To maintain good run: FutureNet Śląsk vs. GKS Tychy

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has very busy days recently. Just a few days after a win with Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno, on Wednesday team led by coach Radosław Hyży will have to face another difficult rival. This time FutureNet Śląsk clashes with GKS Tychy.

Currently, GKS Tychy hold 4th place in league's table. After three games played, GKS has two wins and one loss in its books and 5 points in the table. FutureNet Śląsk advantage over its next rival is only 1 point what means that possible win of GKS in Wrocław will make both teams switch their position in league's table.

GKS has a few interesting and efficient players inside the team. Power forward Paweł Zmarlak now has 14,7 points scored in average and he's the best scorer of GKS. He also gets around 8 rebounds per game. It's more than sure that tall players of FutureNet Śląsk will have a lot of hard work to do to neutralise this player. Point and shooting guard Paweł Szymczak and centre Maciej Maj scores 13,3 points per game and 24 years-old playmaker Piotr Wieloch (who joined the team in summer after a few seasons with Biofarm Basket Poznań) scores more than 10 points and more than 6 assists per game.

As you can see, GKS Tychy has strong foundation both inside the paint and from the perimeter. That's why this team may deliver many problems for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław during Wednesday's game. But without any doubts, the hosts will be also a favourite of this match. FutureNet Śląsk hasn't lost yet and also has a few players with great form at the beginning of the season: centre Aleksander Dziewa, point guards Norbert Kulon and Robert Skibniewski, as well as shooting guard Jakub Musiał. And as it's more than obvious that FutureNet Śląsk will have a tough challenge to face, any other result than a win of the hosts will be a surprise.

Important win of FutureNet Las Palmas

With just two series of games left to the end of the season, FutureNet Las Palmas has a great chance to finish the Russian amateur AFL Yoshkhar-Ola league with a bronze medal. Our team defeated Celta Vigo 2:1 while it closest competitor from the table, Real Madrit, lost points with Athletic Bilbao.

Currently, the leader of AFL Yoshkhar-Ola league is Athletic Bilbao. Players from this team can slowly train how to open bottles with a champagne because no other team will be able to reach them in the league' table. But it's still an open issue who will be the league's runner-up and who will win the bronze medal.

At the moment, Rayo Vallecano holds the second place with 64 points and FutureNet Las Palmas is 3rd with 60 points. And there are only two games left and 6 points in total to score. If FutureNet Las Palmas maintain its great form from previous games and reach the full stake, it may even finish second. With one condition: Rayo Vallecano must lose its both games. Obviously, there's a very low chance for it to happen but as they say in football: until the ball is moving, everything is possible.

In the last round of games, FutureNet Las Palmas won an away game with Celta Vigo 2:1. As players of the team point out, the gift from FutureNet - new match shirts - brought them luck. And from the other hand, Rayo Vallecano tied with FC Barcelona 4:4 and Real Madrid (FutureNet Las Palmas' closest rival in the table) was crushed by Athletic Bilbao 0:5. Due to this loss, Real has 52 points and lost any chances to overtake FutureNet Las Palmas in the league's table.

Maks Bratkowicz will fight for the European Championship!

It will be one of the most important tournaments in the career of Maksymilian Bratkowicz. From 16 to 20 October in Bratislava (Slovakia) he will fight in the K1 European Championships!

Maksymilian Bratkowicz was appointed to the Polish national team K1 and will fight in the weight category Senior up to 86 kg. It will his most important tournament this year. He already has the Polish K1 championship and the K1 World Championship title but he's still waiting for the gold medal in the European tournament. Now he has a chance to get him in Bratislava.

From Tuesday to Thursday in Bratislava there will be qualifying battles in individual weight categories. On Friday and Saturday, the winners will fight for medals in the final tournaments. The end of the European Championships in Slovakia and medalists' decoration are scheduled for Saturday, October 20, at 3 p.m.

Useful lessons learned on Red Bull Ring race track

It was the last racing weekend of Maciej Banas in 2018. From 13 to 14 October he raced at the famous Red Bull Ring in Austria and gained plenty of valuable experience.

As they say in the rally world, there is the Red Bull Ring track, Nurburgring in Germany and that's it. The Austrian track is considered as very demanding and the drivers have to show high skills there. Maciej Banaś is 12 years-old, has great talent and wants to be the best rally driver. That's why the FutureNet Banaś Racing team couldn't miss the Red Bull Ring. Just to get a very useful lesson.

During the weekend, racing there was quite difficult. There were many racers on the track and also plenty of accidents. That's why Maciej Banaś was able to finish only single full training session. In the next drivers only had a few minutes on the track.

In the first race at Red Bull Racing circuit, our young driver reached the finish line in 13th position. As his father says:

- This result is a success because there were many accidents on the track and the drivers didn't have an easy task.

And in the last race Maciej unfortunately didn't cross the finish line. His car had a technical defect and stopped 200 meters before the the end.

That's was his last serious racing session this year. As his father explains, in the upcoming months the FutureNet Banaś Racing team will focus on training and also on improving Maciek's race car.

Player from FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is a most effective shooter in the league

Aleksander Dziewa from FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is considered as one of the best young players in Polish basketball. After three series of games, he proved that this opinion has a strong foundation.

Three games played, three wins for FutureNet Śląsk - with a big contribution of this young powerd forward or centre. Currently, Aleksander Dziewa holds the first place in the 1. league among the most effective shooters - so far, he scored 21 from 27 shots taken what gives great 77,8% scoring percentage.

With 52 points in total, he's also the 3rd shooter in the league with an average of 17,3 points per game. Aleksander Dziewa is also on the second place overall among the best rebounding players (9 rebound per game).

Gared - true warrior from the FutureNet Stable [VIDEO]

It was another good day this season for Gared, horse race from the FutureNet stable. On Saturday, October 13, he finished on the second place in the race held at the Służewiec track in Warsaw.

Gared competed in the race at a distance of 1.4 km. It was a show of tremendous speed and ambition. Gared was racing until the very end and lost literally by a hair stroke. Despite the defeat, our horse left a great impression becaue his performance was trully impressive!

