 96 especially in its stadium (20 wins, 62 goals scored, 31 lost). If you believe the history statistics, then in this match the Mercedes Arena in Stuttgart can bring a lot of luck to the VfB team. Now it seems that eventual win number 26 for VfB may be one ot the most important ever, helping a lot in the battle for saving the place in Bundesliga.

24th round in Bundesliga, VfB Stuttgart - Hannover 96, Sunday, March 3, start at 3:30 p.m. Polish time.

Game ON! FutureNet Sport schedule for March 1-3, 2019

As the weekend is closing, it's time to deliver the schedule of FutureNet Sport teams for upcoming days. Check it out - there will be a lot going on!

The main stars of the weekend will be: FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław (basketball), FutureNet Imperium Katowice (handball), FC Den Bosch (football) and VfB Stuttgart (football). Check out the video below to learn the details!

Will it be the day of breakthrough? FC Den Bosch faces Jong Ajax Amsterdam

It's been over a month since FC Den Bosch's last win in the league. On Friday, March 1, a team supported by FutureNet will have the opportunity to break this series playing with Jong Ajax Amsterdam.

The Ajax Amsterdam football school is considered one of the best in the world. A lot of great players took their first steps in football there, such as twin brothers de Boer, Patrick Kluivert, Rafael van der Vaart, Edwin van der Saar, Ryan Babel, Nigel de Jong, Clarence Seedorf, Wesley Sneijder and many others. Young footballers of Jong Ajax learn to play in adult football in the reserve team, which this season is playing in the Dutch Erste Divisie. So far, they've been doing quite good this season. Jong Ajax is currently on 9th place out of 20 teams, has 40 points and won 12 out of 26 matches. In the last 6 games the team scored 4 wins and 2 draws. These numbers show that the youth team of Ajax Amsterdam can be dangerous for any rival in this league.

FC Den Bosch has a worse streak lately. By January 2019, the team had gone from victory to victory, but later a little crisis arrived. As a result, players from Den Bosch have been waiting for another win for over a month. And time is running out - FC Den Bosch has lost the leading position, and now Twente Enschede is in the top position in the table. Second place  belongs to Sparta Rotterdam, which has 48 points (the same as FC Den Bosch), and Go Ahead Eagles (47 points) has the 4th place. These statistics show that the team from Den Bosch must quickly return to its best, because the rivals are pushing hard.

In the last round of matches, FC Den Bosch lost surprisingly at home with MVV Maastricht. Now it's time to get rid of this bad luck and return to the winning series.

27th round of Erste Divisie, Jong Ajax Amsterdam - FC Den Bosch, Friday, March 1, start: 8 p.m. Dutch time.

It's time to revenge. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław faces Pogoń Prudnik

Pogoń Prudnik is one of the teams that has found a way to defeat FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław this season. Now the team from Wrocław wants to take revenge, but this task will be difficult. On Friday, March 1, both teams will meet in Wrocław.

In November 2018, both teams faced in Prudnik. It was a hard game, and the hosts did better and won 87:80. In Prudnik, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław fought hard but it wasn't enough to beat Pogoń - the team which plays well in its own hall, supported by lound cheers from its fans.

Now, both teams have a different situation in the league's table. FutureNet Śląsk is the leader, but it must strive hard to maintain the lead. Right behind it back is Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz and Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut. Each of these teams has 42 points, and FutureNet Śląsk is a leader because it played one match less. But it also means that there may be reshuffles any time at the top of the table, so leaders must win regularly to not to lose their position.

On the other hand, Pogoń Prudnik fights for promotion to the playoff round. There's a hard fight to win the playoff spot, as there are 5 teams still in the game. STK Czarni Słupsk (38 points), Górnik Wałbrzych (38 points), Pogoń Prudnik (37 points), Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków (37 points) and Biofarm Basket Poznań (37 points) - these are the teams that dream about promotion to the best 8 of the league. Five contenders, but only two places - that means that each of them in the end of the main round must fight for victory even harder than usual. And it's also a sign that in Wrocław, Pogoń Prudnik will fight hard against FutureNet Śląsk not caring about the hosts hasn't been beaten in their own hall yet.

