FutureNet Sailing Team

FutureNet Sailing Team

This is a team that was created out of two loves: to sail and to compete. The team has three men for whom sailing is a true passion. Sailors supported by FutureNet Sailing Team always fight for victory - regardless of the rank of the competition. Individual Polish Championship in Pszczyna? Or maybe Polish Micro Yacht Championship in Szczecin? FutureNet Sailing Team participated in these competitions (as well as in many others), competing with other sailing wolves.

This is the idea for this team: to try strength in various races, to develop and take the next step to take place among the best sailing teams in Poland.

In September 2018, FutureNet Sailing team made a great step in its sports career. The team won the Polish Championship! It was a celebration of Polish sailing. The competition started on August 31 and finished on September 3 and was held in Pszczyna. On the first day, the weather wasn't good enough for sailors to compete. But on Saturday, FutureNet Sailing gave a great performance. On that day, 5 races in total were held. Our team finished 2, 1, 2, 4 and 2 place respectively. Due to these results, they finished first during the entire competition!


A great winning streak of FutureNet Sailing Team!

This season, FutureNet Sailing Team has set a very high pace for its rivals. Our sailing team won the 3rd Polish Cup competition in a row this year and leads in the general classification of the Omega Class regatta in Poland! On June 1-2, 2019, FutureNet Sailing Team was competing on the lake close to the Polish city Wilkasy. It was the round 3 of this year Polish Cup Omega Class competition. During this regatta, 5 races were held in total. FutureNet Sailing Team won 3 out of them. Only HBT Mrągowo team was close to winning but eventually finished with one point less than our sailors. Other crews were no match for FutureNet sailors. After 3 Omega class regatta of the current season, FutureNet Sailing Team is on top of the general classification. Our sailors are on the straight road to repeat their success from last season when they reached duo: Polish Cup and Polish Championship. 

Omega Class Polish Cup regatta in Pszczyna: FutureNet Sailing Team won again

This season so far is just great for FutureNet Sailing Team. Our sailors won second Polish Cup Omega class regatta in a row, this time in the city of Pszczyna, Poland.Omega class sailors from Poland met in Pszczyna during the last weekend, May 18-19th. During the competition, the weather was capricious and teams had to wait a bit for the wind to come. But atmospheric conditions didn't interrupt this sailing event. And when the boats appeared on the water, it was a showtime of FutureNet Sailing Team.In Pszczyna, 3 races were held. FutureNet Sailing Team won 2 of them and once finished on the 3rd place. Eventually, with these results our team won the whole competition in Pszczyna.  It was the 2nd Omega Class Polish Cup regatta of the season, and second won by our sailors. Thanks to this winning streak, FutureNet Sailing Team is the leader of general classification of the cup. 

FutureNet Sailing Team won the first regatta of the season

FutureNet Sailing has just started the new Omega Class regatta season and did it in impressive style! Our sailors won the first competition of the season, held in Krynica Morska, Poland.Sailors supported strongly by FutureNet had a great last season, finished with 2 trophies in Poland: cup and national championship. Obviously, this year should be such good as its predecessor. FutureNet Sailing team also has ambitious members so we're sure that they will do their best to defend both trophies.In April in Krynica Morska, the new sailing Omega class season has started officially. FutureNet Sailing Team maintained its good form. During the regatta, 6 races were held in total. Our team won 3 of them, and also finished once at 2 and once on 3rd place. In one race, FutureNet Sailing crew was on 6th place. When summarized, all these results gave our team well-deserved 1st place in the entire competition.