You can watch the entire last Gared's run - click HERE. Gared is running in the blue helmet.  

Impressive victory of FutureNet Imperium Katowice!

It was not just a victory, it was a real crush! FutureNet Imperium Katowice defeated KS Otmęt Krapkowice 29:10. Thanks to this win, the team from Katowice jumped into the second place in table of women's handball first league in Poland.

KS Otmęt Krapkowice came to Katowice as the last team in the league, without a victory in three matches. On the other hand, FutureNet Imperium previously proved its groving shape - especially by winning in Gliwiach with SPR Sośnica, one of the favorites of the entire league. So it was easy to predict that the team from Katowice will probably win this match.

There were no surprises. FutureNet Imperium Katowice left no hope for its rivals. From the beginning of the match the hosts dominated on the pitch, having an advantage in every aspect of the game. Until the break, FutureNet Imperium Katowice led 14:6. It was clear that only a miracle could help the guests' players. But miracles do not happen, so after the break the hosts dominated even more. Eventually, FutureNet Imperium Katowice outclassed KS Otmęt Krapkowice 29:10!

Thanks to this win, the team from Katowice was promoted to the second place in the table. The leader of the first women's handball league in Poland is SPR Jarosław. This is a team that hasn't lost in four games yet. It is also the closest rival of FutureNet Imperium Katowice so we could expect very tight game!

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - KS Otmęt Krapkowice 29:10

Squad of FutureNet Imperium (with goals): Katarzyna Sadowska (1), Paulina Łuczyk (8), Sabina Radlak (2), Wiktoria Kosmowska (1), Weronika Podzimowska (2), Kasia Zwierko (1), Dominika Krzysteczko, Ada Mazurczyk (GK), Martyna Krzysteczko (2), Milena Knop (3), Karolina Kawalec (2), Anna Andrzejczyk (1), Agnieszka Zioła (4), Aleksandra Jaroszewska (2), Dagmara Knapik (GK).

FutureNet Maribor still unbeaten!

FutureNet Maribor futsal team has extended its series of matches without a defeat. Our team won all of its three games. On Friday, October 12, FutureNet Maribor defeated KMN Bronx Skofije 4:2.

It was the first home match of FutureNet Maribor in its own hall in the new season. No wonder that the whole hall was filled with fans. And those who decided to participate in this sports event were satisfied for sure because they watched a good, even spectacle. The guests set a tough conditions - the players from Maribor ran 2-0, but by the break the guests managed to tie the game.

After the change of sides on the pitch, the fight continued. The hosts managed to break the deadlock after Jurić's goal. During the dying minutes, KMN Bronx Skofije had to play without a goalkeeper and Matej Fidersek took the opportunity. He scored his second goal in the match and gave FutureNet Maribor a 4:2 victory. After three games, FutureNet Maribor has three wins and holds the lead in the table of Slovenian futsal top league.

FutureNet Maribor - KMN Bronx Skofije 4:2 (2:2) Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Fideršek (2), Kroflič, Jurić.

Third game - third win! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno

Such victories taste very sweet. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław had to put in a lot of work and commitment, but it paid off with a win against Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno 86:82. The third game of the season - the third victory!

This match was announced as a hit of third round of games. Why? It was easy to understand straight from the first whistle of the referee. Both teams played very intense and well, it was a tough basketball but from the beginning the guests looked much better in the offence. After the first quarter, Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno led 31:23. In the next quarter, the hosts started to play more consistent basketball. FutureNet Śląsk also improved its defense game and was more effective in the offence. As a result, the hosts scored 24 points, Polonia Leszno only 16. And as a result, both teams went to the locker room for a break with a draw 47:47.

In the third quarter, FutureNet Śląsk threw a higher gear. Aleksander Dziewa and Bartłomiej Pietras were great in the attack, Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon delivered assist by assist. The result was impressive: FutureNet Śląsk took the 13 points lead. However, before the end of 3rd quarter the guests managed to reduce the loss to 6 points.

In the last quarter, FutureNet Śląsk held the pressure and refused to take away the lead. But it wasn't easy. Mateusz Stawiak from Polonia was hot in the offence and just a few minutes before the end of the game, the guests trailed by 3 points only. But they wasn't able to do more this evening. FutureNet Śląsk improved its defense game and Polonia ran out of time and energy to tie the game.

Third match, the third victory - FutureNet Silesia has a great start to the season. The team from Wroclaw is currently one of two teams in the league, along with Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut, which has not lost yet.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno 86:82 FutureNet Śląsk: Dziewa 19, Musiał 17 (2), N. Kulon 14 (2), Pietras 12, Skibniewski 9 (1), Michałek 8, Żeleźniak 5 (1), Leńczuk 2, Krakowczyk 0.

Last racing weekend for FutureNet Banaś Racing team

During the upcoming weekend, FutureNet Banaś Racing will fight for another great results in Austria. It will also be the last official race for the team this year.

In October 13-14, the Red Bull Ring circut in Spielberg (Austria) will be the host of great racing competition. Of course, FutureNet Banaś Racing Team and talented 12-year-old Maciej Banaś will be among the rally drivers from all over Europe.

During the last weekend, Maciej Banaś finished 3rd in Junior overall classification in Swift Europe Cup race in Hungaroring in Budapest, Hungary. Now the team wants to follow up this success and maintain its great form in Austria.

It will be the last race of the team this year. As we were told by team' officials, in the upcoming months Maciej Banaś will train to polish his great racing skills.

Good individual efforts of two FutureNet Śląsk players

Two players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, point guard Norbert Kulon and centre Aleksander Dziewa, have a great start of the season when it comes to the individual stats. Both are currently the leaders in some overall league' classification.

After two games, Norbert Kulon has the best average number of assists given per match: 10,5. He impressed with great experience, feeling of playground and easiness in sharing the ball with teammates. And Aleksander Dziewa is currently is the best rebounding player in 1. basketball league in Poland. His average per game is around 7,5. He's also on the 4th place of most effective shooters. So far, he shot 13 from 18 taken in total.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice will jump into the league's podium?

