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FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

Śląsk Wrocław is a club - a legend in Polish basketball, with a beautiful history also in European tournaments. Founded in 1947, the team followed the path of success in the following decades. Śląsk won the national championship 17 times, which is still the absolute record of Poland. Seven times Śląsk was runner-up and also won Polish Cup 14 times.

When Śląsk Wrocław reached for its biggest successes, the fans filled sports halls to the last place. Many legendary players have been associated with Śląsk for all these years. Mieczysław Łopatka, Dariusz Zelig, Keith Williams, Charles O’Bannon, Dominik Tomczyk, Maciej Zieliński, Adam Wójcik, Michał Ignerski, Raimonds Miglinieks, Joe McNaull, Harold Jamison, Lynn Greer and many, many others... Their names are still respected in Polish sport to this day.

The last 10 years have been a bit more difficult for Śląsk Wrocław. But the team is fighting to get back to its rightful place in the Polish basketball league. With FutureNet as the new titular sponsor, Śląsk sets out on the road for further successes. As promised by FutureNet Śląsk President Michał Lizak: - We mentally move from the organization in preparation for an organization that has specific goals and results to achieve.

In September 2018, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław was a host of the 1. Adam Wójcik Memorial - FutureNet Cup. Four teams participated in the tournament: besides FutureNet Śląsk also BioFarm Basket Poznań, WKK Wrocław and Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław won both of its games (with the team from Pruszków and with WKK) and become the winner of entire tournament.


Difficult month for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. Take one: with ENEA Astoria Bydgoszcz

December will be a difficult month for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. Our team will play three matches with opponents from the top league table. The first one will be ENEA Astoria Bydgoszcz and this game is scheduled for Saturday, December 8. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is currently the best team in the league, and its balance is respectful. In 12 games, our team won 10 times, has 22 points and leads in the league. The team of the coach Radosław Hyży has already proved that it can play a very good basketball, but in December will have to give a lot of itself to keep the leader's chair. FutureNet Śląsk will play with ENEA Astoria Bydgoszcz, in the derby of Wrocław with WKK and with Rawlplug Sokol Łańcut (currently league's runner-up). In each of these matches, FutureNet Śląsk will have to put a lot of effort and health to win. To start with, FutureNet Śląsk will go abroad to Bydgoszcz for a match with ENEA Astoria. This is a team that takes 5th place in the table. ENEA Astoria won 8 from 12 games, what's interesting - played better away (5 wins in 7 games) than on its homeground. This team is dangerous in the offence (almost 81 points per match on average) and is strong in battle on the boards (almost 40 rebounds per game, of which almost 11 offensive). ENEA Astoria Bydgoszcz has several players worth paying attention to. The small forward Paweł Śpica scores almost 15 points per game and is the team's top scorer. He's supported by an experienced point guard Marcin Nowakowski, who has a very good average over 12 points and 6 assists in the match. Under the rim, strong centre Jakub Dłuski (11 points and more than 5 rebounds in the match) always make rivals' life harder, supported by Mikolaj Gród (10.7 points, 8 rebounds). For ENEA Astoria also plays a veteran of Polish basketball, Grzegorz Kukiełka (almost 11 points per game).

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław: Maciej Krakowczyk left the team

Maciej Krakowczyk, 22-years-old small or power forward has terminated his contract with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. During the season, Maciej Krakowczyk wasn't the first choice of FutureNet Śląsk' coach Radosław Hyży. He played only around 13 minutes per game on average - not enough for young player who needs to play and improve his skills. Krakowczyk had also about 5 points and 3 rebounds per game. In the future, Maciej Krakowczyk had no chance for more minutes of the game, because in FutureNet Śląsk the line-up is balanced and coach Hyży bets on other players. That's why Krakowczyk asked club's officials to terminate his contract and his request was accepted.

Total domination. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - STK Czarni Słupsk 96:83

There’s regular winning and then there’s the way in which FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław won with STK Czarni Słupsk. It could be described as an absolute domination on the court. At first, we were a bit disoriented. We couldn’t fully realize our coach’s tactic. But with time it got way better. This match wasn’t easy, the very ending showed that the opponent was ready to use the brief moments of deconcentration to their advantage. - that’s how Kamil Michałek, player of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, commented on the match. The slow start didn’t stop our team from putting up a good fight against their opponents. The final score was 96:83. This kind of victory will surely make them even stronger. Norbert Kulon, Śląsk’s point guard, deserves a special praise for his performance. He alone scored 24 points and made a true highlight reel moment with his buzzer beater from the half of the court during the end of Q3! Thanks to this victory FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław remains the leader of their league!

Second loss of the season. Pogoń Prudnik – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 87:80

As we anticipated, Pogoń Prudnik turned out to be a very demanding rival for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. That’s why our team lost to Pogoń 80:87 and noted a second defeat of the season. Pogoń Prudnik plays great in its own hall. Before the match against FutureNet Śląsk, the team from Prudnik lost only once at home this season. It also promised the team from Wrocław will have to face a very difficult task. And these predictions were confirmed straight from the start of this game. Pogoń played well balanced basketball, its players were better in 1:1 matchups, and in defense the home team was still pulling FutureNet Silesia out of the rhythm. As a result, Pogoń was clearly 49:41 after two quarters of the game. In FutureNet Śląsk, Aleksander Dziewa took the team on his shoulders and kept it alive with great performance on both ends of the playground. In the second half of the match, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław fell in serious trouble ans was trailing even by 15 points. The hosts knew well how to neutralize the strengths of the visiting team, and they did a great job in the offensive game. Therefore, the team from Wroclaw was able to only reduce the loss to 5 points, for more the hosts didn’t allow. Eventually, the match ended with the result 87:80 for Pogon Prudnik.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław faces touch rival: Pogoń Prudnik

