FutureNet Imperium clashes with AZS AWF Warsaw

9 November 2018

Season in the Polish 1st women’s handball league is speeding up, and the teams in the table are slowly dividing into groups: favorites and those slightly weaker. FutureNet Imperium will have a chance to sit even more comfortable at the forefront of the table. There is one condition: our team must defeat AZS AWF in Warsaw.

Before the match in the Polish capitol, FutureNet Imperium holds 5th place in the table and has 12 points. AZS AWF has 8 points and is on the 6th position. It’s also worth to point out that the same number of points as the team from Katowice have two other teams: UKS Varsovia Warsaw and MKS AZS UMCS Lublin. So then, if FutureNet Imperium wins in Warsaw, it jump up in the table. But the AZS AWF’ loss to the top teams in the table is not to big. So the host team must win with FutureNet Imperium to shorten its distance.

Two players of the team from Warsaw need additional attention. Patrycja Kozak has scored 39 goals in 5 games and is one of the best offensive players in the league. Katarzyna Pożoga added 22 goals in 5 games. If this duo will be healthy and play on Saturday, FutureNet Imperium defense will have be very cerful and don’t leave them too much space to shoot.