After three series of games in Polish first league of women handball, it's very tight at top of the table. Several teams have 6 points and if they win in the upcoming round, they may jump into higher place. And it opens a big chance for FutureNet Imperium Katowice.

Our team has 6 points and before round 4 of games holds 5th place in league's table. What's the most important is that FutureNet Imperium Katowice trails with just 3 points to the leader, SPR JKS Jarosław. So the picture is clear: if FutureNet win its next game, it may upgrade its position. But there's one and obvious condition: win with KS Otmęt Krapkowice.

The next rival of FutureNet Imperium Katowice had a bad start of the season. Three games, three loses, 102 goals lost and last place in the league... It's not the beginning which was expected by players and staff of the club from Krapkowice. In Katowice, KS Otmęt will try to break its weak series. But FutureNet Imperium Katowice proved its growing form with convincing and remarkable win win SPR Sośnica Gliwice on its playground. That's why any result other than win of FutureNet Imperium will be a big surprise.

Remarkable result of Dalaman Sport Club rafting team!

On September 13-16 2018, the third leg of Turkish rafting championship was held with the city of Van (Çatak stream) as a host. Athletes from the Dalaman City Sport Club rafting teams returned home with a great results in their bags.

The Dalaman City Sports Club had a few teams in this competition. The biggest success was achieved by men team starting in Open category. They won and became a New Creative Champion of Turkey!

It's also worth to mention that Dalaman's women rafting team in the category up to 19 years won a 2nd place at the same competition. Gold medal, silver medal - that's what we call achievements!

Katarzyna Sadowska: sharp shooter from FutureNet Imperium Katowice

FutureNet Imperium Katowice, Polish women handball team, has already played three games of the new season. So far, the team won twice and lost one game. It's quite a good start and one player of the team reached great form at the beginning of the campaign. It's playmaker Katarzyna Sadowska.

In previous three matches, the entire team from Katowice scored 80 goals in total - and of 22 of them were shot by Katarzyna Sadowska (player with number 2 on the picture above). Her current average is impressive: over 7 goals per match and almost a quarter of the entire team's achievements. Thanks to a great shooting form, Katarzyna Sadowska is currently in 5th place in the classification for the best shooter in the 1st handball league of women in Poland.

VfB Stuttgart players on duty in national teams

League games have a break and it's time for the national teams. Several players of VfB Stuttgart will have the opportunity to present their skills in national colors.

Defender Benjamin Pavard will play in two matches of the French national team: first in friendly against Iceland, and then in the League of Nations against Germany. Midfielder Santiago Ascibar got a call to represent Argentina for matches against Iraq and Brazil. Berkay Özcan, together with the Turkish national team, will face Bosnia & Herzegovina in friendly game and then Russia in the League of Nations. The last senior player from VfB Stuttgart on national duty is Chadrac Akolo - along with the Democratic Republic of Congo he will play against Zimbabwe.

The coaches also appreciated the young players of VfB Stuttgart. The appointment to national team were sent to Timo Baumgartl (Germany), Borna Sosa (Croatia) and David Kopacz (Poland).

Photo credit: KevinMau15, Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 4.0.

VfB Stuttgart with a new coach on board

Markus Weinzierl will lead the VfB Stuttgart team. The 43 years-old coach has signed the contract until the end of June 2020. This season, his task will be to take away the team from the bottom of the Bundesliga table.

After seven games of the season, VfB Stuttgart has 5 points and is last in the table. That's why the club's bosses decided it was time to change. They thanked coach Tayfun Korkut for their cooperation and hired Markus Weinzierl in his place. The 43-year-old as a football player played in the 2. Bundesliga teams. In his coach career, he worked in SSV Jahn Regensburg, FC Augsburg and Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen. With FC Augsburg in the 2015/2016 season he won promotion to the UEFA Europa League. This is his biggest success in the coaching career so far.

- We’ve signed a success-hungry coach, who knows the Bundesliga quite exactly and he also knows what our situation requires. Our discussions were very trusted and goal-oriented. We are convinced that we have signed the right head-coach for VfB in Markus Weinzierl. He will decisively develop our team further – explains Michael Reschke, sports director of VfB Stuttgart.

Photo credit: the official website of VfB Stuttgart.

FutureNet Las Palmas will fight for bronze medal in AFL Yoshkhar-Ola league

There are only three more queues of matches by the end of the season in the amateur football league of AFL Yoshkhar-Ola in Russia. These games will be very important for the FutureNet Las Palmas team.

We already know that the fight for the championship in the league will be settled between Athletic Bilbao (currently 67 points) and Rayo Vallecano (currently 63 points). FutureNet Las Palmas is currently in third place with 57 points. As you can see, our team loses 10 points to the leader and won't be able to reach them. Unfortunately, there's also no chance to jump to the second place.

But FutureNet Las Palmas still has the chance to win a bronze medal in the league. Our team will fight for it with Real Madrid, which currently has 52 points. The loss of "The Royals" to our team is therefore to catch up in three matches, which is why FutureNet Las Palmas must maintain its high form.

In the last match our team defeated Sporting Gijon 7: 1. It was a signal that the shape of FutureNet Las Palmas is raising.

- Before we defeated Sporting, we lost two matches. That is why we took a hard time working to improve our game. With Sporting, the change was already visible. Now the last three matches are ahead of us. We know that Real Madrid is right behind us, that's why we will do everything to defend the third place and win a medal - predicts FutureNet captain Las Palmas, Evgeny Semenov.

Last racing weekend for FutureNet Banaś Racing team

During the upcoming weekend, FutureNet Banaś Racing will fight for another great results in Austria. It will also be the last official race for the team this year.

In October 13-14, the Red Bull Ring circut in Spielberg (Austria) will be the host of great racing competition. Of course, FutureNet Banaś Racing Team and talented 12-year-old Maciej Banaś will be among the rally drivers from all over Europe.

During the last weekend, Maciej Banaś finished 3rd in Junior overall classification in Swift Europe Cup race in Hungaroring in Budapest, Hungary. Now the team wants to follow up this success and maintain its great form in Austria.