The new season for FutureNet Sailing Team is just about to start

On April 27-28, 2019, Polish city Krynica Morska will be the host of the 1st Omega class regatta in the new season. FutureNet Sailing Team will be there to start its campaign aimed to defend two titles from last year. Last season belonged fully to sailors from FuturNet Sailing team. Our athletes were unstoppable throughout the year - both in the Cup and in Polish Championship. The cup was a little bit more difficult, as our team had to maitain the best shape for a few months. But this mission was completed with a great success and in a very concvincing way. And in September 2018, FutureNet Sailing Team added another throphy: Polish Cup, won in dedicated tournament held in Polish City of Pszczyna. One of the most basic rules of sports says that's it's easier to climb to the top than to stay there. Just to mention the pressure which is bigger when you must defend the trophies. But if you want to be at the very top, you must deal with such pressure. This season, FutureNet Sailing Team will have to go sailing 8 times. The season will start on April 27-28 and will last until October 12-13. After each competition, sailing teams will receive points and the final table will be created basing on the total number of points. - Last year was amazing for us, as we took the double crown. This year, other crews will try to throw us down from the podium but last year we gained a lot of experience. So, I deeply believe that this year, we will be even better and stronger - says Tomasz Knesiecki, the leader of FutureNet Sailing Team. 

Winners of Polish Cup 2018!

It's a great success of the FutureNet Sailing Team! On September 21-23, the final regatta of the Polish Cup in sailing' Omega class was held in Myślibórz. Before the competition, our team had an advantage in the general classification and was almost sure of the final victory. But one of the most important rules of sports is to give 100 percent until the game or competition is over. So, sailors from the FutureNet Team did their best and in Myślibórz clinched the top spot in the general classification of Polish Cup 2018. It's their first ever win in Polish Cup and it's worth to mention that a few weeks ago FutureNet Sailing Team won Polish Championship. One sailing season - two prestigious trophies. It just couldn't be better year for the FutureNet Sailing Team!

Third place at the Silesian Cup regatta

On September 15-16, the city of Dąbrowa Górnicza was a host of the Silesian Cup regatta. FutureNet Sailing Team took part in this competition. Our team has maintained a good form from previous tournaments and finished third in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

FutureNet Sailing Team with Polish Championship 2018!

These days will definitely be memorable to the members of the FutureNet Sailing Team. From August 31 to September 2, the city of Pszczyna in Poland was a host of Polish Sailing Championship in Omega class. During the first day, the weather was bad - there was no wind strong enough and sailors weren't able to race safely. But a day later, everything was fine and teams started to fight. There were 5 races in total. The FutureNet Sailing team finished 2, 1, 2, 4 and 2 respectively. These results gave our team the first place in the general classification of the competition, and thus the championship of Poland!

Polish Championship on the horizon!

Sailors from the FutureNet team are leading in the Polish Cup with only one competition to go. But it's not the only trophy for which they're fighting for. On August 31, the Cup of the mayor of Pszczyna will start. This competition will also be a tournament which will emerge Polish champion. The regatta will last until September 2.

Winners in Żywiec!

FutureNet Sailing Team was the best during the Memorial of Adam Banaszek. The competition was held on August 18-19 in Żywiec. Our sailors we're the best and beat its rivals without any doubts. The memorial was a part of Polish Cup in Omega Class and our team strengthened its place as the leaders of general classification.

Leaders in Omega class Polish Cup

Sailing enthusiasts in the Omega class are fighting for the Polish Cup. Half of the season is behind us: sailors have already completed four of the eight scheduled regatta. The FutureNet sailing team is currently the leader of the classification! Our sailors were the best three times, winning competitions in Krynica Morska, Barlinek and Jeziorsko, leaving rivals far behind. Only during the regatta in Zalewo they had a problem on the route, because their boat got tangled in the buoy. Because of these problems, our team finished these regattas in eighth place. However, it didn’t stop FutureNet Sailing team on their way to the first place in the general classification. Within next weeks, FutureNet Sailing Team sailors will sail in Puck and Żywiec as well as in the Polish Championships in Pszczyna and Myślibórz, where the Polish Cup final in the Omega sailing class will be held.

Second place on the regatta in Puck

FutureNet Sailing Team finished second on the Orvaldi Euro Cup regatta in Puck. The competition was a part of the Polish Cup in Omega class. Thanks to the victory, our team strengthened in the first place in the general classification of the cup. By now, it has 383 points and the second team (KSW Fregata Pogoria 1) is trailing with 24 points.