It's time to end the break and to return to the field! Basketball players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will play in Prudnik with Pogoń. It will be a difficult match with an uncomfortable opponent. After 10 games of the season, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has 9 wins and is currently the best team in the league. That's why everyone in the club from Wroclaw is full of optimism. In Prudnik, it is slightly less joyful. The team was supposed to fight for promotion to the Energa Basket League, but for now it seems that this mission will be hard to complete. In 10 matches, Pogoń won only a half. Such a result of the team led by coach Tomasz Michalak is a disappointment, because the team from Prudnik is only 9th in the table. This shows that in Prudnik they didn't dream of such a beginning of the season. Despite the troubles, Pogoń still can be a dangerous team for everyone in this league. The team from Prudnik has several leaders. It's a small forward Wojciech Pisarczyk (average 17 points and 6.6 rebounds per game), raised in junior teams of FutureNet Śląsk point guard Tomasz Prostak (average 15.9 points and 3.2 assists per match), very experienced 37-year-old power forward Marcin Sroka (12.8 points, 4.4 rebounds) and another veteran of Polish basketball, point guard Grzegorz Mordzak (8.8 points and 3.9 assists for the match). They are players, who at any moment can catch the rhythm very dangerous for the rival and make their life on the pitch a lot harder. In addition, the sports hall Obuwnik in Prudnik is very specific. The fans sit there practically at the pitch, which creates an amazing atmosphere - very difficult for every visiting team. This season, own four walls are a big advantage of Pogoń, who lost only once in 5 games. And it all shows that FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will face a difficult task in Prudnik.

Quick summary of 10 games played so far by FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

After 10 games of the season, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is the leader in the 1st Basketball League in Poland. Our team won 9 games, showed a lot of good basketball. Coach Radosław Hyży and point guard Norbert Kulon summarize the first stage of the competition. Coach Radosław Hyży is satisfied with how his team looked in the first 10 games of the season. – You can definitely say for the moment that the team is developing and going in the right direction – that’s what I enjoy the most – comments the coach of FutureNet Śląsk. In the coach’s opinion, his team improved those elements of the game that didn’t look their good in the previous season: concentration in matches with theoretically weaker teams. – In the previous season we lost a few matches, in which it seemed that we faced teams with whom we shouldn’t have bigger problems. In the current season, we manage to win in such meetings, and the balance at this moment is very good. What must FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław improve? Radosław Hyży thinks that his players and the coaching staff have to put a lot of work on the implementation of tactical plans. This is the key to winning the league. – After another win, it’s sometimes hard to realize that 100% mobilization is needed in every match, and 75% level of reaching of our tactics, otherwise we won’t win. I repeat once again: this league is leveled. There is no such disparity as in previous years, where on certain trips it was almost a sure victory. Experienced point guard Norbert Kulon, who joined FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław before the season, shares the views of coach Radosław Hyży. – So far, the oncentration has been our biggest problem. With a set of such talented players, concentration and belief in one’s own skills is crucial. We have tactics based on many shots and on a very offensive game. So we can’t – like in Krakow where we suffered our only loss so far – avoid any element in the attack: stop the shots or hesitate. Such downtimes will cost us lost – says Norbert Kulon.

The great series goes on. Biofarm Basket Poznań – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 70:79

It was a long series of games and lot of hard work to do for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław players. But finally, this true marathon has come to the end. In Poznań, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Biofarm Basket 79:70 and scored its 9th win in 10 games of the season. FutureNet Śląsk had to play several games within a few weeks. It was very demanding series – especially when it comes to the physical resistance. Players from Wrocław had a full right to be tired, even though coach Radosław Hyży distributed minutes on the pitch wisely. But despite this run, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław proved its quality and lost only one game. In Poznań, local team Biofarm Basket forced FutureNet Śląsk a lot of effort. After two quarters played, the hosts vere leading 36:30. It was a kind of surprise for our team and a signal that in the second half even harder effort will be needed. Shooting efficiency and rebounding also needed to be improved as FutureNet Śląsk before the break was worst than the host team. In Q3, FutureNet Śląsk was playing better in the offence, scored 23 points in total and had 51 before Q4. Our team was shooting better from the perimeter and also improved its defence. But the hosts still played intense and hard so its loss to FutureNet Śląsk was only 51:53. In Q4, FutureNet Śląsk finally started 3-points shooting. Robert Skibniewski scored twice, Tomasz Żeleźniak and Jakub Musiał added single three-pointers and Biofarm Basket was a little shocked. However, the hosts managed to return to the game and reduced its loss to 70:73. But then players of FutureNet Śląsk was more cold-blooded, added 6 points from the free throw line and the hosts weren’t able to score once again. The final result was 79:70 for FutureNet Śląsk. The best scorer of FutureNet was Jakub Musiał (22 points) supported by Aleksander Dziewa (17 points, 14 rebounds) and Tomasz Żeleźniak (12 points, 5 rebounds).

To grab an away win and stay on the leader’s chair. FutureNet Śląsk faces Biofarm Basket Poznań

It was a long series of matches in a short period of time, but FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is closing to well-deserved rest. On Saturday, November 10, our team will play an away game against Biofarm Basket Poznań. The nearest future rival of FutureNet Śląsk is currently one of the weaker teams in the league. Players from Poznan currently hold 13th place in the table among 16 teams. In 8 games, Biofarm won only twice. This is a result below the fans’ expectations. On Saturday, Biofarm Basket will try to show its good side in front of its own audience. That’s why FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław must be fully-focused in Poznań. The team of coach Radosław Hyży has already had a few opportunities to find out that the theoretically weaker rivals in matches it get additional motivation. There are a few players in Biofarm Basket Poznań who deserve more attention. Currently, the best scorer of the team is center Mikołaj Kurpisz, who scores on average over 14 points and 10 rebounds per game. He is supported by point guard Tomasz Smorawiński (over 12 points and 4 assists per match). Other tall and strong player of Biofarm Basket, center Adam Metelski (over 10 points and 5 rebounds per game) can also be dangerous. The team from Poznan can gain an advantage in rebounding. Its players grabs around 40 balls on average every match. Biofarm Basket also has a weak point: effectiveness in the offence. On average, Biofarm Basket scores about 73 points for the match, and FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław over 90. As you can seen, FutureNet Śląsk should expect a lot of tough fight in Poznań, but the opponent can be beaten.