It will be the last race of the team this year. As we were told by team' officials, in the upcoming months Maciej Banaś will train to polish his great racing skills.


FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will clash with strong rival from Leszno

It will be the first serious test for basketball players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław! On Saturday, October 13, they will clash with Jamalex 1912 Polonia Leszno - one of the strongest teams in the league.

FutureNet Śląsk and Jamalex Polonia are teams that have one goal: to promote to Extraleague in Poland. Both teams already have two matches behind them, both won. In the team from Leszno there are many players experienced in serious competitions. Among them you'll find players formerly related to Śląsk like Kamil Chanas, Adrian Mroczek-Truskowski, Karol Kutta and Mateusz Stawiak. During the summer break, Polonia has also signed experienced shooter with an adventure in Wrocław Tomasz Ochońko but a few weeks ago he sustained a serious knee injury and won't be able to play in the upcoming months.

FutureNet Śląsk will try to dominate the opponent with an intense game at both ends of the court, as well as with the experience of creating the game which is guaranteed by Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon. In recent games, tall players of FutureNet Śląsk, Aleksander Dziewa and Karol Michałek, were doing well too. But Polonia, with its experience and quality players, will surely set difficult conditions in Wroclaw. What else to write - it all promises a great match!

Strong win of FutureNet Las Palmas!

The last matches weren't easy for FutureNet Las Palmas and the team needed a breakthrough. It worked - FutureNet Las Palmas defeated Sporting Gijon 7:1!

In the previous two matches, FutureNet Las Palmas lost. The team started to run away from the top of the table, and behind its back the opponents reduced the loss. That's why our team needed a victory to overcome the situation.

Our players took advantage of the opportunity - they played with Sporting Gijon, a table from the middle of the league's table with 27 points: over 30 less than FutureNet Las Palmas. This difference proves the clear advantage of FutureNet Las Palmas, from which our team ruthlessly benefited and outscored Sporting 7:1. Thanks to 3 points scored, FutureNet Las Palmas maintaned on third place in the league's table and increased the advantage over Real Madrid to 5 points.

Great debut of Maciej Banaś at Hungaroring race track!

Great performance of young race driver Maciej Banaś in the Swift Cup Europe competition at the legendary Hungaroring circuit in Budapest! FutureNet Banaś Racing member finished the competition in third place in the Junior overall ranking.

This was the first-ever start of 12-year-old Maciej Banaś at the Hungaroring. And it's worth to mention that this track is considered demanding where drivers must show high skills to take a high place. It's not a circuit for accidental drivers.

On Saturday, October 6 at the official training, Maciek took the 11th place and he missed only 0.1 second to Super Pole. During the Saturday race, the young driver of FutureNet Banaś Racing had a clash with two other drivers and dropped out of the track. Because of this unlucky event he dropped at the end of the stake. But then he drove quickly and wisely, thanks to which finished the whole race in 11th place.

On Sunday, October 7, Maciej Banaś scored a great success. He finished the third race held during the Swift Cup Europe Hungaroring weekend on 7th position!

In addition, the good and equal form of Maciek during the weekend with the Swift Cup Europe at Hungaroring gave him 3rd place in the Junior overall ranking. It means that only 12-year-old Maciej Banaś had a great, strong debut at the Hungaroring and gave another proof of his great racing talent.

Second game - second win of FutureNet Maribor

FutureNet Maribor futsal team from Slovenia continues its great start of the season. In the second series of games, FutureNet Maribor beat KMN Sevnica 3:1.

Only players from FutureNet Maribor scored in this match. For the guests scored:  Jure Kordiš, Nik Jelič and Matthew Fideršek. However, for the hosts goal was scored after the own shot of Teo Turk, player of FutureNet Maribor.

The calendar of games was arranged in such a way that FutureNet Maribor had to play its first two games away. Such a series is always difficult, but the players from Maribor did their job well and won both matches. Now is the time to debut in your own hall. On Friday, FutureNet Maribor will play with KMN Bronx Skofije.

KMN Sevnica - FutureNet Maribor 1:3 Goal for KMN Sevnica: Teo Turk (own goal) Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Jure Kordiš, Nik Jelič, Matej Fideršek.

Hannover 96 - VfB Stuttgart 3:1

Ambition, fight and commitment sometimes is just not enough. VfB Stuttgart showed the character but lost to Hannover 96 1:3.

The hosts have arranged this match in the first half with goals scored by Bobby Wood in the 30th and 45th minutes of the game. VfB answered right after the break - in the 50th minute, Mario Gomez scored the goal and have his team hope that the draw here might be possible. But in the end, it turned out that this evening footballers from Stuttgart just couldn't afford more. The hosts hit again, just before the end of the match. In the additional time, Ihlas Bebou determined the result of the match at 3:1 for the home team.

After this defeat, VfB Stuttgart fell to the last place in the Bundesliga table. This means that the club is waiting for big changes, because the coach Tayfun Korkut lost his job. As the club states, this decision was made due to the lack of sports growth of the team. The name of the new coach will be presented within the next few days.

Photo credit: the official website of VfB Stuttgart.

Great win of FutureNet Imperium Katowice!

That's what we call character! FutureNet Imperium Katowice women handball team scored a very important victory by defeating SPR Sośnica Gliwice 23:22. The girls from Katowice proved better than one of the favorites in the league!

SPR Sośnica Gliwice is a team that is indicated as a surety for promotion to the PGE Superleague. This is a strong team, and in addition it played with FutureNet Imperium Katowice on its own pitch. So it was going clearly to be a difficult competition for players from Katowice. And true - it really went that way but it was not the favorite who came home with a victory.

It was a very even match. None of the teams was able to build a big advantage. In the middle of the game, SPR Sośnica Gliwice was leading by three goals and it seemed that it will hold it until the final whistle. But ambitious girls from the FutureNet Imperium didn't give up. At the very end of the match it was also hot, because the hosts were leading by 22:20. From that moment, FutureNet Imperium played great defense, didn't lose any more goals and added three to its scoring board. And thanks to this FutureNet Imperium Katowice won with SPR Sośnica Gliwice 23:22!

