FutureNet Haas Motorsport

FutureNet Haas Motorsport

Experience, love for racing and the passion of winning - these are the features that perfectly describe the FutureNet Haas Motorsport. The team has over 20 years of history. During this time, its drivers took many races at the famous Nürburgring track, which is considered as one of the most difficult places to race in the world. All because its sharp corners and various hidden obstacles waiting for drivers. And that's where drivers and employees of FutureNet Haas Motorsport learned the secrets of car racing.

Currently, FutureNet Haas Motorsport drivers are racing powerful BMW E90 325 in V4 class cars. The team's headquarters are in the German capital Berlin and the team's workshop is near the Nürburgring track and the famous Nordschleife. This is a legendary, longer route on this track, called by many drivers "Green Hell".


FutureNet Haas Motorsport team awarded!

Race drivers from FutureNet Haas Motorsport enjoy their holidays after the end of the 2018 season, but the year of racing in the cycle RCN and VLN must be summarized. The final gala at the end of the season brought a lot of prizes to our team! Throughout the season, FutureNet Haas Motorsport drivers raced in 2 cycles: RCN and VLN. The host of all competitions was the legendary Nurburgring race track in Germany. Our team always fought ambitiously and never gave up when faced bad luck, like car damage or collisions. Fight and fortitude always counted the most. The effects came after the season. At the final gala organized at the Nurburgring race track offices, FutureNet Haas Motorsport received the following prizes: 1st place in the team classification in the Teamranking with 3 cars, prize for 6th place (among 500 rivals) for Jurgen Roth driver and finally, an award for Jurgen Roth for the 2nd place in the category of production cars championships.

FutureNet Haas Motorsport season' is closing to the end

FutureNet Haas Motorsport is slowly closing to the end of racing season 2018. On Saturday, October 20, our team competed in the last year's RCN cycle race at Nurburgring race track in Germany. It was a bitter sweet race for FutureNet Haas Motorsport. Our team was in good form and had an appetite to even jump on the podium. But during the race, one of the competitors entered the corner too quickly and hit the FutureNet Haas Motorsport car. As a result, our driver had to go down to the pit stop so that the mechanics could quickly fix the car and make it able to race again. After returning to the track, there just wasn't enough time to return into the 6th place. The repair took was quite complicated and took plenty of time. Eventually, FutureNet Haas Motorsport ended this competition at the 19th place. The winter is closing and that means that racing season in Europe is closing to the end. Now it's time for staff of our team to prepare for the next year of fast racing. And we're sure that there will be plenty of good things going on around FutureNet Haas Motorsport!

Awesome ride by FutureNet Haas Motorsport in RCN race!

It was a dream weekend for the FutureNet Haas Motorsport rally team! On Saturday, September 29, at the Nurburgring race track its drivers won the first and second place in the race held as a part of RCN cycle. During the Saturday’ race, drivers from our ambitious team twice reached the podium. Jürgen Roth was first in the V4 class race with 19 competitors on the track. And in the class RS4 race with 5 racers on the track, FutureNet Haas Motorsport finished in second place. These great results are kind of reward for FutureNet Haas Motorsport drivers for their full of ambition and willing to win performances throughout the season. And on Saturday, October 6 our team will have another opportunity to prove its raising form – this time during the VLN series, round 8.

Good day for the team duringh the latest RCN race

Jürgen Roth from the FutureNet Haas Motorsport had a great race on Saturday, September 15! He competed in another RCN Race, held on Nurburgring track in Germany. Jürgen raced 15 laps and finished second among 22 drivers in total! It was a long-awaited success of the team after a series of bad luck in the previous RCN races.

15 September: RCN Race

After a long break, the FutureNet Haas Motorsport will return to the Nurburgring race track. On Saturday, September 15 team' driver Marcel Haas will compete in next series of RCN Race held on Nurburgring.

Unlucky start in the 6-hours VLN Race

The FutureNet Haas Motorsport car did not finish the 6-hours VLN Race held on August 18. The team had a great start and managed to jump into the 5th place. But during the race, there was an accident: the car of FutureNet Haas Motorsport was hit by another driver. The damage of the car was too serious and our driver was forced withdrew from the competition.

Summer break until August 4th

Riders from the FutureNet Haas Motorsport will have summer break until the end of July. And on August 4, they will come back on race tracks. On this day, they will start in RCN on the legendary Nurburgring circuit in Germany. It will be VLN test day on August 17 and 6-hour race again on the Nurburgring circuit. It’s possible that drivers from the FutureNet Haas Motorsport will start in other races. The more detailed schedule will be updated.

Good result of FutureNet Haas Motorsport in the RCN Circuit Challenge

Juergen Roth from the FutureNet Haas Motorsport finished third in RCN Circuit Challenge held on August 5th on the Nurburgring Circuit. The extremely sharp corners of the Nürburgring track weren’t able to beat them into submission!

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