What a win! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław – Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 91:78

This win tastes very sweet. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 91:78. The result of the match suggests that hosts won without major problems, but it’s not true. This game was full of hard fight to the referee’s last whistle. Players from Wałbrzych from the beginning of the game were a very demanding rival for FutureNet Śląsk. In the first quarter, their leader was Hubert Kruszczyński while Aleksander Leńczuk looked great in FutureNet Śląsk. Effect? The advantage of FutureNet Śląsk 23:21 after Q1. In Q2, the game has sharpened and players of both teams worked hard with their elbows. The hall was hot from emotions. The head coach of Górnik Trans.eu Marcin Radomski didn’t handle the pressure and was thrown out by the referee into the locker room. In these nerves the hosts managed better. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław maintained its effectiveness in the offensive, in defense forced on Górnik Trans.eu further errors and turnovers. As a result, until the break FutureNet Śląsk had 48:35 lead. In Q3, guests from Wałbrzych got back on track and FutureNet Śląsk fell into little trouble. Górnik Trans.eu, thanks to the points of Kruszczyński and Piotr Niedźwiedzki, quickly returned to the right track and reduced the loss to 3 points. It promised great emotions in the last part of the match! At the beginning of Q4, Górnik Trans.eu immediately shot a 3-pointer and tied the game. This was an alarm signal for FutureNet Śląsk: it’s time to get back into the game because the opponent is speeding up! At this difficult moment, the calm and experience of playmaker Robert Skibniewski was very useful. Despite the pressure, he skilfully guided the FutureNet Śląsk on the pitch. When it was necessary, he also added points, as well as Aleksander Leńczuk and Norbert Kulon. The hosts began to increase their advantage, and the guests were more and more tired and also strength unable to respond. The final result of the match is 91:78 for FutureNet Śląsk: clear victory, but worked out after a very difficult fight. In FutureNet Śląsk, Norbert Kulon played a great game: 23 points, 5 assists. Robert Skibniewski added 16 points and 10 assists, and Aleksander Dziewa scored 15 points and 16 rebounds.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław players among the leaders of the league

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław had a great start to the season. The team led by coach Radosław Hyży won 7 of 8 games and is the leader of the league. It's a great merit of the impressive form of two players: strong Aleksnder Dziewa and Norbert Kulon. Aleksander Dziewa is only 21-years-old and is already considered one of the best young basketball players in Poland. This season, Dziewa shows that these compliments are fully deserved. The FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław player is growing above the league reality. Currently, he has a great averages: 22.5 points, over 11 rebounds and 1.5 blocks per game. Thanks to this, he is the best scoring and and rebounding player of the league. Norbert Kulon is another strong point of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. He plays well both as a shooter (with an average of over 15 points per game, and as a playmaker (6.6 assists per game, which is the second result in the league). It's worth to mention that another FutureNet player, veteran point guard Robert Skibniewski, provides over 4 assists per match. This shows that the game creation area of the team is in good hands, and both point guards became the core of FutureNet Śląsk.

It will be Polish El Classico in basketball!

There are matches in which the players’ elbows work all the time and sparks fall on the pitch. These are sports classics that have been arousing the emotions of fans for years. One such match is the clash between Polish basketball teams: FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław and Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych. On Wednesday, November 7, both teams will meet in Wrocław. Górnik Trans.eu is a newbie in Polish basketball 1st division. It’s also a team with an interesting tradition and ambitions who tries to return to their rightful place in Polish basketball after years of playing in the lower leagues. This season, the team from Wałbrzych performs unexpectedly well. In 7 games, Górnik Trans.eu won 4 times and has 11 points and currently is on the 8th place among 16 teams. The leader of the team is center Piotr Niedźwiedzki who has an average of 19.2 points, 11 rebounds and almost 2 blocks per game. Currently, he’s one of the top players in entire league. Power forward of FutureNet Śląsk Aleksander Dziewa, who is currently the best scorer in the league, will have a very difficult time with him – that’s for sure. In Górnik, there is also an experienced 36-year-old point guard Rafał Glapiński, who has almost 4 assists every match and also solid power forward Marcin Wróbel who also performs a good job (almost 10 points and 5 rebounds per game). FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław players should also pay attention to Jakub Der, who came to Górnik during the summer break and who has experience playing at Stelmet Zielona Góra – one of the best Polish clubs of recent years. At the weekend, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław suffered its first defeat this season losing to AZS AGH Krakow. This irritated the ambition of the team. Now players want to prove that it was just a single flop. But it won’t be easy because Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych isn’t only a solid opponent. It’s also a team which never allow itself to leave FutureNet Śląsk even a milimeter of free place on the pitch.

First defeat of the season. AZS AGH Kraków – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 97:88

Each series has to end. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław lost to AZS AGH Krakow 88:97 and suffered the first defeat of the season. Before the match in Krakow, it was certain that FutureNet Śląsk will have a difficult task there. During the season, AZS AGH has shown several times that has great skills and is not afraid of the favorites. In the first quarter of the match, the hosts immediately showed that they will do its best to grab the win. Its players fought hard in the defence and after this part of the match, AZS AGH was leading 20:18. In the second quarter, FutureNet Śląsk had considerable problems in defense. The players from Wroclaw often fouled and additionally, the hosts had a great period in the attack: recorded a series of 15:3. As a result, they were going to the locker room leading 44:36. After the break, FutureNet Śląsk managed to reduce losses. It wasn't easy, because the hosts were still impressing by the hard fight and strong defense. But before the last quarter of the match their advantage was only 2 points (61:59). However, it turned out that FutureNet Śląsk couldn't afford more this evening. The hosts again jumped back for a safe distance, defended forcing mistakes on players from Wroclaw and won 97:88. This is the clear and well-deserved win of the hosts. In the FutureNet Śląsk, Aleksander Dziewa was the best scorer with 24 points and Norbert Kulon (23 points) provided him a decent support. On the other hand, Jakub Musiał had only 5 points played worse than usual. In Kraków, FutureNet Śląsk also missed its typical 3-point shooting accuracy with scoring only 4 times from the perimeters in total.

Time to go abroad. AZS AGH Kraków – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

Time for the third match of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław during the week. This time, the team of coach Radosław Hyży will clash in Kraków with AZS AGH. The team from Wroclaw has recently to rise to the heights of physical preparation. Each match is a big challenge, which costs a lot of strength. Three matches, also during the week, is a very serious test: for both players and for the coach, who must shuffle the squad accordingly and give minutes on the pitch to those who have more strength. On Saturday, October 3, FutureNet Śląsk will play in Kraków where AZS AGH waits. But it needs to be pointed out that team led by coach Wojciech Bychawski doesn’t play very well this season. In six games it won only 2 and lays on 10th place in the table. Therefore, FutureNet Śląsk – even after such a series of matches – will be the favorite in Kraków. The AZS AGH Krakow is led by a young small forward Ivan Wasyl who scores 12,5 points on average and is the team’s top scorer. The experienced pointguard Tomasz Zych is great at creating the game and has an average of over 8 assists per match. It is also worth to mention Michał Sadło, who has an average of 7.5 rebounds per game.