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is a leader of Polish 1. league

It was a very convincing win and also a show of dominance over the rival. FutureNet Śląsk defeated EB-Investment Znicz Pruszków 81:56 in the away match and became the leader of table 1. Polish basketball league.

FutureNet Śląsk was the favorite of this match and it was visible straight from the referee's first whistle. The team from Wrocław dominated the rival in both attack and defense. After the first quarter they led 20:6! In the second part of the game, the hosts wake up and get back to work. But until the break they were able to reduce the loss to FutureNet Śląsk only to 10 points.

After the break, the guest team again threw a higher gear. Their game was led maturely by Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon. Aleksander Leńczuk was trustworthy in the half-distance shots, Jakub Musiał impressed with dynamism and center Karol Michałek scored double-double helping the team both in attack and in rebounding. This mixture effectively beat the hosts from their dreams of victory. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław won in Pruszków 81:56 and became a leader in the 1st Polish basketball league.

- As for the weaknesses of this match, I would like to point out only two things. With the team based on low players like Pruszków, we have allowed them to get too many offensive rebounds. I also think that we were able to get 10 points more - in a few moments we could use the limit of fouls exceeded by the hosts. But after all, I could give my team a 4 grade in the scale of 5 - summarize the coach of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, Radosław Hyży.

EB-Investment ZB Pruszków - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 56:81 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Leńczuk 18 (4x3), Musiał 14 (3x3), Skibniewski 13 (1x3), Kulon 12 (3x3), Michałek 10, Dziewa 7, Żeleźniak 3 (1x3), Pietras 2, Bożenko 2, Krakowczyk 0, Sasik 0.

FutureNet welcomes young race driver Maciej Banaś into its sports family!

He's just 12 years-old and also 7 years of car racing experience. Many experts consider him as a true sports diamond and an athlete who may become one of the greatests starts in the future of racing. Now he has joined FutureNet Sports family. Introducing Maciej Banaś from FutureNet Banaś Racing team!

Maciej Banaś started his racing career when he was just 5 years-old. Since then, he’s been racing in various types of cars, including go-karts. As a racer, he competed in Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Czechia. And in 2018, Maciek races in international Swift Cup Europe series.

Year 2018 brought a real breakthrough in Maciek’s career. Hungarian Racing Federation granted him a racing license which Polish Racing Federation agreed to honour. He was then 12 year-old. It means that Maciej Banaś has become the youngest ever rider who received right to race on tracks in Poland. That’s why it’s a great pleasure for FutureNet to cooperate and support with such an awesome and hard working young sportsman.

Tough challenge ahead of FutureNet Imperium Katowice

On Saturday, October 5, FutureNet Imperium Katowice will play its third game of the season. This time, players from the team will face a tough challenge. SPR Sośnica Gliwice, which has yet to be beaten, waits for FutureNet Imperium.

Two games, two wins, 69 goals scored, 49 lost - these numbers show that SPR Sośnica Gliwice is a well-balanced team, solid both in the attack and on the defensive. That's why this team is still unbeaten. In the first series of games, SPR Sośnica Gliwice beat MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz 30:21. A week later it scored next win, this time in Warsaw against AZS-AWF - this match was finished with 36:28 for SPR Sośnica. Here it needs to be pointed out that AZS-AWF Warsaw is considered as one of this season' favourites. So, when a team come to Warsaw and score such a convincing win - it's proof of its great form.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice is an ambitious team and gives its best in each game. So, even if it has to play a strong rival the team still is optimistic before Saturday's game.

First game on the road - another win?

Intense game, hard fighting, victory - the first match of FutureNet Śląska Wrocław in the season was finished as expected. Now basketball players from Wroclaw will play an away game for the first time this season, clashing with EB-Investment Znicz Pruszków.

The match in Pruszków will be held on Friday, October 5, at 6 p.m. FutureNet Śląska players will face a team that has undergone significant changes before the season. The players who were leaders in the previous season, Adrian Kordalski, Mateusz Jarmakowicz, Mikołaj Stopierzyński, Tomasz Madziar and Damian Cechniak, decided to leave the club.

In their place, mainly young basketball players came to EB-Investment Znicza Pruszków. The team signed centre Łukasz Paul, a player with significant experience in Ekstraklasa, as well as young point guard Karol Kamiński. Will this mix of experience and youth work? For now, Znicz has one defeat - in the opening match of the season with Jamalex 1912 Polonia Leszno.

In the first match, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław defeated KKS Probasket Kutno 87:77. The leader was Aleksander Dziewa (26 points) and Norbert Kulon (18 points, 16 assists). FutureNet Śląsk showed an intense game on both sides of the playground. That's the attitude which head coach Radosław Hyży requires. Will this tactic work in the match in Pruszków? We'll find out on a Friday evening.

An important match before VfB Stuttgart

The long-awaited breakthrough has happened and now it's time to maintain a good form. Especially when it comes to fighting with a close neighbour from the league table. VfB Stuttgart will face Hannover 96 in an away game.

For now, H96 is the worst team in the Bundesliga. In six games it didn't win even once and only twice drew. As a result, Hannover 96 holds the last place in the table. Even so, VfB doesn't have a big advantage over the rival: only 3 points. That's why this match is important: the defeat can bring the VfB closer to the last position, and the victory can be a boost to the middle zone in the table.

Coach Tayfun Korkut doesn't have all players at his disposal. Dennis Aogo, Anastasios Donis, Marc Kempf, Alexander Meyer are injured players and are not likely to perform in Hannover. Denis Didavi, who has recently cured the injury, also complains about health.

- In Hannover, VfB will be faced by a club experiencing a similar phase in the Bundesliga. I'm expecting a physically tough game - a striker of VfB Stuttgart Mario Gomez points out.

Photo credit: the official website of VfB Stuttgart.

The victory was close. FutureNet Las Palmas - Rayo Vallecano 1:2

We have another round of matches in the Russian AFL Yoshkar-Ola amateur football league behind us. This time, FutureNet Las Palmas had to admit the superiority of the rival - Rayo Vallecano.

