Milena Chorążewska prepares for new challenges

6 November 2018

After demanding season with successes, horse rider Milena Chorążewska and her horse Bajer currently have recovery time to recuperate before the new challenges. This duo should be back on the race track in December.

At the beginning of September 2018, Milena Chorążewska raced in the final edition of Baltic Cup 2018 and scored two bronze medals in two racing categories. It was a great finish of demanding racing year. That’s why coach Łukasz Lesner ordered: Bajer needs at least 2 months rest.

While the horse recovers, Milena Chorążewska participated in many trainings for horse racing pupils. But every recovery time ends. That’s why Milena and her coach started to work over the racing schedule for the upcoming season. At first, Milena and Bajer want to get back on racing track in December, in some minor races. And from the beginning of 2019, Milena and her talented horse will try to do the next step in their development and start in some higher rated races.