FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław in the semi-final!

15 April 2019

Mission completed! FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław beat Górnik trans.eu Wałbrzych and advanced to the semi-final in the Polish 1st men basketball league. Our team had to fight hard for success, but it did everything as the leader should. 

These were two hard matches in Wałbrzych. In the Aqua Zdrój sports hall, where “The Miners” play their matches, visiting teams always have to face the hot atmosphere created by the hosts’ supporters. FutureNet Śląsk, which is disliked deeply in Wałbrzych, had an even more difficult task to handle.

Game 3

On Saturday, April 13th, our team seemed like it was going straight with the course. After the 1st half of that game, FutureNet Śląsk was leading 45:42 and looked like a team which knows how to deal with Górnik. But when both teams returned to the court after the break, it all turned around with 180 degrees. FutureNet Śląsk lost fluency in its game completely, and on the other hand “The Miners” started to push them hard. In the 3rd quarter, Górnik trans.eu won 31:15 thanks to the great performance of centre Piotr Niedźwiedzki. And with the hosts playing so good, it was nearly impossible for FutureNet Śląsk to made up the loses.

“The Miners” even increased their lead (even 83:61) and were in control of the game. Our team managed to reduce its loss to several points but had to deal with the loss. Górnik trans.eu was better in sharing the ball (20 assists vs. 14), had a very well shooting accuracy reaching 63% and also had a few strong leaders: Piotr Niedźwiedzki (23 points, 14 rebounds), Damian Durski (16 points) and Marcin Wróbel (11 points, 5 rebounds). In FutureNet Śląsk, Krzysztof Jakóbczyk (15 points) and Norbert Kulon (14 points) were the leaders in this game.

Game 4

Things turned a little bit dangerous for our team as FutureNet Śląsk was leading only 2:1 on aggregate. But on Saturday, our team took the sweet revenge. FutureNet Śląsk started the game with a deep focus, willing to finish this round in Wałbrzych. In the 1st quarter, the game was very even and our team still had some issues with shooting accuracy. But as the game moved forward, FutureNet Śląsk started to play on its typical, high level. Our team was dangerous under the rim and also in the shooting behind the arc (13 3-pointers scored in the game). After the first half, our team was leading 41:37 and gave the hope that in the next 2 quarters will maintain the good performance.

After the break, FutureNet Śląsk put the pedal to the metal. In Q3, our team crushed the hosts and was leading 64:51 after this part of the game thanks to good performance of Aleksander Dziewa, Robert Skibniewski and Jakub Musiał. “The Miners” were on their knees, with a very little chances to return to the game. In the last quarter, FutureNet Śląsk increased its lead and eventually, the final score was 86:65 for our team. Jakub Musiał played the leading role with 19 points and took the role from injured Krzysztof Jakóbczyk. Norbert Kulon added also 19 points, as well as Aleksander Dziewa (who also had 8 rebounds) and Robert Skibniewski shot 15 points and 5 assits.

In the semi-final, FutureNet Śląsk will face STK Czarni Słupsk. First 2 games will be held on April 27-28 in Wrocław.

Game 3
Górnik trans.eu Wałbrzych – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 100:91
Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Jakóbczyk 15 (2×3), Musiał 15 (3×3), Kulon 14 (1×3), Michałek 9, Żeleźniak 11 (1×3), Bożenko 8 (2×3), Dziewa 6 (1×3), Skibniewski 5, Leńczuk 5 (1×3), Tomczak 3, Sasik 0, Zagórski 0.

Game 4
Górnik trans.eu Wałbrzych – FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław 65:86
Points for FutureNet Śląsk: Musiał 19 (3×3), Kulon 19 (3×3), Dziewa 19 (1×3), Skibniewski 15 (3×3), Leńczuk 8 (2×3), Zagórski 3 (1×3), Tomczak 2, Michałek 1, Sasik 0, Bożenko 0.

Aggregate score: 3:1 for FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław and promotion to the semi-final.