Pogoń Prudnik has a several experienced players in the team, just to mention 30 years-old power forward Wojciech Pisarczyk (15,1 points and 6,2 rebounds per game), 37 years-old small forward Marcin Sroka (13,6 points and 4,8 rebounds per game), 42 years-old (!) playmaker Grzegorz Mordzak (11,4 points and 3,2 assists per game) and 30 years-old point guard Tomasz Prostak (best shooter of the team with 17,5 points per game, and also 3,7 assists and 4,5 rebounds). These players have seen a lot in professional basketball, so they know how to handle the pressure and also how to help younger players to deal with such a mental load.

It's also worth noting that Pogoń Prudnik has quite good overall stats this season. The team scores 83,2 points per game, loses 83,6, has about 35 rebounds and 17 assists. 3-points shooting accuracy level is nice, reaching 35%, and in 2 points shots Pogoń has 53,4% efficiency. It all shows that Pogoń, despite its below-expectations position in the league's table, can always be a dangerous competitor.

FutureNet Śląska coach Radosław Hyży has a problem regarding the team's squad before the match with Pogoń Prudnik. In the previous round, Aleksander Dziewa suffered an ankle injury and it's doubtful wheter he'll be available to play against Pogoń.  His absence might be a problem, as Dziewa is the leader of FutureNet Śląsk this season. But after all, the team from Wrocław has a wide composition and players who can replace Dziewa, like Bartłomiej Pietras or Mateusz Jarmakowicz. And even without a leader, FutureNet Śląsk is the favorite of the match against Pogoń Prudnik.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Pogoń Prudnik, Friday, March 1, start: 8 p.m. Polish time.

Great clash in Katowice! FutureNet Imperium faces its biggest rival

It will be a match at the top in the Polish 1st women handball league! On Saturday, March 3, the runner-up FutureNet Imperium will face the leader: SPR JKS Jarosław. It's going to be a unique game, full of fire on the pitch.

SPR JKS Jarosław is outgrowing the whole league this season. It's a definite game leader, and its statistics speak for themselves: 16 games, 15 wins, 45 points and 7 points advantage over FutureNet Imperium. The strength of SPR JKS makes a great impression. The team from Jarosław has scored 545 goals so far, which gives an average of 34 per game which is a great result. SPR JKS has many great players. The leader of the team is Alona Shupyk (140 goals), who also leads the table of the best shooters. Natalya Turkalo (115 goals) holds the 3rd place in in this classification. Amanda Szymborska has scored 84 goals so far, and Aleksandra Szymborska added 80. As you can see, it's a big challenge to compete against this team, because SPS JKS Jarosław has a very strong and even squad.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice has already felt the power of SPR JKS this season. In October 2018, both teams clashed in Jarosław, and the hosts won clearly, 33:20. That defeat hurt the team from Katowice, because from that time our team jumped to a higher level and didn't lose even a single game. Now the moment has come when it will be difficult to maintain this streak, because SPR JKS Jarosław in Katowice will for sure play very hard and with a plan to reach for the victory.

Although the task is difficult, we're sure that FutureNet Imperium Katowice will put even more than 100 percent of its skills into this game. The team supported by FutureNet is built of young players who are ambitious and are getting better and better from the match to the match. That's why on Saturday in Katowice we can expect a great clash of 2 teams hugry for success.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - SPR JKS Jarosław, Saturday, March 2, start: 3 p.m. Polish time.

Just one more step. FutureNet Las Palmas close to the final of the Copa del Rey tournament!

Amateur football team FutureNet Las Palmas has started its final battle to win promotion to the final game of the AFL's Copa del Rey cup. And it's very close to reaching great success!

In the quarter-final, FutureNet Las Palmas eliminated Real Valladolid with the aggregate score 5:3. With this result, our team got promoted to the semifinal, in which has to clash against Levante U.D.