7 games - 7 wins! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław continues to dominate in the league

The outstanding series of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław goes on! On Tuesday, October 30, our team defeated Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg 101: 80. It was the 7th victory of FutureNet Śląsk in seven games this season and, at the same time, the third game in a row with over over 100 points scored! In this match, the players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław gave a show of accuracy in 3-point shots. They hit as many as 17 out of 33 attempts, which gives over 50 percent effectiveness! This is a rare result, and thanks to such effectiveness FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław didn't give Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg any chances in the match in Wroclaw. In the first quarter of this match, FutureNet Śląsk had some problems finding its game rhythm. But in the next quarter, the team of the coach Radosław Hyży got back on the right track and before the break it took the lead 48:39. Almost 50 points scored in the first half - it shows how well this evening FutureNet Śląsk played in the offence. Just a simple fact: at some point in the second quarter our team had a series of 22:3. Well, it speaks for itself. In the second half of the match, the hosts didn't slow down the offensive. For two consecutive quarters they scored a total of 53 points! FutureNet Śląsk continued to be very effective in three-point throws, especially Alexander Leńczuk, who scored 5 times for three points. It's also worth to distinguish Jakub Musiał, who scored 23 points - including 4 threepointers.

Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg - next rival of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław doesn't slow down and has to play second match in three days. This time, FutureNet Śląsk faces Energa Kotwicą Kołobrzeg at home - a rival from the bottom of the league's table. The team from Kołobrzeg certainly didn't imagine the beginning of the season to turn that way. In six games it won once and now is on 14th place among 16 teams. It has the same number of points as the the KS Księżak-Syntex Łowicz which is just one position lower in the table and both teams can easily change places, which will deepen the Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg crisis. Individual statistics of Energa Kotwica's players can't throw anybody on their knees. Currently, the team's top scorer is small forward Damian Janiak (13.2 points), and just behind him places power forward Daniel Grujić (12.2 points) who is also the best rebounding player of the team (6 rebounds per game). The best ball-sharing player in the team is shooting guard Jakub Zalewski (4 assists per game). FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław must pay special attention to these players. FutureNet Śląsk is a definite favorite of this match. After the win with KS Księżak-Syntex Łowicz last weekend, the team of coach Radosław Hyży grabbed the first place in the table. Now it wants to stay there as long as possible, and for this purpose more wins are needed. Therefore, any other result of this match than the victory of FutureNet Śląsk will be a big surprise.

This team just can't be stopped

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław remains unbeaten! The team led by coach Radosław Hyży won for its sixth game of the season, this time an away game against KS Księżak-Syntex Łowicz 100: 77. This win helped our team to jump into the first place in the league's table! FutureNet Śląsk has a dream start to the season. A series of six wins in a row doesn't happen often. But it also doesn't seem that players from Wrocław would lose their great form anytime soon. FutureNet Śląsk is getting better and better from match to match and its game is still improving. Players from Łowicz only in the first quarter of this match were able to make an equal fight. In the second quarter, FutureNet Śląsk clearly jumped up and took the lead 53:37 before the break. After the break, the match in Łowicz looked similar. The hosts tried to return to the game but FutureNet Silesia hit two three pointers in a row and cooled down the rivals' plans. In the fourth quarter, the hosts we're sure that they won't be able to even tie the game. And FutureNet Śląsk kept its good shooting accuracy. Before the final whistle, our team managed to take the lead reaching more than 20 points. And that's how it ends. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocła won with KS Księżak-Syntax Łowicz 100:77.

It's time for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław to start a true marathon!

It will be a very demanding time for FutureNet Śląska Wrocław. From October 27 to November 10, the team will play 5 league matches! Its first rival in this difficult series will be KS Księżak-Syntax Łowicz, and the match will be held on Saturday, October 27 at 7:30 p.m. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław and KS Księżak-Syntax Łowicz are currently teams from two different worlds in the 1st basketball league in Poland. FutureNet Śląsk has won each of the 5 matches and currently holds the second second place. On the other hand, the team from Łowicz in five games won only once. As a result, it stays in the last but one place in the league's table However, this doesn't mean that the team from Wrocław will have an easy match. Why? Because everyone in the league mobilizes harder than usual when has to fight against favorite team. FutureNet Śląsk get a sample of this motivation in its last match against SKK in Siedlce, the last team in the league. FutureNet Śląsk won after extra time and thanks to the shot taken in the last seconds of the match. On Saturday, we expect the same difficulty level against KS Księżak-Syntax Łowicz. Currently, the team from Łowicz has two leaders. The first is 31 years-old experienced small forward Arkadiusz Kobus, who scores 13 points per game. And the second is point or shooting guard Jan Grzeliński, who has currently 12.6 points per game and over 4 assists per game. It's worth noting that in the previous season Grzeliński played in Śląsk Wrocław and during the summer break he decided to switch clubs and joined the team from Łowicz. In Saturday's game, FutureNet Śląsk will try to maintain its great series without loss. And for the KS Księżak-Syntax Łowicz, there's nothing much to lose: this team can play in Wrocław without too much pressure beacause its win will be a big surprise and loss will be something expected anyway.

