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FutureNet Banaś Racing

This young man has all the chances to become a big star of motor racing. He’s also considered as a true sports diamond - talented and equipped with an unique racing intuition. Introducing Maciej Banaś from the Banaś Racing team.

Maciej Banaś started his racing career when he was just 5 years-old. Since then, he’s been racing in various types of cars, including go-karts. As a racer, he competed in Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Czechia. And in 2018, Maciek races in international Swift Cup Europe series.

Year 2018 brought a real breakthrough in Maciek’s career. Hungarian Racing Federation granted him a racing license which Polish Racing Federation agreed to honour. He was then 12 year-old. It means that Maciej Banaś has become the youngest ever rider who received right to race on tracks in Poland. That’s why it’s a great pleasure for FutureNet to cooperate and support with such an awesome and hard working young sportsman

In his free time, Maciej Banaś likes to watch car races and to play football. And what he dreams the most is to become a professional race driver. When we look on his talent, ambition and when we see how hard he works - we’re pretty sure that someday Maciek will reach his dream. And who knows? Maybe he’ll become one of the best drivers in Polish history.


Learning by exploring: Maciej Banaś on a trip to Dubai

Maciej Banaś is a 13-year-old racing driver from the FutureNet Banaś Racing team. From September 2018, we've been supporting the team, and also Maciek's development and further career from September 2018. At the beginning of 2019 Roman Ziemian, co-founder and CEO of FutureNet, invited him on a trip to Dubai. During his visit to Dubai, Maciek had the opportunity to meet Axcil Jefferies - a great driver who races, among others, on powerful Lamborghini cars. Axcil gave young, talented Maciek advice on how to develop a career in this sport, how to handle the pressure while sitting behind the wheel. This is the strength of the FutureNet Sport family - we support many athletes, helping them build a career on their way to the top, but also help them learn from each other. Maciek also spent a lot of time in Dubai with Roman Ziemian, co-founder and CEO of FutureNet. One of the company's leaders believes in Maciej's development and wants to help him in the further stages of his career.

Useful lessons learned on Red Bull Ring race track

It was the last racing weekend of Maciej Banas in 2018. From 13 to 14 October he raced at the famous Red Bull Ring in Austria and gained plenty of valuable experience. Racing there was quite difficult. There were many racers on the track and also plenty of accidents. That’s why Maciej Banaś was able to finish only single full training session. In the next drivers only had a few minutes on the track. In the first race at Red Bull Racing circuit, our young driver reached the finish line in 13th position. And in the last race Maciej unfortunately didn’t cross the finish line. His car had a technical defect and stopped 200 meters before the the end. That’s was his last serious racing session this year. As his father explains, in the upcoming months the FutureNet Banaś Racing team will focus on training and also on improving Maciek’s race car.

Great debut of Maciej Banaś at Hungaroring race track!

Great performance of young race driver Maciej Banaś in the Swift Cup Europe competition at the legendary Hungaroring circuit in Budapest! FutureNet Banaś Racing member finished the competition in third place in the Junior overall ranking. It was the first-ever start of 12-year-old Maciej Banaś at the Hungaroring. And it's worth to mention that this track is considered demanding where drivers must show high skills to take a high place. It's not a circuit for accidental drivers. On Saturday, October 6 at the official training, Maciek took the 11th place and he missed only 0.1 second to Super Pole. During the Saturday race, the young driver of FutureNet Banaś Racing had a clash with two other drivers and dropped out of the track. Because of this unlucky event he dropped at the end of the stake. But then he drove quickly and wisely, thanks to which finished the whole race in 11th place. On Sunday, October 7, Maciej Banaś scored a great success. He finished the third race held during the Swift Cup Europe Hungaroring weekend on 7th position! In addition, the good and equal form of Maciek during the weekend with the Swift Cup Europe at Hungaroring gave him 3rd place in the Junior overall ranking. It means that only 12-year-old Maciej Banaś had a great, strong debut at the Hungaroring and gave another proof of his great racing talent.

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