Dalaman City Sports Club

Dalaman City Sports Club

The sports community Dalaman (Dalaman MSC) was founded in 1987. In 2018, players represent the community in various sports: chess, kickboxing, volleyball, canoeing, football, field hockey, taekwondo and rafting.

Dalaman City Sports Club has over 30 years of tradition and many successes. In the 2000-2001 season, its football team finished at fifth rank at the third league in Turkey. Rafting team was founded in 2017 and almost immediately, just after a year, showed great skills. In 2018 during Tunceli Munzur Caylar Turkey tournament, women’s U19 rafting team finished second and men teams: U23, open men's team Türkiye and the mixed also scored second place. In the same competition, Dalaman’s women open team reached for the third place.

In 2016, Dalaman’s taekwondo team finished second at World Championship. In the same year, its kickboxing team won the third place. In 2012, chess team of Dalaman sports community finished fifth in Turkey Chess Championship. And 2014 was a quite good year for Dalaman’s badminton team. It gained its place in Turkey’ second league and finished the season at third place.

Dalaman's field hockey team was founded in 2016. In the 2016-2017 season, its U16-17 team was ranked 6 in Turkey.

Dalaman's women volleyball team was introduced in 1995. Now it has three teams: U13-14, U15-16 and U17-18.


Win for the Dalaman City Sports Club football team

The football team from Dalaman City Sports Club continues the season. In the last game, football players supported by FutureNet grabbed an important win. Before this match, Dalaman City Sports Club football team had 2 points thanks to two draws. Now, it was time to win and our team did it. Our talented team from Turkey beat Göcek Spor 2:1.

A win of Dalaman City Sports Club' volleyball team

The volleyball team of Dalaman City Sports Club continues to do good job as it won another game. The club' authorities shared the news with us that its junior women volleyball teamt beat Ortaca Belediye Spor 3:0.

Good news from the Dalaman City Sports Club

Recent days have delivered a lot of good news to the Dalaman City Sports Club. Two teams from the club, from football and volleyball, reached good results in their competitions. Women volleyball team won 3:2 against Marmaris Akademi. It was a first win of our team in the league. In the Dalaman City in Turkey, there's also a football charity tournament going on throughout November. It's aimed to help seriously ill local boy and Dalaman club staged three teams under FutureNet brand. One of them have been performing very well so far and a few days ago promoted to the quarter final of the tournament! Its' FutureNet ITFAIYE (Firefighters) team.

First loss of Dalaman City Sports Club' football team

The third game of the season and unfortunately, the time for the first defeat of the Dalaman City Sports Club football team has come. Dalaman's players faced with Gümüşlük Gençlik Spor at their own stadium. Our team fought hard and with ambition, but the opponent was better. Eventually, the match ended with the defeat of the Dalaman City Sports Club 0:2. This means that our team after three games played has 2 points.

Dalaman football team - Bodrum Karaovaspor 0:0

The season began at the fullest! The Dalaman City Sports Club football team has already finished the second game. Our players are still waiting for victory. In the second match of the season, the amateur team of Dalaman City Sports Club scored the second draw. This time our players played with Bodrum Karaovaspor and drew 0:0.

Football team of Dalaman City Sports Club started the new season

First game in the books! Footballers from the Dalaman City Sports Club have launched the new season of the Turkish Super Amateur League. The first rival of Dalaman City Sports Club was the Dalyanspor club. The match finished with tie, 1:1. Before the game, both teams honoured the memory of Mustafa Uğurcan Sarı, a member of Dalaman Sports Club who died in car accident a few weeks ago.

Dalaman City Sports Club rafting team won Turkish championship

What a great news from Dalaman City Sports Club! The rafting section brought home great results from the 4th round of the Turkish championship held in Kahramanmaraş, Ceyhan Stream. One of the men’s teams of Dalaman Club won Turkish championship! The rafting competition took place on October 18-21, 2018. The Dalaman City Sports Club team showed great skills, and this must pay of with a lot of great results! Just take a look: men’s mixed team won the Turkish Championship! And it’s not the end – in the men’s Open category, the team from Dalaman won 2nd place and men U23 team finished 3rd. Women rafting athletes from the Dalaman City Sports Club also did outstanding job during the competition. In the Open category, the Dalaman team was third, as well as in the U19 category. We’re very proud of our athletes and amazed by the results which they achieved. Great job!

Fotball player of Dalaman City Sports Club died

We inform with deep sadness that a member of Dalaman City Sport Club community has lost a great athlete. Football player Mustafa Uğutcan Sari died in a car accident. We convey our deep condolences and expressions of compassion to the club and team.

Bronze medal in Turkish Junior Taekwondo Championship 2018!

Sema Nur Muslu is a young and talented taekwondo fighter. From 11 to 16 September, she fought in Ankara during Turkish national junior taekwondo championship. And she'll definitely remember the competition well! It's all because of the final result. Sema Nur Muslu finished this tournament as the third best junior taekwondo athlete in Turkey.

Great success of Dalaman City Sport Club' taekwondo fighter!

At the beginning of September, Turkish capital Ankara was a host of the Turkey Poomse Championship. This prestigious competition was held on September 5-9. Dalaman City Sports Club representative couldn't miss such a competition. Doğa İzlem Uzun, female taekwondo fighter from Dalaman's club, gained rank at Turkish women National Team Selection in taekwondo.

Rafting team a New Creative Champion of Turkey

On September 13-16, the third leg of Turkish rafting championship was held with the city of Van (Çatak stream) as a host. The Dalaman City Sports Club had a few teams in this competition. Men team in age category Open became New Creative Champion of Turkey. And Dalaman's women rafting team in the category up to 19 years won a second place at the same competition.

Badminton players from Dalaman in Turkish national team

Between 13-15 August 13-15, 2018 there was a Turkish National team selection. Dalaman Sports Club players, Özlem Başaran and Sevim Kaçmaz, returned with great success. They qualified to participate in U17 International Badminton Tournament. We congratulate them and wish continued successes!

This year City of Dalaman organized event of Summer Sports Schools with 450 attendee

Muhammet Şaşmaz, Mayor of Dalaman says: - This year we have 450 attendees and I'm so happy. Our city thinks that and best investment is in humans. With that kind of organizations, we are hoping that our young generations will be socialized, self-esteem and will get away from bad habits on their summer holiday". At summer Sports Schools there were 15 different sports and art branch including football, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, music, fine arts.