To maintain good run: FutureNet Śląsk vs. GKS Tychy

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has very busy days recently. Just a few days after a win with Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno, on Wednesday team led by coach Radosław Hyży will have to face another difficult rival. This time FutureNet Śląsk clashes with GKS Tychy. Currently, GKS Tychy hold 4th place in league’s table. After three games played, GKS has two wins and one loss in its books and 5 points in the table. FutureNet Śląsk advantage over its next rival is only 1 points what means that possible win of GKS in Wrocław will make both teams switch their position in league’s table. GKS has a few interesting and efficient players inside the team. Power forward Paweł Zmarlak now has 14,7 points scored in average and he’s the best scorer of GKS. He also gets around 8 rebounds per game. It’s more than sure that tall players of FutureNet Śląsk will have a lot of hard work to do to neutralise this player. Point and shooting guard Paweł Szymczak and centre Maciej Maj scores 13,3 points per game and 24 years-old playmaker Piotr Wieloch (who joined the team in summer after years in Biofarm Basket Poznań) scores more than 10 points and more than 6 assists per game. As you can see, GKS Tychy has strong foundation both inside the paint and from the perimeter. That’s why this team may deliver many problems for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław during Wednesday’s game. But without any doubts, the hosts will be also a favourite of this match. FutureNet Śląsk hasn’t lost yet and also has a few players with great form at the beginning of the season: centre Aleksander Dziewa, point guards Norbert Kulon and Robert Skibniewski, as well as shooting guard Jakub Musiał. And as it’s more than obvious that FutureNet Śląsk will have a tough challenge to face, any other result than a win of the hosts will be a surprise.

Third game - third win! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno

Such victories taste very sweet. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław had to put in a lot of work and commitment, but it paid off with a win against Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno 86:82. The third game of the season - the third victory! This match was announced as a hit of third round of games. Why? It was easy to understand straight from the first whistle of the referee. Both teams played very intense and well, it was a tough basketball but from the beginning the guests looked much better in the offence. After the first quarter, Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno led 31:23. In the next quarter, the hosts started to play more consistent basketball. FutureNet Śląsk also improved its defense game and was more effective in the offence. As a result, the hosts scored 24 points, Polonia Leszno only 16. And as a result, both teams went to the locker room for a break with a draw 47:47. In the third quarter, FutureNet Śląsk threw a higher gear. Aleksander Dziewa and Bartłomiej Pietras were great in the attack, Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon delivered assist by assist. The result was impressive: FutureNet Śląsk took the 13 points lead. However, before the end of 3rd quarter the guests managed to reduce the loss to 6 points. In the last quarter, FutureNet Śląsk held the pressure and refused to take away the lead. But it wasn't easy. Mateusz Stawiak from Polonia was hot in the offence and just a few minutes before the end of the game, the guests trailed by 3 points only. But they wasn't able to do more this evening. FutureNet Śląsk improved its defense game and Polonia ran out of time and energy to tie the game. Third match, the third victory - FutureNet Silesia has a great start to the season. The team from Wroclaw is currently one of two teams in the league, along with Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut, which has not lost yet.

Good individual efforts of two FutureNet Śląsk players

Two players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, point guard Norbert Kulon and centre Aleksander Dziewa, have a great start of the season when it comes to the individual stats. Both are currently the leaders in some overall league' classification. After two games, Norbert Kulon has the best average number of assists given per match: 10,5. He impressed with great experience, feeling of playground and easiness in sharing the ball with teammates. And Aleksander Dziewa is currently is the best rebounding player in 1. basketball league in Poland. His average per game is around 7,5. He's also on the 4th place of most effective shooters. So far, he shot 13 from 18 taken in total.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will clash with strong rival from Leszno

It will be the first serious test for basketball players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław! On Saturday, October 13, they will clash with Jamalex 1912 Polonia Leszno - one of the strongest teams in the league. FutureNet Śląsk and Jamalex Polonia are teams that have one goal: to promote to Extraleague in Poland. Both teams already have two matches behind them, both won. In the team from Leszno there are many players experienced in serious competitions. Among them you'll find players formerly related to Śląsk like Kamil Chanas, Adrian Mroczek-Truskowski, Karol Kutta and Mateusz Stawiak. During the summer break, Polonia has also signed experienced shooter with an adventure in Wrocław Tomasz Ochońko but a few weeks ago he sustained a serious knee injury and won't be able to play in the upcoming months. FutureNet Śląsk will try to dominate the opponent with an intense game at both ends of the court, as well as with the experience of creating the game which is guaranteed by Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon. In recent games, tall players of FutureNet Śląsk, Aleksander Dziewa and Karol Michałek, were doing well too. But Polonia, with its experience and quality players, will surely set difficult conditions in Wroclaw. What else to write - it all promises a great match!

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is a leader of Polish 1. league

It was a very convincing win and also a show of dominance over the rival. FutureNet Śląsk defeated EB-Investment Znicz Pruszków 81:56 in the away match and became the leader of table 1. Polish basketball league. FutureNet Śląsk was the favorite of this match and it was visible straight from the referee's first whistle. The team from Wrocław dominated the rival in both attack and defense. After the first quarter they led 20:6! In the second part of the game, the hosts wake up and get back to work. But until the break they were able to reduce the loss to FutureNet Śląsk only to 10 points. After the break, the guest team again threw a higher gear. Their game was led maturely by Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon. Aleksander Leńczuk was trustworthy in the half-distance shots, Jakub Musiał impressed with dynamism and center Karol Michałek scored double-double helping the team both in attack and in rebounding. This mixture effectively beat the hosts from their dreams of victory. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław won in Pruszków 81:56 and became a leader in the 1st Polish basketball league. - As for the weaknesses of this match, I would like to point out only two things. With the team based on low players like Pruszków, we have allowed them to get too many offensive rebounds. I also think that we were able to get 10 points more - in a few moments we could use the limit of fouls exceeded by the hosts. But after all, I could give my team a 4 grade in the scale of 5 - summarize the coach of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, Radosław Hyży. EB-Investment ZB Pruszków - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 56:81 Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Leńczuk 18 (4x3), Musiał 14 (3x3), Skibniewski 13 (1x3), Kulon 12 (3x3), Michałek 10, Dziewa 7, Żeleźniak 3 (1x3), Pietras 2, Bożenko 2, Krakowczyk 0, Sasik 0.

First game on the road - another win?

Intense game, hard fighting, victory - the first match of FutureNet Śląska Wrocław in the season was finished as expected. Now basketball players from Wroclaw will play an away game for the first time this season, clashing with EB-Investment Znicz Pruszków. The match in Pruszków will be held on Friday, October 5, at 6 p.m. FutureNet Śląska players will face a team that has undergone significant changes before the season. The players who were leaders in the previous season, Adrian Kordalski, Mateusz Jarmakowicz, Mikołaj Stopierzyński, Tomasz Madziar and Damian Cechniak, decided to leave the club. In their place, mainly young basketball players came to EB-Investment Znicza Pruszków. The team signed centre Łukasz Paul, a player with significant experience in Ekstraklasa, as well as young point guard Karol Kamiński. Will this mix of experience and youth work? For now, Znicz has one defeat - in the opening match of the season with Jamalex 1912 Polonia Leszno. In the first match, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław defeated KKS Probasket Kutno 87:77. The leader was Aleksander Dziewa (26 points) and Norbert Kulon (18 points, 16 assists). FutureNet Śląsk showed an intense game on both sides of the playground. That's the attitude which head coach Radosław Hyży requires. Will this tactic work in the match in Pruszków? We'll find out on a Friday evening.