Rayo Vallecano and FutureNet Las Palmas are teams from the top league of AFL. It means that when teams from such a high level face each other, the pitch is full of hard fighting and ambitious game. The victory is usually minimal because none of the teams is able to impose their game conditions.

This time it was Rayo Vallecano who came off the field as the winner. FutureNet Las Palmas players fought hard, but Rayo was slightly better and won. After this defeat, FutureNet Las Palmas has 54 points in the table and has to look behind its back more often because Real Madrid (52 points) chases him rapidly.

Strong performance by FutureNet Maribor futsal team

That kind of beginning of the season is the dream of every team. FutureNet Maribor beat KMN Benedikt by 11:1 in the opening game.

During the match, the advantage of FutureNet Maribor was not threatened even for a moment. Our team managed quickly to gain the lead 4:0. And before the break added three goals so when referee invited both teams for break, FutureNet Maribor led 7:1.

Despite the high advantage, FutureNet Maribor didn't give up the intense and continued to push the rival. The hosts had a big problem to stay on the ball and Maribor was constantly attacking. It helped to score four more goals and to establish the final result as 11:1 for FutureNet Maribor.

Matej Fidersek stood out in the FutureNet Maribor team. The captain of the team scored 6 goals - more than half of its total achievements in this match.

Awesome ride by FutureNet Haas Motorsport in RCN race!

It was a dream weekend for the FutureNet Haas Motorsport rally team! On Saturday, September 29, at the Nurburgring race track its drivers won the first and second place in the race held as a part of RCN cycle.

During the Saturday' race, drivers from our ambitious team twice reached the podium. Jürgen Roth was first in the V4 class race with 19 competitors on the track. And in the class RS4 race with 5 racers on the track, FutureNet Haas Motorsport finished on second place.

These great results are kind of reward for FutureNet Haas Motosport drivers for their full of ambition and willing to win performances throughout the season. And on Saturday, October 6 our team will have another opportunity to prove its raising form - this time during the VLN series, round 8.


Great start of the season for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław!

In the opening match of the season, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław defeated KKS Probasket Kutno 87:77.

It wasn't an easy evening for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. The match with KKS Probasket Kutno was accompanied by high hopes, and therefore also by a lot of pressure. The goal of FutureNet Śląska is to promote to Extraleague in Poland and to reach it, the team can't afford too many slips. FutureNet Śląsk is also one of the favorites in the league, so its rivals will be putting him under more pressure.

It all mixed together in the first half of the match with KKS Probasket Kutno. Until the break FutureNet Śląsk couldn't find its rhythm on the pitch and the rival fought hard. As a result, after two quarters, guests were leading 43:38. and it was quite of a surprise for the fans.

After the break, FutureNet Śląsk finally started to play as expected. Aleksander Dziewa looked great and scored 16 pounts in the second half (26 in total). In the second part of the game, Norbert Kulon switched from the role of main scorer which he had before the break and focused on creating the offensive opportunities for the team. Jakub Musiał and Bartłomiej Pietras also added their points (19 and 17, respectively). FutureNet Śląsk was dangerous both at the distance and under the basket. KKS Probasket Kutno didn't the answer and in the end, the hosts of the game won 87:77.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław – KKS Probasket Kutno 87:77 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Dziewa 26, Musiał 19 (3), Kulon 18 (2), Pietras 17 (1), Żeleźniak 4, Leńczuk 3 (1), Michałek 0, Bożenko 0, Sasik 0, Krakowczyk 0.

Finally, a win! VfB Stuttgart - Werder Bremen 2:1

They did it! Players of VfB Stuttgart have been waiting long for the first victory this season. But patience paid off and VfB finally scored three points with a win over Werder Bremen 2:1.

Only players from Stuttgart scored in this match. VfB led to the break, after Donis' goal scored in 19. minute. Werder had to work hard to tie and managed to do so, with a hughe help from VfB' goalkeeper. In 68. minute, Zieler made a mistake:: he wasn't able to control the ball passed by throw and let it fall into his goal.

Such unlucky events may disrupt the team, but the VfB didn't throw the towel and give up. In the 75. minute, the team regained the lead and also set the final result of the match. The scorer of the three points was experienced Gonzalo Castro. It was the first win for the VfB Stuttgart in the new season and three points scored helped the team to jump away from the relegation zone in the Bundesliga' table.

VfB Stuttgart – Werder Bremen 2:1 (1:0) Goals: Donis (19.), Castro (75.) – Zieler (68. – own goal). VfB Stuttgart: Zieler - Beck, Baumgartl, Pavard, Sosa - Ascacibar, Aogo (52. Castro), Gentner (74. Gonzalez) - Didavi - Donis (61. Thommy), Gomez Werder Bremen: Pavlenka - Gebre Selassie, Veljković, Bargfrede (67. Pizarro), Moisander, Augustinsson (68. Harnik) - Eggestein, Sahin, Klaassen - Kruse, Osako (80. Kainz). Yellow cards: Gomez, Donis, Thommy - Veljković, Bargfrede, Osako. Red card: Veljković.

It's time to start the new futsal season in Slovenia

The long break is over, it's time to start the new futsal league season in Slovenia. FutureNet Maribor has great ambitions and wants to become the country's champion.

Our team will take the first step into its campaign on Friday, September 28 clashing with KMN Benedikt in an away game.

FutureNet Maribor has established a strong position in Slovenian futsal after reaching the double crown in 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 season. These years brouhgt both national championship and cup to the team. Last year was less successful and the team finished league at third place. But this ambitious team doesn't say its final word. After a few transfers done during in the summer break, FutureNet Maribor is ready to be back at the champions' track.

A crucial season for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław starts

It's time to start the new season in the 1st Basketball League in Poland. For FutureNet Śląska Wrocław this season is to be a breakthrough. There is one goal in front of the team: to gain promotion to the highest league in Poland.

