Maksymilian Bratkowicz

Maksymilian Bratkowicz

Bravery, strength and striving for sports perfection - these are the traits that make Maksymilian Bratkowicz stand out. He comes from Wroclaw, Poland, is 25-years old and has a reputation of a great fighter. Currently, Maksymilian Bratkowicz is a member of the Gym-Fight Wrocław club. His career reminds of the importance of trust between the player and the coach. Maksymilian has been working together with Rafał Peteril for years.

He has several titles in his portfolio: Polish K1 Championship (2018), DSF Federation Championship Challenge (2018), K1 World Champion (Budapest 2017), Hero distinction granted by Polish Kickboxing Federation for the best fighter (2017), winner of Slovak Open Cup (2016).

But this is not the end of Maximilian's success list. It’s worth to mention that he finished on the podium in the following tournaments: Austrian Classic K1 World Cup (2017), Polish K1 Championship (2016, 2017) and K1 European Cup (2016), Polish Low Kick Championship (2016).

In September 2018, Maksymilian Bratkowicz fought in WAKO K1 European Cup 2018 in Prague. He won four from five of his fights, losing in the final clash with Yauheni Vauchok (Belarus), winner of the WAKO K1 European Cup in 2017.

As you can see, during his career Maksymilian Bratkowicz proved that he knows how to reach for the highest goals.


K1 European Championship in Slovakia: Maks Bratkowicz finished in quarterfinals

Maksymilian Bratkowicz ended the K1 European Championships 2018 in Slovakia in the quarterfinals. Our fighter fought hard and lost very narrow - by only one point - with Ukrainian Vladyslav Fostenko. It was a very bizarre fight. Maksymilian Bratkowicz was in the lead for the most of the fight, he fought hard and it seemed that he would advance. But at such a high level of competition there is no room for even a single moment of weakness. Vladyslav Fostenko took advantage of Bratkowicz's moment of inattention, hit a few accurate and strong blows. And it helped him not only to recover and also to take the lead. And after the fight, the judges ruled that Fostenko won with one point. Before the tournament in Slovakia, Maksymilian Bratkowicz had great hopes for success. He wanted to win a medal - at least a bronze one. Unfortunately, sport is sometimes cruel and verifies plans. However, Maks is a tough fighter and a great character. We're sure that after this defeat he will come back stronger and even better as an athlete.

Maks Bratkowicz will fight for the European Championship!

It will be one of the most important tournaments in the career of Maksymilian Bratkowicz. From 16 to 20 October in Bratislava (Slovakia) he will fight in the K1 European Championships! Maksymilian Bratkowicz was appointed to the Polish national team K1 and will fight in the weight category Senior up to 86 kg. It will his most important tournament this year. He already has the Polish K1 championship and the K1 World Championship title but he's still waiting for the gold medal in the European tournament. Now he has a chance to get him in Bratislava. From Tuesday to Thursday in Bratislava there will be qualifying battles in individual weight categories. On Friday and Saturday, the winners will fight for medals in the final tournaments. The end of the European Championships in Slovakia and medalists' decoration are scheduled for Saturday, October 20, at 3 p.m.

Maksymilan Bratkowicz won second place at WAKO K1 European Cup 2018

During the WAKO K1 European Cup 2018 in Prague, Maksymilian Bratkowicz gave a great a show of bravery, ambition and will to fight. He won three fights, with a rival from Belarus, Moldova and Lithuania respectively. In the final fight of the tournament in men's category in 86 kg in weight, Maksymilian Bratkowicz clashed with Yauheni Vauchok (Belarus), winner of the WAKO K1 European Cup in 2017. It was a very hard fight for both men. Initially, referees judged that Bratkowicz is a winner. But after the council, they decided to change their first decision and named Vauchok as a winner. Maksymilian Bratkowicz was very angry because of this sudden change but the verdict remained unchanged and in the end, he finished with a silver medal.

WAKO K1 European Cup, September 6-9, Prague

It will be the first autumn' challenge for Maksymilian Bratkowicz. On September 6-9, he will compete in WAKO K1 European Cup in Czech Republic capital, Prague. The tournament is attractive for athletes from around the world. In 2017, WAKO K1 European Cup attracted more than 230 fighters from around 20 countries. As the organizers ensure, in this year's edition the numbers will be similar. And it means that the great event of martial arts is coming. Maksymilian Bratkowicz will go to Prague with one simple goal: to become the best in his fight category.

Three training camps done!

Polish K1 national team camp in Zakopane, Gym-Fight team training camp in Rogowo and second Polish K1 camp, again in Zakopane - this summer is a time of hard work for Maksymilian Bratkowicz. During each one, the young fighter from Wrocław squeezed himself like a lemon to be fully prepared for challenges planned for autumn. The biggest one will be K1 European Championship held in October in Slovakia.

Summer hard workouts before challenges in autumn

Maksymilian Bratkowicz, a young and talented fighter from Wrocław, spends summer at training camps. In autumn, he will start in a few important tournaments: Europe Cup WAKO K1 Cup in the Czech Republic (September) and European K1 Championship in Slovakia (October). And in December, he will fight in a professional fight entitled DSF Kickboxing Challenge.