FutureNet Maribor

The charming city of Maribor in Slovenia is the home of one of the best futsal teams in this country. This is FutureNet Maribor: a club founded in 2011, which despite its short history has established itself a strong position in futsal in Slovenia and Europe. Its greatest success is winning the championship and the Slovenian Cup twice in a row: in the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 season. And in 2017/2018 the team finished third in Slovenian league of futsal.

The 2018/2o19 brought a significant improvement in the final result in the league. After very even battle in the great final, FutureNet Maribor lost to Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel and eventually finished the season on 2nd place, of course with a silver trophy.

FutureNet Maribor also has history in Europe. The team played twice in the UEFA Champions League. Over the last years, it was a home team for many players from national teams of such countries as Slovenia, Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina.


After the 2018/2019 season, FutureNet has decided to end its long-term sponsorship cooperation with Maribor Futsal team. We’d like to thank all the club, its management board, employees, coaches, players and supporters for these years together and we also wish good luck in the future!