Maksym Kulon has signed a contract with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

Shooting guard Maksym Kulon has signed the deal with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. He's the last new player signed by the team during the summer break. Maksym Kulon is a 25-yeard-old shooting guard who was raised as a player in Śląsk' junior teams. During the last two seasons, he played abroad: in Jamalex 1912 Polonia Leszno and Doral Nysa Kłodzko. Now he decided to return to Wrocław and strengthen the team led by coach Radosław Hyży. Maksym Kulon will play important role in the team, giving strong backup as a highly-skilled shooting guard. His basketball experience and full-court intensity will help the team for sure in the upcoming season.

FutureNet Śląsk finished fourth in The Marshall of Opolskie Cup 2018 in Prudnik

Players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław had tough preseason workouts behind them. So, it wasn't easy for the team to compete during The Marshall of Opolskie Voivodeship 2018 Cup which was held on September 21-22 in the city of Prudnik. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław lost both games of the tournament. On Friday, FutureNet Śląsk lost with Pogoń Prudnik 91:83. Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Musiał 21, Żeleźniak 17, Dziewa 15, Michałek 6, Skibniewski 6, N. Kulon 5, Pietras 5, M. Kulon 4, Krakowczyk 4, Bożenko 0. On Saturday, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław faced Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych in the match which has a third place of the tournament as a stake. This time, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław also was defeated and Górnik Trans.eu won 89:80. Points for FutureNet Śląsk: N. Kulon 27, Dziewa 19, Żeleźniak 9, Musiał 7, Krakowczyk 7, Pietras 5, Michałek 2, Tomczak 2, M. Kulon 2, Bożenko 0.

Win with KS Księżak Syntex Łowicz

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław won with KS Księżak Syntex Łowicz 92:91. The game was played on September 19, as a part of The City of Kutno Rose Cup 2018. Initially, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław was supposed to take part in both days of the tournament. But it was the decision of coaching staff to retire from day 2 and play only one game. Additionally, coach of FutureNet Śląsk Radosław Hyży decided that several players will rest and reserve players will get their chance to prove their skills. The first half of this game was very difficult for FutureNet Śląsk, especially in the defence because the team lost 52 points before the break. In the second half, FutureNet Śląsk got back on track and won narrowly, 92:91. Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Kulon 26 (4), Krakowczyk 16 (3), Bożenko 18, Żeleźniak 10 (1) Malesa 9 (1), Michałek 7, Pietras 3, Zagórski 2, Tomczak 1.

Jakub Musiał awarded with title of MVP of the FutureNet Cup

Young and very talented playmaker Jakub Musiał gave a great performance during the FutureNet Cup 2018. In the first game of the tournament, he scored 12 points. And one day later, in the final game of the Cup, Jakub Musiał proved his awesome skills. He scored 31 points in the final clash with WKK Wrocław and was unstoppable for the defenders. When the final game was over, the jury had no doubt: Jakub Musiał deserved to be awarded the MVP title of the entire tournament.

Winners of Adam Wójcik Memorial - FutureNet Cup!

It was a dream scenario for the fans of the FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. In the final game of Adam Wójcik Memorial - FutureNet Cup, the team led by coach Radosław Hyży clashed with its local rival, WKK Wrocław. As it's easy to imagine, each match of both teams has an additional flavour due to obvious reason - both teams want to be the best in the city. On Saturday, September 2018, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław proved his superiority over the local opponent and won with a huge advantage, 93:76. Points for the FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław: Musiał 31, Dziewa 17, Pietras 10, Kulon 10, Żeleźniak 8, Krakowczyk 7, Michałek 4, Bożenko 2, Tomczak 2, Malesa 2.

FutureNet Cup day 1: FutureNet Śląsk beat Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków

On Friday, September 14 the 1. Adam Wójcik Memorial - FutureNet Cup started. The competition was divided into 2 days and each team had to play two games. Winners of games held on Friday gained right to clash in the great final of FutureNet Cup. The first rival of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław was Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków. the hosts of the tournament had no problem with clinching its spot in the final. FutureNet Śląsk won 89:77. Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Kulon 18, Żeleźniak 12, Musiał 12, Michałek 12, Dziewa 11, Bożenko 9, Pietras 7, Zagórski 4, Krakowczyk 3, Malesa 1, Tomczak 0.

Friendly game with MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza is cancelled

On Tuesday, September 11 the FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław was supposed to play a friendly match with MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza. Ultimately, the team from Dąbrowa Górnicza asked FutureNet Śląsk to cancel the meeting.

Thoughts after The City of Leszno Mayor's Cup

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław was a runner-up in The City of Leszno Mayor's Cup. It has sharpened the appetites for the success in the upcoming season. After the final game, point guard and playing assistant coach Robert Skibniewski expressed some thoughts about the performance of the team. - There's enthusiasm in our team, everyone wants to work hard and to play good basketball. We still have a lot to work on but we can also look into the future with optimism. We have a few friendly games behind and now it's time to analyse and take a look at what we can improve in our playing style - explains "Skiba".

Second place at The City of Leszno Mayor's Cup!

