FC Den Bosch

FC Den Bosch

This football club has a very touching motto and a deeply established tradition. It’s also a good example of the meaning such clubs for local communities in not-so-big cities from all over the world.

FC Den Bosch is a football club from the Netherlands. In its books it’s written that August 18, 1965 was the date when the team has been established. But this club has its roots reaching into XIX century. Why? Because FC Den Bosch predecessors were The Willhelmins (established in 1890) and then BVV (established 1905).

During all this years, FC Den Bosch has its moments of glory. In 1947, reached the Dutch champion title (playing as BVV) and in 1991 was the winner of The Dutch Cup. FC Den Bosch was also the winner of Eerste Divisie in the Netherlands (second national league) five times. It’s quite impressive, especially when you’ll take a look into the Den Bosch city. Currently, around 150,000 people is living there. So it’s not a typical great city hosting great football team. And we know that football is very important in such local communities. It’s about identity, tradition and memories.

FC Den Bosch gave the world one of the best and most prolific players in the history of football. Ruud van Nistelrooy, former striker of such clubs like PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, Real Madrid and also Dutch national team (70 appearances, 35 goals) was a player of the club from 1993 to 1997. Then he was growing to the level by which he impressed the world a few years later.

Since 2005, FC Den Bosch has been playing in the Dutch Eerste Divisie and dreaming about the return to the national highest league. Who knows? Maybe in the upcoming seasons the boys from the city of Den Bosch will bring the club back to its place.


Jong PSV Eindhoven - FC Den Bosch 0:1

It was a good Monday evening for FC Den Bosch. The team supported by FutureNet won the away match with Jong PSV Eindhoven 1:0 In this match, fans had to wait a long time for the winner to emerge. FC Den Bosch scored the winning goal in the very end of the game. In 81st minute, the first and only goal in this match was scored by Stefan Velkow. Three points scored in Eindhoven allowed FC Den Bosch to move up to fourth place in table 1. League in the Netherlands. The team reduces the distance to the leaders. Sparta Rotterdam, which currently holds the lead, has 27 points - only 2 more than FC Den Bosch.

Important match before FC Den Bosch

On Monday, November 5, FC Den Bosch will clash with Jong PSV Eindhoven in the last game of 12th series of games in the Dutch First League. This game has a lot of weight for the FC Den Bosch. A win will help the team to jump from 5 to 4 place in the league's table as our team has currently 22 points and Almere City FC - which is on the 4th place - has 23 points. Simple math shows it all: 3 points for FC Den Bosch will be like a trampoline to climb up and reduce its loss to the teams from the top three in the league. It's worth to mention that Jong PSV Eindhoven before the game with FC Den Bosch holds the 10th place with 16 points. This is a reserve team of famous PSV Eindhoven club where young and talented players are gaining the necessary experience to grab a place in the senior PSV' team in the future. In the current season, Jong PSV Eindhoven presents average at the most. So, it won't be an easy game for FC Den Bosch but any other result than a win will be a surprise.

Dutch Eerste Divisie: FC Den Bosch - FC Eindhoven 3:1

In the 11th round of Dutch Eerste Divisie matches, FC Den Bosch scored a valuable victory, beating FC Eindhoven 3:1. Thanks to this win, Den Bosch promoted into 4th place in the table. After the first half of the match there was a tie. FC Den Bosch took the lead after a goal scored by Romat (16 minute), and Kabangu equalized (43 minute). The second half of the match belonged to FC Den Bosch. First, Beltrame (66 minutes) helped to regain the lead with a goal, and in the added time Blummel set the result of the game on 3:1. Currently FC Den Bosch is in fourth place in the Eerste Divisie (22 points). The leader is Go Ahead Eagles (26 points).


Team W D L PTS.
1 Sparta Rotterdam 8 3 1 27
2 Go Ahead Eagles 8 2 2 26
3 Twente Enschede 8 2 2 26
4 FC Den Bosch 8 1 3 25
5 Almere City FC 7 2 3 23
6 FC Oss 6 3 3 21
7 NEC Nijmegen 6 3 3 21
8 Cambuur 6 2 4 20
9 Roda Kerkrade 5 3 4 18
10 MVV Maastricht 4 4 4 16
11 Jong PSV Eindhoven 4 4 3 16
12 Jong Ajax Amsterdam 5 1 6 16
13 SC Telstar 5 0 7 15
14 FC Volendam 3 5 4 14
15 RKC Waalwijk 3 2 7 11
16 Jong AZ Alkmaar 1 6 5 9
17 FC Eindhoven 2 3 7 9
18 Helmond Sport 0 6 6 6
19 FC Dordrecht 1 3 8 6
20 Jong FC Utrecht 1 3 8 6



17 November, Saturday, 0:00, Netherlands

SC Telstar - FC Den Bosch

23 November, Friday, 0:00, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - SC Cambuur

3 December, Monday, 0:00, Netherlands

Jong FC Utrecht - FC Den Bosch

7 December, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - NEC Nijmegen

14 December, Friday, 0:00, Deventer, Netherlands

Go Ahead Eagles - FC Den Bosch

21 December, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - Roda Kerkrade

13 January, Sunday, 0:00, Dordrecht, Netherlands

FC Dordrecht - FC Den Bosch

18 January, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - FC Oss

25 January, Friday, 0:00, Eindhoven, Netherlands

FC Eindhoven - FC Den Bosch

1 February, Friday, 0:00, Waalwijk, Netherlands

RKC Waalwijk - FC Den Bosch

8 February, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - FC Volendam

15 February, Friday, 0:00, Alkmaar, Netherlands

Jong AZ Alkmaar - FC Den Bosch

22 February, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht

1 March, Friday, 0:00, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jong Ajax Amsterdam - FC Den Bosch

8 March, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - Helmond Sport

15 March, Friday, 0:00, Nijmegen, Netherlands

NEC Nijmegen - FC Den Bosch

22 March, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - SC Telstar

29 March, Friday, 0:00, Enschede, Netherlands

FC Twente Enschede - FC Den Bosch

1 April, Monday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - Jong PSV Eindhoven

5 April, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - Sparta Rotterdam

12 April, Friday, 0:00, Almere City, Netherlands

Almere City FC - FC Den Bosch

19 April, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - Jong FC Utrecht

22 April, Monday, 0:00, Cambuur, Netherlands

SC Cambuur - FC Den Bosch

26 April, Friday, 0:00, Kerkrade, Netherlands

Roda Kerkrade - FC Den Bosch

3 May, Friday, 0:00, Den Bosch, Netherlands

FC Den Bosch - Go Ahead Eagles


FC Den Bosch 3 - 1 FC Eindhoven
Jong PSV 0 - 1 FC Den Bosch
FC Den Bosch - FC Twente Enschede