FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław in numbers

13 June 2019

What do numbers say about the season of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław in the Polish 1st basketball league? Let’s check the answer to this question.

In the season, our team stood out from the opponents. Unfortunately, these great numbers wasn’t enough to win the promotion to the Polish top Energa Basket League. However, post-season stats show that FutureNet Śląsk has a great potential inside the team and also a strong core to rely on in the next season.

As a team, FutureNet Śląsk was scoring around 90 points and 44 rebounds per game. With these overall numbers, our team was the best in the league. FutureNet Śląsk also finished on the 1st place as a team which has the most blocks (2,9) per game.

When it comes to the individual performances, players from FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław also have place among the best in the whole league. Aleksander Dziewa was the second shooter of the league (18,9 points per game) and Norbert Kulon was 4th in this rank with 14,6 points. Dziewa also dominated the league with his shooting accuracy, finshing the season with amazing 58,3% level. He also had around 9 rebounds per game and won the 1st place in this rank. In addition, Norbert Kulon finished the season with 5,1 assists per game which was the league fourth-best result. Robert Skibniewski supported him as a playmaker, giving 4,8 assists per game.

Jakub Musiał, young guard of FutureNet Śląsk, had a great season too. He finished on the 4th place between the best 3 point shooters of the league with accuracy reaching 34,2%. Another young player from FutureNet Śląsk, power forward Szymon Tomczak, marked his presence in the team with 5,5 rebounds per game. These 2 players will serve as a strong piece of the team in the upcoming years.