“I believe it will be a great season” [INTERVIEW]

6 February 2019

– I’m more than sure that the upcoming season will be great for Milena and her horse Bajer – says Łukasz Lesner, coach of Milena Chorążewska (horse rider supported by FutureNet) in the interview with FutureNet Sport.  

FutureNet Sport: How did the last months of preparations for the new season of Milena and Bajer look like?
Łukasz Lesner (coach of Milena Chorążewska and horse Bajer): We’ve had already a control start before the open season, a parkour held in hippodrome in Sopot, Poland. In the upcoming weeks, we will have a lot of work to do during training, focusing on Bajer’s strength and technical improvement to maximize the jump.

How would you rate as the coach of this duo their start in Sopot, which according to you still needs improvement?
As I’ve mentioned before, we have the 1st control start in the books. We delivered all the assumptions which we had before the competition in Sopot. We also noticed that there are still elements to improve and we’ll work on this in the near future.

What are your predictions and expectations in relation to further starts of our duo?
I’m sure that predictions are very promising. Thanks to hard work in recent months, Milena and Bajer made a big progress. Now you can see their potential even better, and in the open competitions this season they will prove it definitely.

What are the plans for this season?
I can reveal that the plans for the start season in 2019 are very ambitious, we want to compete in several prestigious events. I won’t reveal the details yet, as they say in Poland – it’s better not to say because you may catch the bad luck.