9th win in a row! FutureNet Maribor – KMN Oplast Kobarid 4:1

11 February 2019

This team is unstoppable! FutureNet Maribor beat KMN Oplast Kobarid 4:1 and scored 9th win in a row.

FutureNet Maribor’ fans have problem with remembering when their team lost the last time. This season, the team has played 15 matches, but it hasn’t lost a single game yet. The team from Maribor plays very well, maintanins a high form, and also takes advantange from a balanced line-up. Thanks to this rivals in the league can’t find a way to beat the team from Maribor. That’s why FutureNet lost points only one: in November 2018, when it drew with KMN Oplast Kobarid 3:3.

Now is was the time of the rematch. FutureNet Maribor players did what they had to do and defeated KMN Oplast Kobarid 4:1. The victory wasn’t as clear and impressive as in previous matches, but in the end points matter the most. The hosts controlled the game straight from the start and scored 3 goals in the 1st half. Stojković (twice) and Turk put his name on the scorer’s list, and until the break FutureNet Maribor led 3:0. In the second half, the hosts just controled what was happening on the pitch. In 23 minutes, Kusterle scored an honorable score for the guests, and Jurić set the score to 4:1.

After this victory, FutureNet Maribor has 43 points and is remains as the leader. Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel (42 points) is just behind its back and relentlessly chase the team from Maribor. On Friday, February 15, both teams will play in a direct match. We’re sure: it will be a part of great futsal!

FutureNet Maribor – KMN Oplast Kobarid 4:1 (3:0)
Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Stojković (12., 18.), Turk (16.), Jurić (29.).