A few months ago, FutureNet became the titular sponsor of Śląsk Wrocław. This step was aimed to help in the reconstruction process of the team. Śląsk is the most successful basketball club in Poland, which has 17 titles of the champion of Poland. In the last couple of years, the club has had problems and played in the lower leagues in recent years. But undoubtedly its place is among the best teams in Poland.

During the summer break, FutureNet Śląsk has undergone significant changes. A few experienced players joined the team. It's Robert Skibniewski, a great point guard and Śląsk' pupil who will also fill in the role of playing assistant coach and the Kulon brothers: Norbert and Maksym. Aleksander Leńczuk, a solid shooter is also back to start his second adventure with FutureNet Śląsk. Club officials also managed to sign the contract with Bartłomiej Pietras - a young centre who is considered as one of the best young basketball players in Poland.

In the 2018/2019 season, 16 teams will be fighting in the league. At the end, three of them will advance to Ekstraklasa and three will say goodbye to the first league. The fight for promotion won't be easy. Apart from FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, Jamalex 1912 Polonia Leszno, Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut and Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz also have quite big ambitions. As you can see there are four favorites, but only three slots which will guarantee a promotion. It means that the fight for success will be tough. However, FutureNet Śląsk has a strong, wide squad and ambitious coach Radosław Hyży who will surely squeeze out the best of his players.

For more detailed information about FutureNet Śląsk' team, league table and schedule please click HERE.

Final Omega class regatta in Myślibórz: the last step to Polish Cup 2018

At the end of the sailing season in Poland, the FutureNet Sailing crew checked in Myślibórz at the final of the Polish Cup.

Weather forecasts sounded promising. Wind around 7 on the Beaufort scale and the sun - that's what sailors like the most. After a success in the Polish Championship tournament which was a huge motivational boost, we started the first day of the regatta perfectly. We finished first three races in 1st place.

Afterwards, the strong wind collected the harvest on the water. Dump trucks, torn sails, broken booms, torn waddings caused a lot of shuffle among the crews. Then we finished other races in 4th and 3rd place respectively. After 5 gears we sailed from waters satisfied  but also heavily tired due to difficult, demanding weather conditions.

Another day greeted with us sun but also definitely a lighter wind. We set off on water. The judge of regatta has scheduled 4 races. The fate of the Polish Cup was weighing until the end final qualification. We kept our performance on very even level, finishing races in 1, 3, 2 and 2 place respectively. Then the two worst places of each team were rejected in scope of establishing the final results. And it turned out that we won this tournament.

In the end, judges also announced the final classification of the Polish Cup 2018, with results from all of this season regatta' included. The FutureNet Sailing crew obtained the maximum possible number of points to get and became the Polish Cup 2018 winners!

RB Leipzig - VfB Stuttgart 2:0

VfB Stuttgart is still waiting for its first win of the season. On Wednesday, the team led by coach Tayfun Korkut had a tough away game with RB Leipzig.

In the previous matches of the season, RB played on the average level and now it's trailing to leading Bayern Munchen by 6 points. But RB Leipzig is always dangerous at own stadium. This is the lesson that VfB was taught on Wednesday. In the dying moments of the first half, RB took the lead surprisingly when Willi Orban scored.

As they say in football when you lost a goal just before the break it's always hard to fight back. But VfB was doing its best to overturn the scenario. Coach Tayfun Korkut did changes early and send to the pitch in the 54th minute two reserve players: Gonzales and Badstuber. But it didn't work out. RB Leipzig managed to maintain the lead and in 80. minute Jean-Kevin Augustin made it 2:0 for RB Leipzig.

RB Leipzig - VfB Stuttgart 2:0 (1:0) Goals: Orban (45.), Augustin (80.) RB Leipzig: Gulacsi – Mukiele (77. Laimer), Orban, Upamecano, Halstenberg – Sabitzer, Kampl, Demme, Forsberg (89. Ilsanker 89) – Werner (74. Augustin), Poulsen VfB Stuttgart: Zieler – Maffeo (54. Badstuber), Pavard, Baumgartl, Sosa – Gentner, Ascacibar, Aogo, Thommy (78. Donis) – Akolo (54. Gonzalez), Gomez.

FutureNet Haas Motorsport: update after VLN Race, round 7

On September 22, the 7th of VLN Race held on the Nurburgring track in Germany was held. Drivers from the FutureNet Haas Motorsport racing team started in this event. How did they finish? We have an update prepared by the representatives of FutureNet Haas Motorsport.

Honestly we had planned more for VLN 7, but unfortunately, sometimes everything is different than you think. After a small impact in the morning in qualifying in the Hatzenbach area, we had to start from 13th on the grid.

Our drivers had done a lot, knowing that the team was actually going forward. In the first 3 laps there was a strong group of 4, in which was well-fought and our first driver, Marcel Haas, drove his personal best. Unfortunately, he had to let go of the group with a creeping flat foot. At the driveway section Galgenkopf, he had a complete punch of the tire so that he hit the guardrails

After a long journey to the involuntary pit stop, we were now the last in the classification. With a great catch-up race, in which our 2nd driver Simon Sagmeister also improved his best time by 11 seconds, we finished in 13th place with 2 laps to go. Our fastest driver Jürgen Huber blew the attack again, because we could still make it to 10th place in terms of time. When Jürgen overtook the driver lying 12th on the outside in the Hatzenbach area and passed him by, he drove us back onto the rim in the following corner, causing the wishbone and the axle to take a hit and we could not drive faster than 140 km/h. As a result, we dropped back from 12th position and finished 16th out of a total of 26 cars.

Maksym Kulon has signed the contract with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

Shooting guard Maksym Kulon has signed the deal with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. He's the last new player signed by the team during the summer break.

Maksym Kulon is a 25-yeard-old shooting guard who was raised as a player in Śląsk' junior teams. During the last two seasons, he played abroad: in Jamalex 1912 Polonia Leszno and Doral Nysa Kłodzko. Now he decided to return to Wrocław and strengthen the team led by coach Radosław Hyży. Maksym Kulon will play important role in the team, giving strong backup as a highly-skilled shooting guard. His basketball experience and full-court intensity will help the team for sure in the upcoming season.

For the full squad of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, please check the link HERE.