The first leg of this fight was held with the Levante team as a host, and the final result was 1:1. It means that in the second leg, our team will be in a slightly better position, as the goals shot in the away game will be valued double in the aggregate score. And it's always easy to handle the pressure while playing as the host.

- It was a tense and difficult match, both teams wanted to score and get ahead - says Eugeny Semenov, the captain of FutureNet Las Palmas.

The second and decisive game will be played within 2 weeks, and then we will meet the finalist of the Copa del Rey. Meanwhile, FutureNet Las Palmas will play also a friendly game to check its current form and to work on its weak points.

Axcil Jefferies won the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East Championship!

That's what we call a great launch of the season! Axcil Jefferies has made 2 excellent appearances in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East Championship series held in February 2019.

On February 21-23, Axcil was racing in the 2nd leg of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East Championship held in Abu Dhabi. During this competition, Axcil Jefferies proved his great class. Together with his racing teammate, he won all 3 races in their class, and also finished on the podium in all 3 races overall. In the race number 3, Axcil set the fastest lap. And what's the most important, thanks to this great performance Axcil won the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East Championship!

In the upcoming weeks, Lamborghini Super Trofeo series will move to Europe.

These girls have talent!

Women junior volleyball players from the Dalaman City Sports Club gave another sample of their talent.

Mid-age (11-12 years-old) volleyball players scored convincing 3:0 victory over Köyceğiz Lake Sports club. The game was held as a part of group championship. Congratulations to the team!

FC Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht 1:2

FC Den Bosch lost the home game against MVV Maastricht 1:2 and now is on the 3rd place in the table of the Dutch Eerste Divisie.

The second half of the match turned out to be crucial. Until the break, MVV Maastricht led 1:0, after the goal scored by Anthony van den Hurk in the 3rd minute. FC Den Bosch started this meeting badly, but in the next minutes tried to make up for the loss. In the first 45 minutes, this mission wasn't completed, but at the beginning of the second half, luck smiled. In the 54th minute, Dimitri Lavalee scored an own goal and led to a draw.

In the end, MVV Maastricht didn't give away a valuable away victory. In 73th minute, van den Hurk scored his 2nd goal in this match and set the final result. The defeat is expensive for FC Den Bosch, because the team has dropped from 2nd to 3rd place in the league's table. And this means that the fight for promotion to Eredivisie will be very difficult for FC Den Bosch.

FC Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht 1:2 (0:0).

Hard work paid off. VfB Stuttgart scored very important point in Bremen

There's was plenty of hard work and, but it paid off with a point gained after a very tough fight! VfB Stuttgart drew an away match against Werder Bremen 1:1 and took an important step on the road to maintaining a place in the German Bundesliga.

It was a very difficult match for VfB Stuttgart, and the post-game numbers say it all. Werder was on the ball for 69% of the game time! The players from Bremen shot 15 times on the visitors' goal, they also had over twice as many ball passes (758 to 347). It shows that the hosts of this match showed great strength and skill. However, this wasn't enough to beat VfB Stuttgart.

The guests played consistently, carefully in Bremen. They also had some luck, because in 1st minute Steven Zuber gave them the lead. It was a quick blow that surprised Werder a bit. However, the hosts recovered quickly and began to dominate the pitch. But managed to surprise the VfB team only once. In the 45th minute, Davy Klaassen defeated the goalkeeper of the Stuttgart team and equalized the state of the match.

In the 2nd half, there was a lot of fighting on the pitch, but none of the teams scored another goal. In Bremen, the game was finished with a 1:1 draw and the point is very valuable for VfB Stuttgart. The team led by coach Markus Weinzierl must fight to get out of the Bundesliga relegation zone. Thanks to the draw in Bremen, VfB reduced the loss to FC Augsburg (the team from 15th place, the last secure in the league) to 2 points. Now it's important to keep the consistency in the game and work to fix all the weaknesses in the game. With that kind of attitude, the progress shall come.

- We’ll take confidence from this game. It was a strong team performance. We were very flexible today in that we switched the system a number of times, which got us back into the game. The team showed that they want it - says coach Markus Weinzierl, quoted on the VfB's official website.

