FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław is a leader of Polish 1. league

8 October 2018

It was a very convincing win and also a show of dominance over the rival. FutureNet Śląsk defeated EB-Investment Znicz Pruszków 81:56 in the away match and became the leader of table 1. Polish basketball league.

FutureNet Śląsk was the favorite of this match and it was visible straight from the referee’s first whistle. The team from Wrocław dominated the rival in both attack and defense. After the first quarter they led 20:6! In the second part of the game, the hosts wake up and get back to work. But until the break they were able to reduce the loss to FutureNet Śląsk only to 10 points.

After the break, the guest team again threw a higher gear. Their game was led maturely by Robert Skibniewski and Norbert Kulon. Aleksander Leńczuk was trustworthy in the half-distance shots, Jakub Musiał impressed with dynamism and center Karol Michałek scored double-double helping the team both in attack and in rebounding. This mixture effectively beat the hosts from their dreams of victory. FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław won in Pruszków 81:56 and became a leader in the 1st Polish basketball league.

– As for the weaknesses of this match, I would like to point out only two things. With the team based on low players like Pruszków, we have allowed them to get too many offensive rebounds. I also think that we were able to get 10 points more – in a few moments we could use the limit of fouls exceeded by the hosts. But after all, I could give my team a 4 grade in the scale of 5 – summarize the coach of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław, Radosław Hyży.

EB-Investment ZB Pruszków – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 56:81
Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Leńczuk 18 (4×3), Musiał 14 (3×3), Skibniewski 13 (1×3), Kulon 12 (3×3), Michałek 10, Dziewa 7, Żeleźniak 3 (1×3), Pietras 2, Bożenko 2, Krakowczyk 0, Sasik 0.