FutureNet Maribor and clash at the top of the league!

9 November 2018

That’s for sure: it’s going to be a great match! On Friday, November 9, FutureNet Maribor will play in his own hall with Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel. The stake of this match will be the place of the leader in the Slovenian futsal Extraleague.

The previous series of meetings brought a disappointment to FutureNet Maribor. Our team was unlucky enough to draw KMN Oplast Kobarid 3:3, and the victory was lost in the last minute of the match. This result caused that FutureNet Maribor fell to the second place in the table. Its direct rival, Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel, won with KMN Benedikt 12:1, scored 3 points and replaced our team on the first place.

Before the match in Maribor, the FutureNet has 16 points and Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel 18. A simple  math shows the stake: if the hosts win, they will come back to the first place. If Dobovec Pivovarna wins, it will strengthen its position as the leader and FutureNet Maribor will get into trouble, because its loss will increase to 5 points.

Dobovec Pivovarna is a strong rival. The team is managed by the well-esteemed coach Kujtin Morina and has many good players at futsal like Damir Puškar, Alen Fetić, Žiga Čeh, Denis Totošković (former player of FutureNet Maribor), Rok Mordej and Kristijan Postružin. It all proves that Dobovec Pivovarna will be a tough rival for our team.