Horse rider Milena Chorążewska

Horse rider Milena Chorążewska

When she was 11 years old, Milena Chorążewska discovered her passion for horse riding. And this love accompanies her to this day, bringing great successes. She’s also a great example of how amazing cooperation between human and horse can be as horse riding has a great load of majesty.

In 2018, Milena Chorążewska and her horse Bajer competed in The Baltic Cup 2018. Thanks to a great performance during the last race of the season, this duo has achieved great success. Milena finished the competition at the podium, twice on third place (race categories: LL and L).

It’s always a long road to the top, filled with a lot of commitment and hard work. Milena Chorążewska also walked through such path. She cooperated with the best horse riders from all over the world in such countries as Marocco, Canada, Portugal or Spain.

As she points out, the time of gaining a lot of experience was when she worked for the WKD Team - Sycamore Stable in Ireland. Then Milena Chorążewska took part in many horse riding events across entire Europe, being responsible for different aspects of preparation for the competitions.

In 2010, Milena Chorążewska became an owner of horse Bajer, deriving from the Zangersheide horse line. It was 2,5 years old then and become beautiful, strong and fast very skilled in jumping over obstacles. Bajer is also very friendly, calm and gentle for the people. It's also worth to mention that Milena Chorążewska works with coach Łukasz Lesner from the Pegaz Reda stable.


Milena Chorążewska in the fight for Indoor Championship of Pomerania, Poland

It will be the first big challenge for horse racer Milena Chorążewska in 2019. On March 15-17, Milena and her horse Bajer will run in the important tournament in Sopot, Poland. Sopot, the beautiful city close to the Baltic Sea, will be the host of the Indoor Championship of Pomerania district in Poland. The competition will be held on March 15-17, 2019. Milena Chorążewska, a talented rider powered by FutureNet together with her horse Bajer, will try to score the win. At the beginning of January 2019, our talented duo competed in Jump OFF series, held also in Sopot. It was a quite successful time for Milena and Bajer, as they showed the results of hard work which they've made in the autumn and winter 2018. - It was a very difficult physical competition for a rider, but most of all I have a lot of reasons to be happy about it. Bajer made great progress, so we have a strong base for optimism before the next starts in the season - Milena Chorążewska told us after Jump OFF 2019. Now it's time for more serious competition. As Milena told us, she's a little bit nervous but in a very positive, sportsmanship way and also motivated. And we keep our fingers crossed for the best result of Milena and Bajer!

Horse racer Milena Chorążewska after the first race in 2019

A successful beginning of 2019 for Milena Chorążewska and her horse Bajer. On January 26-27, duo supported by FutureNet started in Sopot, Poland and had a great 2 days of racing. The competition was held on January 26-27 in the hippodrome in Sopot, Poland. Bajer and Milena Chorążewska were able to check the effects of their work in previous months in racing conditions. As Milena says, the effects were better than she supposed. - During the 2 days of the competition we took 4 rides. Each of them was "clean" and Bajer didn't make any mistakes. You can see the effects of training, because Bajer has become very precise and attentive to the track - says our rider. On Saturday, 72 horses stepped into the track in Sopot, and Milena with Bajer took 6th place. A day later, 76 horses took off, and Milena-Bajer finished the competition on 10th place. - It was a very difficult physical competition for a rider, but most of all I have a lot of reasons to be happy about it. Bajer made great progress, so we have a strong base for optimism before the next starts in the season - says Milena Chorążewska.

Milena Chorążewska and horse Bajer returns on the racetrack!

It’s time to end the break between seasons and to go back to work! On Saturday, December 8, Milena Chorążewska riding a horse Bajer will perform at the JUMP OFF series in Sopot. In 2019, Milena Chorążewska-Bajer duo wants to participate in higher-ranking competitions than those in which they fought in the previous season. The goal is ambitious, which means that it’s time to start intensive preparation. At the launch, they will visit Sopot in Poland and take part in the JUMP OFF competition. – We want to check Bajer’s shape, implement him in the rhythm of work after the break to be ready for January for regional and higher competitions. We also like to run with good technique and without dropping obstacles – explains Milena Chorążewska.