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław finished second in The City of Leszno Mayor's Cup. The tournament, organized by Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno, was held on September 8-9. On Saturday, FutureNet Śląsk clashed with Biofarm Basket Poznań and won 102:86 (point for FutureNet Śląsk: Dziewa 22, Skibniewski 12, Krakowczyk 12, Musiał 9, Żeleźniak 7, Michałek 6, Bożenko 6, Kulon 5, Pietras 2, Leńczuk 0, Tomczak 0, Zagórski 0). It opened the road to the final of tournament in which Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno was waiting. And this time, FutureNet Śląsk had to swallow bitter pill and suffer its first loss during preseason. In the final game of tournament, Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno won 101:96. Point for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław: Kulon 28, Dziewa 16, Bożenko 15, Musiał 13, Żeleźniak 7, Krakowczyk 6, Zagórski 5, Michałek 4, Pietras 2, Tomczak 0.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław still unbeaten

It was their fourth friendly game and also first played abroad. The team managed to maintain its great series of games without the loss and extended it to four in a row. On September 5, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław clashed in Wałbrzych with Górnik Trans.eu and won 75:66. Points for the FutureNet Śląsk: Musiał 23, Kulon 11, Pietras 10, Leńczuk 10, Żeleźniak 9, Skibniewski 8, Krakowczyk 2, Zagórski 2, Tomczak 0, Michałek 0.

Third friendly game - third win!

So far, the Futurenet Śląsk Wrocław is unbeaten during sparring matches. On Saturday, September 1 the team played its third friendly game meeting with AZS AGH Kraków. In two previous games, players from Wrocław scored certain wins but this time it was a lot harder. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat the rival from Kraków 73:72 but was trailing with just one second to go. Luckily, in the last action of the game, Aleksander Dziewa was fouled, then scored both free throws and led FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław to win 73:72. Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Dziewa 24, Leńczuk 11, Kulon 10, Pietras 9, Skibniewski 7, Musiał 5, Zagórski 2, Krakowczyk 2, Michałek 1, Żeleźniak 0.

Coach Radosław Hyży comments on won friendly games

During the weekend, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław won both friendly games: on Friday with WKK Wrocław and on Saturday with Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych. After these victories, coach Radosław Hyży shared his thoughts. - We wanted to use both games to adjust our tactics and in general, I'm satisfied because we made space under the basket and enforced fouls. At this stage of the preseason, our game was very good and the victories will boost our confidence - says coach of the FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław.

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 73:61

The second rival of the FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław during the summer preparatory workouts was Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych. The game was held on Saturday, August 25. In this friendly match, players of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław proved that their form is constantly growing and didn't give the opponent a chance to win. In the end, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 73:61. Points for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław: Dziewa 24, Krakowczyk 12, Kulon 12, Żeleźniak 6, Tomczak 6, Musiał 6, Michałek 4, Skibniewski 2, Zagórski 1, Leńczuk 0.

First preseason game - first win!

On Friday (August 24), FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław played for the first time during summer preseason. Its first rival was WKK Wrocław. FutureNet Śląsk won without problems and the final score was 89:75. Points for the FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław: Musiał 19, Dziewa 17, Leńczuk 14, Tomczak 10, Skibniewski 9, Krakowczyk 7, Żeleźniak 5, Kulon 4, Michałek 1, Zagórski 1, Kutta 0.

Robert Skibniewski comments his return to FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

It will be his fourth time as a player of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. Robert Skibniewski, a 35-years old and very experienced playmaker, decided to return to the club after a few years spent in other Polish clubs: Anwil Włocławek, King Szczecin, GTK Gliwice and PGE Turów Zgorzelec. - After a few conversations with coach Radosław Hyży and CEO Michał Lizak, we managed to decide how my role in the club will look like. I'm very excited about this cooperation, it doesn't happen often to be a player and an assistant coach at the same time. as I noticed after a few trainings, other players are very motivated and put a lot of energy in workouts. I believe that when we mix it with my experience, It will let us reach our basic goal for the next season: to promote to Polish Extraleague. And I also can't rule out that it will be my last season in professional basketball - explains Robert Skibniewski.

The team's squad for the 2018/2019 season has been completed

The transfer of Robert Skibniewski is the last one done by the FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław during summer. The squad of the team is completed and coach Radosław Hyży has 13 players at his disposal: Robert Skibniewski (point guard), Norbert Kulon (point or shooting guard), Karol Kutta (point guard), Sebastian Bożenko (point guard), Aleksander Leńczuk (shooting guard or small forward), Jakub Musiał (shooting guard), Tomasz Żeleźniak (small forward), Marcin Bluma (power forward or center), Aleksander Dziewa (power forward or center), Bartłomiej Pietras (power forward or center), Michał Sasik (center), Karol Michałek (center) and Maciej Krakowczyk (center).

Robert Skibniewski is back to the club

35-years old playmaker Robert Skibniewski has signed a contract with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. He will play two roles - as a team member and also as an on-field assistant of coach Radosław Hyży. Last year, Robert Skibniewski played for 2 teams in Polish Extraleague: GTK Gliwice and PGE Turów Zgorzelec. He took his first basketball steps in youth teams of Śląsk Wrocław. In 2002, he won his first Polish championship with the club. In the next years, he represented clubs in Poland, Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Skibniewski has also an experience in Polish national team and four performances (2007, 2009, 2011, 2015) during European Championship. In the upcoming season, he will help the young and talented team with his playmaking skills and more than 10 years of experience in professional basketball.

Schedule of preseason friendly games has been revealed

The plan of friendly games during the preseason of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has been revealed. The team led by coach Radosław Hyży from August 24 to September 22 will play at least five such games. By now, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław has five rivals confirmed: WKK Wrocław (August 24), Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych (August 25), AGH Kraków (September 1), Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych (September 4) and MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza (September 11). FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will play also in three friendly tournaments: in Leszno (September 7-8, with Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno, GKS Tychy and Biofarm Basket Poznań), Kutno (September 17-18) and in Prudnik (September 21-22, with Pogoń Prudnik and Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno).

The schedule of Polish first basketball league has been revealed

It's only little more than a month until the start of the season in 1 league of basketball. The season will start on September 29th. 16 teams will fight for the promotion to the highest league and 5 of them are new in the competition. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław will play its first game with Polfarmex Kutno. For the full schedule please visit the Games section below.

Bartłomiej Pietras joined FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

Bartłomiej Pietras signed a contract with FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. He's 20-years old, 211 cm tall and can play as a power forward or as a center. During his career, he played for TKM Włocławek, Estudiantes Madrid in Spain and his previous club was Asseco Gdynia. With this last-mentioned team, Bartłomiej Pietrzak won Polish U-20 championship.