A great run in Warsaw!

It was a great day for Gared, horse from the FutureNet stable. On Sunday, Saturday 23, Gared competed with six other horses at Służewiec race track in Warsaw, Poland. This race was held in the category for horses 4-year-old or older horses on a 1.6 km track.

Gared made a great performance. He did an outstanding job, leading the race from the start to the finish line. It wasn't easy to win because other riders pushed Gared hard but he did it.

To watch Gared's great run in Warsaw, please click HERE.

Russian AFL League: Athletic Bilbao-FutureNet Las Palmas 3:1

In the 21 series of games in the Russian AFL amateur league, FutureNet Las Palmas faced the current leader of the league, Athletic Bilbao.

Our team had to face very serious resistance from the opponent and had to recoup during the game. During the game, FutureNet Las Palmas managed to equalize the score but eventually, it didn't help and Athletic was a stronger team this evening. FutureNet Las Palmas played well and fought for every ball, but football is a game and defeats happen.

After this loss, FutureNet Las Palmas is currently on the third place in league's table.

FutureNet Sailing Team: winners of Polish Cup 2018!

It's a great success for the FutureNet Sailing Team! On September 21-23, the final regatta of the Polish Cup in sailing' Omega class was held in Myślibórz.

Before the competition, our team had an advantage in the general classification and was almost sure of the final victory. But one of the most important rules of sports says you must give 100 percent until the game or competition is over. So, sailors from the FutureNet Team did their best and in Myślibórz clinched the top spot in the general classification of Polish Cup 2018. It's their first ever win in Polish Cup.

It's worth to mention that a few weeks ago FutureNet Sailing Team won Polish Championship. One sailing season - two prestigious trophies. It just couldn't be a better year for the FutureNet Sailing Team!

VfB Stuttgart - Fortuna Düsseldorf 0:0

The first win is still to come. VfB Stuttgart had high hopes before the match against Fortuna Düsseldorf. With a support of more than 50,000 fans at the stadium, VfB wanted to dominate Fortuna and score its first three points of the season.

Eventually, the game finished tied to a goalless draw. Fortuna proved that has good defensive abilities and managed to keep a clean sheet. On the other hand, VfB also performed good in defence but missed effectiveness in the offence. And the team managed by coach Tayfun Korkut drew its second match in a row.

VfB Stuttgart - Fortuna Düsseldorf 0:0

The squad of VfB Stuttgart: Zieler - Insua, Baumgartl, Pavard, Beck - Ascacibar, Castro, Akolo (85. Özcan), Akolo (57. Thommy), Gentner (74. Donis) - Gonzalez, Mario Gomes.

FutureNet Śląsk finished fourth in The Marshall of Opolskie Cup 2018

Players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław had tough preseason workouts behind them. So, it wasn't easy for the team to compete during The Marshall of Opolskie Voivodeship 2018 Cup which was held on September 21-22 in the city of Prudnik. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław lost both games of the tournament. On Friday, FutureNet Śląsk lost with Pogoń Prudnik 91:83. It was a quite strange game. Until the break there was a draw 43:43. In the second half, Pogoń managed to taken a convincing lead but in the 4th quarter FutureNet Śląsk was trailing with only 2 points. But in the end, the hosts of the tournament turned up the speed and held the victory in their hands.

Points for FutureNet ŚląskWrocław against Pogoń Prudnik: Musiał 21, Żeleźniak 17, Dziewa 15, Michałek 6, Skibniewski 6, N. Kulon 5, Pietras 5, M. Kulon 4, Krakowczyk 4, Bożenko 0.

On Saturday, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław faced Górnik Wałbrzych in the match which has a third place of the tournament as a stake. This time, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław also was defeated and Górnik won 89:80. It was a surprising loss for Śląsk even though two important players - assistant coach, playmaker Robert Skibniewski and shooter Aleksander Leńczuk - didn't play due to injuries.

Points for FutureNet Śląsk against Górnik Wałbrzych: N. Kulon 27, Dziewa 19, Żeleźniak 9, Musiał 7, Krakowczyk 7, Pietras 5, Michałek 2, Tomczak 2, M. Kulon 2, Bożenko 0.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice - MTS Żory 31:22

Greetings with the fans in Katowice was successful. On Saturday, September 22, women handball team FutureNet Imperium Katowice presented itself on its home court for the first time in the freshly-started season. MTS Żory was its first rival. After a loss with UKS Varsovia Warsaw in the opening game of the season, FutureNet Imperium wanted to get back on the track with a victory. And it reached its goal - FutureNet Imperium Katowice beat MTS Żory 31:22, scoring a convincing win.

Final moments of Polish Cup 2018 in sailing

On September 22-23, the city of Myślibórz will host a special event - the last regatta as a part of Polish Cup in Omega class. The FutureNet Sailing team is on the verge of clinching the trophy!

A few weeks ago, FutureNet Sailing team become Polish champion in Omega class. But the key difference is that it was a single event and competitions of the Polish Cup are scheduled for a few months. That's why it's even more difficult to reach the main trophy because sailors must maintain the perfect shape during each event.

Before the last regatta, FutureNet Sailing team holds the first place in the general classification. In Myślibórz our sailors aim to take the last step, confirm their dominance and reach their first-ever win in Polish Cup in Omega class.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will play in the tournament in Prudnik

On September 21-22, the city of Prudnik will be the host of the Marshall of Opolskie Voivodeship Cup 2018. Four teams will fight for the win, including FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław.

On Friday, September 21, at 5 p.m, Jamalex 1912 Polonia Leszno will clash with Górnik Wałbrzych. Later thad day at 7:15 p.m. Pogoń Prudnik - host of the tournament - will face FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. Award for winners of both games? Spot in the Saturday's finale. Losers will have to play for third place.

A week ago, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław clinched its first significant success this season by wining the 1 Adam Wójcik Memorial - FutureNet Cup 2018. As there's only one week left before the start of new season, basketball team from Wrocław supported by FutureNet wants to send strong message to its competitors by winning the next tournament - this time in Prudnik.