Werder Bremen - VfB Stuttgart 1:1 (1:1) Goal for VfB: Zuber (1.)

They have the power! FutureNet Maribor - FC Litija 9:3

In sports, it's very important that after a defeat in an important match, quickly return to the right track and win the next game. This is the right response that restores self-confidence to the players. And that's how FutureNet Maribor reacted, beating FC Litija 9:3 and shooking off after losing to Pivovarna Kozel in the previous round of games in Slovenian futsal extra league.

FC Litija is not an easy rival, currently, it's the 3rd best team in the Slovenian futsal league. That's why FutureNet Maribor players had a difficult task to do: to bounce back from previous defeat with Pivovarna Dobovec in a match against a rival who's hard to beat. However, our team did what it had to do in a very impressive style.

Until the break FutureNet Maribor was leading 2:0, after goals of Fidersek and Sovdat scored just at the beginning of the match. Later FC Litija started to play better in defence and prevented the host side from scoring more goals. In the second half, the situation on the pitch changed. FutureNet Maribor decided to attack more aggressively and it paid off. Jurić, Sovdat, Bukovec added another goal and Gajser scored two. Vrhovec and Debeljak replied for the guest team, and Teo Turk gave them a third goal after beating his own goalie just before the end of the match.

The win against FC Litija didn't change the situation of FutureNet Maribor in the table. Our team ranks 2nd and loses two points to Pivovarna Dobovec Kozel. There's only one series of games left in the regular season, and in theory, there's a chance for FutureNet Maribor to regain the lead. In fact, the chances are very small, because Pivovarna will play with FK Ivancna Gorica- one of the weakest teams in the league. And it is unlikely that it would lose points. So, the final order in the table after the first round will be with Pivovarna as the winner and FutureNet Maribor as the runner-up.

FutureNet Maribor - FC Litija 9:3 (2:0) Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Fidersek (3., 23., 35.), Sovdat (4., 28.), Jurić (25.), Bukovec (37.), Gajser (39., 40.).

A surprising defeat. Kotwica Kołobrzeg - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 80:76

A trip to the Baltic Sea ended with a defeat. Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg set very difficult conditions and defeated FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 80:76. This is the 6th defeat in away match this season for our team.

Before the match, we wrote that Energa Kotwica Kołobrze is low in the league's table, but it must't not be underestimated, because it's a team that can be dangerous for everyone in this league. This prophecy has worked, and it was a very even meeting, which can be seen after the final result. The hosts were leading 43:40 before the break, and their good performance was crucial. However, FutureNet Śląsk remained in the game thanks to the good performance of Aleksander Dziewa and Jakub Musiał.

In Q3, it seemed that FutureNet Śląsk would win in Kołobrzeg. The team of coach Radosław Hyży dropped 22 points in this part of the game and allowed the opponent to score only 14. FutureNet Śląsk has gained the lead thanks to high effectiveness in 3-points shooting, which is its strongest weapon this season.

In Q4, FutureNet Śląsk wasted all for what it worked for throughout the game. The team suddenly appears to have forgotten how to score and for a few minutes wasn't able to score points. Energa Kotwica mercilessly used the weakness of the rival, getting 14 points in a row and taking the lead. However, this wasn't all that happened on Sunday evening in Kołobrzeg. The final minutes of the end of this match were exciting. FutureNet Śląsk reduced losses to 76:77. However, later the hosts scored 2 points, and FutureNet Śląsk missed the key shot and lost.

FutureNet Śląsk in this match made 44 attempts for 3 points. However, effectiveness of this shooting was poor: only 12 shots were accurate. In addition, the team had 15 turnovers. These were 2 reasons why FutureNet Śląsk lost in Kołobrzeg.

In the home team the best player was Szymon Ryżek (15 points, 5 rebounds). In FutureNet Śląsk, Aleksander Dziewa (20 points, 10 rebounds) played the best, but he won't remember good this match because he suffered an ankle injury and won't play for about a week. Jakub Musiał added 18 points and 5 rebounds.

Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 80:76 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Dziewa 20 (3x3), Musiał 18 (4x3), Skibniewski 16 (3x3), Tomczak 8, Leńczuk 8 (2x3), Kulon 4, Pietras 1, Jarmakowicz 1, Bożenko 0.

VfB Stuttgart is aiming for the victory in Bremen

Another game, another challenge. On Friday, February 22, VfB Stuttgart will continue its search for the first win in 2019, clashing with Werder Bremen.

In September 2018, VfB Stuttgart defeated Werder at Mercedes Arena 2:1. It's one of the 4 wins the Stuttgart team has achieved this season. There's no doubt that the repetition of this result would be very useful for VfB. The team of coach Markus Weinzierl is in a difficult situation. Its players work hard to improve the overall performance and playing style, , and progress is visible, but VfB still lacks points. Currently, VfB is on 16th place among 18 teams in Bundesliga, trailing with 3 points to FC Augsburg - the team from 15th, last place in the table free from relegation to 2. Bundesliga. It's not a high advantage, but VfB must win to start its journey higher in the table.

However, this task won't be easy, because Werder is doing better than VfB during the season. The team from Bremen has 31 points and holds 10th place in the table. Werder won 8 games, two times more than VfB. However, it's worth noting that Werder can be beaten on his own stadium: its home balance this season is 4 wins, 4 draws and 3 loses so far. In addition, the Bremen team doesn't have a clear leader. Currently, its best scorer is 22-year-old Maximilian Eggestein, who scored 5 goals. It's also wort to point out that Werder has been continuously in the 1. Bundesliga since the 1980/1981 season. Werder also has a rich history: was a Bundesliga winner 4 times, also scored 7 silver and 5 bronze medals of the league.

- They’re on a good run, they have good individual players, great fans and they’re still unbeaten this year. The club have made good progress under Frank Baumann and Florian Kohfeldt. They have a clear idea of who they are and how they play - explains Markus Weinzierl, the coach of VfB Stuttgart quoted by the club's official website.

In the Friday's game, VfB will miss only one key player: Timo Baumgartl is healing from concussion. On the other hand, important midfielder Dennis Aogo returns to the team after fully healing from a calf injury and coach Weinzierl will be able to use his skills on the pitch in Bremen.

Werder Bremen - VfB Stuttgart, Friday, February 22, start: 8:30 p.m.

An important game before FC Den Bosch

It's been over a month without a win, so it's time for FC Den Bosch to get back on the right path. On Friday, February 22, FC Den Bosch will face MVV Maastricht with the hope of winning the first for a long time set of points.

MVV Maastricht is currently a team from the middle of the table. Before the match with FC Den Bosch, MVV holds 7th place in the table, having 39 points (11 wins, 6 draws, 8 defeats). MVV is in an interesting situation, because there are 15 rounds left until the end of the main round in the league, and the team from Maastricht currently loses 8 points to Go Ahead Eagles, which is on 3th place (47 points). In addition, MVV is running a great series of 4 wins in a row. If it maintains a good form, can join the fight for a place in the playoffs for promotion to Erstedivisie. The team presents an equal form both in the attack (34 goals scored), as well as in defense (31 goals lost).

MVV Maastricht is one of the oldest football clubs in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1902, and for more than 100 years of its activity, its players twice won the championship of the Netherlands (1983/1984, 1996/1997), and once the European Intertoto Cup (1970). Last years are a worse time for this well-deserved club and it is not expected that MVV will be promoted to the best league in the Netherlands this season. However, MVV Maastricht shouldn't be underestimated, and it's also worth to remember that FC Den Bosch recently has had a hard time and scored its last win more than a month ago. That's why we can exepct a tough game between these two teams.

26th round of Dutch Eerste Divisie, FC Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht, Friday, February 22, start: 8 p.m.

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This weekend will belong to basketball team FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, futsal team FutureNet Maribor, and football teams: FC Den Bosch and VfB Stuttgart.