Charity football tournament in Dalaman City

8 November 2018

Sports club has an important role to fill in life of local communities. They deliver a lot of passion, but also often help when it’s needed. That’s why Dalaman City Sports Club from Turkey organized football tournament with a charity goal: to help seriously ill local boy. FutureNet is a partner and sponsor of this event.

The football tournament in Dalaman City was launched on November 4th and will be held to November 22 – until the birthday of the boy for which this event is dedicated. His name is Vuslat Efe Güvenç, he’s 8 years-old and suffers from lymphoblastic leukemia. Tournament will be combined with the charity fundraising for the boy’s treatment.

The organizers invited 20 teams to take part, from which 3 plays under the FutureNet brand: FutureNet, FutureNet İTFAİYE (firefighters) and FutureNet TRAFİK ŞUBE (road police). Tournament is held in the Dalaman City, at the club’s football training ground.

The authorities from Dalaman City Sports Club expect that around 300 people will support teams playing in this tournament. This number shows that the tournament arouses deep interest in the local community.

In FutureNet, we believe deeply in the meaning of everyday work to change people’s life for better. We’re also keen to help children in need and our FutureNet Foundation has a great experience in carrying out this mission. That’s why we decided to become a sponsor of the tournament held in Dalaman City. We believe that this event and charity fundraising will help significantly Vuslat Efe Güvenç to fully recover.