Start of preseason workouts

On August 6th, FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław started training before the new season in the Polish first basketball league. At the first training, coach Radosław Hyży had 13 players to work with: K. Kutta, N. Kulon, A. Leńczuk, M. Krakowczyk, T. Żeleźniak, M. Bluma, A. Dziewa, K. Michałek, M. Sasik, S. Bożenko, J. Malesa, S. Tomczak and M. Zagórski. - I really like the preparation time, because it's the best time to model the game of my players. It will be hard on my workouts - explains coach Radosław Hyży.

Preseason camp will start soon

A few weeks ago, the team decided to renew the contract of coach Radosław Hyży and also signed two new players: Norbert Kulon and Aleksander Leńczuk. In August, the team will return to training after the summer break. This month FutureNet Śląsk will also play the first friendly matches before the new season in Polish 1. league of basketball. The official match schedule will be announced soon, as well as names of new players who will play for the FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław next season.


Radosław Hyży

Radosław Hyży

Coach of the team

Robert Skibniewski

Robert Skibniewski

Point guard, assistant coach

Jan Malesa

Jan Malesa

Shooting guard

Tomasz Żeleźniak

Tomasz Żeleźniak

Small forward/Power forward

Jakub Musiał

Jakub Musiał

Point guard/Shooting guard

Bartłomiej Pietras

Bartłomiej Pietras


Aleksander Dziewa

Aleksander Dziewa

Power forward/Center

Norbert Kulon

Norbert Kulon

Point guard

Michał Sasik

Michał Sasik


Szymon Tomczak

Szymon Tomczak


Maksymilian Zagórski

Maksymilian Zagórski

Small forward/Power forward

Sebastian Bożenko

Sebastian Bożenko

Point guard

Karol Michałek

Karol Michałek


Aleksander Leńczuk

Aleksander Leńczuk

Shooting guard/Small forward

Kamil Wenzlaw

Kamil Wenzlaw

Physical coach

Łukasz Piwkowski

Łukasz Piwkowski

Physical coach

Marcin Janusiak

Marcin Janusiak



Team Pts. G W/L Home Away PSc-PLs +/- W-G
1 Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut 25 14 11 - 3 6 - 1 5 - 2 1241 - 1135 + 106 1.0934
2 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 24 13 11 - 2 6 - 0 5 - 2 1178 - 1036 + 142 1.1371
3 Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno 22 13 9 - 4 6 - 0 3 - 4 1033 - 950 + 83 1.0874
4 WKK Wrocław WKK Wrocław 22 13 9 - 4 7 - 0 2 - 4 1050 - 986 + 64 1.0649
5 Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz 21 13 8 - 5 3 - 3 5 - 2 1054 - 1005 + 49 1.0488
6 GKS Tychy GKS Tychy 21 13 8 - 5 5 - 2 3 - 3 1082 - 1044 + 38 1.0364
7 Pogoń Prudnik Pogoń Prudnik 20 13 7 - 6 6 - 1 1 - 5 1081 - 1100 + -19 0.9827
8 Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 20 13 7 - 6 4 - 3 3 - 3 934 - 955 + -21 0.978
9 Polfarmex Kutno Polfarmex Kutno 19 13 6 - 7 3 - 3 3 - 4 992 - 1011 + -19 0.9812
10 AZS AGH Kraków AZS AGH Kraków 18 13 5 - 8 4 - 3 1 - 5 1068 - 1062 + 6 1.0056
11 STK Czarni Słupsk STK Czarni Słupsk 18 13 5 - 8 2 - 4 3 - 4 1046 - 1055 + -9 0.9915
12 Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg 18 14 4 - 10 3 - 3 1 - 7 1151 - 1199 + -48 0.96
13 KS Księżak Syntex Łowicz KS Księżak Syntex Łowicz 18 13 5 - 8 4 - 4 1 - 4 1010 - 1119 + -109 0.9026
14 Biofarm Basket Poznań Biofarm Basket Poznań 17 13 4 - 9 4 - 3 0 - 6 990 - 1021 + -31 0.9696
15 Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków 17 13 4 - 9 4 - 3 0 - 6 881 - 959 + -78 0.9187
16 SKK Siedlce SKK Siedlce 15 13 2 - 11 2 - 3 0 - 8 1025 - 1179 + -154 0.8694

PTS (Points), G (Games), W/L (Won/Lost), PSC-PLS (Points scored-Points lost), W-G (Wins-Games)



22 December, Saturday, 0:00, Łańcut

Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

5 January, Saturday, 0:00, Kutno

Polfarmex Kutno - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

12 January, Saturday, 0:00, Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków

19 January, Saturday, 0:00, Leszno

Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

23 January, Wednesday, 0:00, Tychy

GKS Tychy - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

26 January, Saturday, 0:00, Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - SKK Siedlce

2 February, Saturday, 19:00, Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - KS Księżak Syntex Łowicz

9 February, Saturday, 0:00, Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - AZS AGH Kraków

13 February, Wednesday, 0:00, Wałbrzych

Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

16 February, Saturday, 0:00, Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Biofarm Basket Poznań

23 February, Saturday, 0:00, Kołobrzeg

Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

2 March, Saturday, 0:00, Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Pogoń Prudnik

9 March, Saturday, 0:00, Słupsk

STK Czarni Słupsk - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

16 March, Saturday, 0:00, Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz

23 March, Saturday, 0:00, Wrocław

WKK Wrocław - FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław

31 March, Sunday, 18:00, Wrocław

FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - Rawlplug Sokół Łańcut


FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 89 - 75 WKK Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 73 - 61 Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 73 - 72 AGH Kraków
Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 66 - 75 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 102 - 86 Biofarm Basket Poznań
Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno 101 - 96 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 89 - 77 Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 93 - 76 WKK Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 92 - 91 KS Księżak Syntex Łowicz
Pogoń Prudnik 91 - 83 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 89 - 80 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 87 - 77 KKS Kutno
Elektrobud-Investment ZB Pruszków 56 - 81 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 86 - 82 Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 94 - 61 GKS Tychy
SKK Siedlce 102 - 104 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
KS Księżak Syntex Łowicz 77 - 100 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 101 - 80 Energa Kotwica Kołobrzeg
AZS AGH Kraków 97 - 88 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 91 - 78 Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych
Biofarm Basket Poznań 70 - 79 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
Pogoń Prudnik 87 - 80 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 96 - 83 STK Czarni Słupsk
Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz 86 - 91 FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław
FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław - WKK Wrocław

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