Milena Chorążewska prepares for new challenges

After demanding season with successes, horse rider Milena Chorążewska and her horse Bajer currently have recovery time to recuperate before the new challenges. This duo should be back on the race track in December. At the beginning of September 2018, Milena Chorążewska raced in the final edition of Baltic Cup 2018 and scored two bronze medals in two racing categories. It was a great finish of demanding racing year. That's why coach Łukasz Lesner ordered: Bajer needs at least 2 months rest. While the horse recovers, Milena Chorążewska participated in many trainings for horse racing pupils. But every recovery time ends. That's why Milena and her coach started to work over the racing schedule for the upcoming season. At first, Milena and Bajer want to get back on racing track in December, in some minor races. And from the beginning of 2019, Milena and her talented horse will try to do the next step in their development and start in some higher rated races.

Our horse rider Milena Chorążewska is not only an active sportswoman. She also trains young horse riding enthusiasts. On September 9 2018, one of her pupils riding horse Bajer finished on the second place during the competition in Pegaz Reda stable. That's how Milena share her horse racing experience with younger riders.

A silent hero behind Milena's success

On September 1 2018, Milena Chorążewska with her horse Bajer noted a great success. This duo finished twice on third place in two categories of Baltic Cup 2018. The competition was difficult. As Milena Chorążewska explains, the parkour was very difficult and challenging for many riders. So, the wise tactics were necessary. It was not only about riding fast but - most of all - with a clever plan to conquer each obstacle. There’s a silent hero behind Milena Chorążewska and Bajer's success. It’s Łukasz Lesner, coach of the duo. He has rich experience in horse racing and knows how to manage the talents of riders. Just take a look at the numbers. During the last 5 years, riders led by coach Lesner 5 times finished on the podium of Polish Championship and Polish Cup. And in 2013-2014, coach Łukasz Lesner was awarded as the best horse riding coach in Polish Pomeranian district. It’s also worth to mention that many riders coached by Łukasz Lesner won medals in Pomeranian district local championships. So it’s obvious: Milena Chorążewska along with Bajer is in good hands.

Twice on the podium. A great success of Milena Chorążewska!

Saturday, September 1 was a great day for horse rider Milena Chorążewska. On that day, the final of Baltic Cup 2018 was held. The competition took place in the town of Salino in Pomerania (Poland). Before it started, one was obvious: fight for the win will be tough because the gap between riders on the podium was very narrow. Predictions have come true. Milena and her horse Bajer had to show most of their skills to cross the finish line. As Milena points out, obstacles at the racetrack were difficult to handle and some of the riders didn't complete the race. Fortunately, Milena did her job and managed to finish the Baltic Cup 2018 on the podium. She finished at the third place in two categories: LL and L.

Winner of the J. J. Darboven - Baltic Cup competition

On August 18, the J. J. Darboven - Baltic Cup competition in the city of Rumia was held. Milena Chorążewska and her horse Bajer started in this competition and gave a great performance finishing in first place. It was a tough piece to bite and only 8 from 40 horses submitted to the competition in total managed to reach the final stage. An additional obstacle was the specificity of the racetrack. It was more about the technique of racing than to race fast. As Milena Chorążewska points out, the key factor for the win was clever tactics and skilful use of shortcuts on the track. And in the end, she and Bajer did it. It's a very good sign just a few days before the last race of Baltic Cup 2018 which will be held on September 1.

The last step to the win in Baltic Cup 2018

September 1 - this day may hold a very important place in Milena Chorążewska's career. On this day, the Baltic Cup final will take place in the city of Salino. Before the last competition, Milena Chorążewska has only one point loss to the leader in two racing categories. So she has a great chance to overtake current leader and reach for the 1st place.